Nikki L.

Nikki L.


Still unable to exercise. Have tendentious in both elbows and my left shoulder, plus my right knee might need surgery.

Got a cortisone shot in left elbow and in the 7th will have a different procedure in my right elbow. Am starting physo next week

I am a MESS! 😭

Wk 5

Week 5 was pretty good, except I missed a few workouts and consistently neglected my evening snack 😳.

And even though Patrick's lessons said not to double up on workouts that were missed, I just can't leave an unfinished workout out there. So I am chipping away and WILL have all green check marks soon💪.

My tennis elbows are killing me. Push ups and some dips hurt, plus my left shoulder is a nightmare and my right knee has missing bone (we think from a ski accident a few years ago) and is very weak and unstable. I wear a brace on my right knee but the left one is crap too!

Pistol squats are an issue. Any alternatives I can substitute?

Except for my breaking bod, all else is well. Wk 6 is cruising by and I am nailing it!

Hope all is well in your Kenzai World!

wk 4

Had a tough week but down two more lbs.

Indulged and paid for it

Excited for week 5, happy week 4 is over!


Today's lesson was spot on. I am all of those personalities wrapped into one today. Sybil!!!!!!!

Personality #1-Looked at scale, disappointed and thought why haven't I lost more in 3 wks! Ugghh &@!:@$?!!!!! Wtf

Personality #2- Went out to dinner last night to celebrate a friends 50th. Planned in advance what I would eat.

Organized, planned, calm.

Abstained from the grog and ate super clean but not enough. Asked for 5 steamed shrimp, they brought 3, asked for extra salad they forgot to add it. By the time they brought the other shrimp out, everyone had finished their meals and I had finished my paltry salad and protein 😡. Didn't eat the bday dessert. Felt strong, empowered and a little hungry. Gobbled up my fruit when I got home.

Personality #3- Maxing out all reps on the exercises, adding extra skips every time, restricting rest time in between sets. , using heavy bands when possible. Trying to KILL the burn, but feeling like I'm not seeing results fast enough.

Personality #4- Feeling like I can eat all the Easter jelly beans and have a "harmless" glass of the beautiful wine that I ordered, but they couldn't ship due to cold weather until now. So, there it sits, boxed, singing my name. What harm will 1 glass do😳?!!!???

#5- Aggravated

#6- Happy my clothes is feeling better on my bod.

Workout ✅
Diet ✅
Attitude -Meh
Mind-Working through it.

Note: no wine was had, 12 Jelly beans were carefully curated and eaten (it's now done)

Hope all is going better in your KB1 World, Sybil out

Snow where it belongs

Spent the day on the slopes today... working in between chair lift rides and bathroom breaks. We got 4-6 inches of fresh pow-pow and it was so fun!

I did all my Kenzai exercises before we hit the mountain and I am feeling the ski squat burn now in my quads for sure! Exhausting day but we are hoping for better tomorrow. Forecasts predict almost 2 ft tomorrow. ❄️❄️❄️❄️

I hope the snow just stays up here and leaves everyone else getting ready for spring... but seems like it is another nor'easter in less than two weeks for the lower elevations in New England as well.

At least I feel like we are in the right place for this storm🎿! I posted a picture of one of our favorite glades.

Food is on point
Exercise is max reps + skiing
Attitude & Mind GREAT!

Hope all is well in your KB1 world

Bring it...

We are in VT at out ski house, excited about some epic snow ❄️ tomorrow! But my accountant basically ruined my night/year when he advised that his tax projections were off by HALF and my tax bill is going to be CHOKE, CHOKE very ugly. My normally low blood pressure shot up like a rocket, while my stomach dropped. Can you fire your CPA and get a better result? If only that was the answer. Will need to review everything, entry by entry tomorrow morning before my work out and ski day.

Well, I will have motivation/ anger / frustration to fuel my workouts for a LONG while 😡

The mind when used for good can do amazing things.... As it relates to todays question ... I am always surprised by how much your mind drives your body... 3/4 was pretty easy when I distracted myself from tasty eating. Often I feel like my mind and desire for tasty satiation overrides actual hunger. I also know I need to slow my roll in terms of how fast I eat. My goal is to slow it down and let my stomach catch up to how full it really is vs my mind saying eat more, it tastes good.

Nothing new but great reminders and lessons this week. Love KB1


I love the Kenzai Community and the experience. This past 90 days has been full of life's ups, downs and all arounds :). I have been struggling with injury (achilies, shoulder and bicep tendon) and on going dental dilemmas. Some days I was PERFECT on food, attitude, blogging, exercise and other aspects of my life were off. Other days work, family and friends were 100% and food, ATTITUDE (it was bad if I missed on Kenzai), blogging and exercise was askew.

My team was and IS AMAZEBALLS. TRAINERS were FABU. The online support was fantastic. I am happy I did this KB2.

Thank you for the opportunity and the love. It's a journey and the road looks interesting and long.


Dental issues (lots of trips to the dentist), work and blah, blah...

I am still here, eating and exercising OK, not perfect or great but MEH.... KB2 has been a struggle. I think it's been hard for me and hard on my family. My fiance' wants to go out to dinner and share in a glass of wine... it's what normal (maybe partially unhealthy) people do. I get it. For me it's about finding some balance and eating clean. Maybe a dash of salt here and there or whatever. I find that I can't maintain the strict KB food plan forever, but it's using it as a foundation that will really help.

Hope all is well with you Xo

Back to basics

Work travel and visiting friends were not a great pairing for my Kenzai life last week. This week back at it.

I feel like quitting. I am doing my workouts and staying on plan. Lbs haven't changed and pics are the same. WTF! This is too hard to do just for fun... I gotta see some change SOON.

I skip for 20+ mins every day, hike/walk at least 5 miles and do my band torture and THIS is what I get.

Not happy. Shoulder is killing me and have not been able to do all the shoulder related exercises due to pain. Is THAT why I am stuck, because of my bloody shoulder?

Very discouraged.


But I had my proper breakie and still on plan.

Hope YOUR Kensai is better than mine today. ~ Nikki Out

Tough 7

It's been a tough seven days. I've been having ongoing dental problems... apparently I am a grinder. No doubt I am a scrappy athlete, always grinding it out and powering through. However, I had no idea I was grinding my teeth too! I cracked a tooth from grinding and it's been causing headaches. I have gone back multiple times to get the crown fixed but it never seems to be right. And last Wed I caught the nasty bug that was worming it's way through our home. Our walking 7 & 10 year old Petri Dishes let it loose and no mater how many times I washed my hands and covered my mouth it hit me like a bomb. I thought on Wed that I could sweat it out. Did full workout, felt like shite but did it. I slept 10.5 hours +naps. Missed breakfast and dinner and two snacks.

Thurs I was supposed to go back to the dentist (3rd visit) but I was too sick. I tried to eat on plan but just wasn't hungry. I was exhausted. Rested on and off all day. Took medicine. Felt bad. Slept 11 hours + naps.

Friday I started to feel better. I was able to complete my workout, tooth was better and body aches were gone. Still had a slight fever, but head congestion had improved. Then I got debilitating cramps--ahhh the joy of being a woman. Popped some Advil and carried on. Slept 9 hrs. Food was close, missed two snacks.

Saturday I woke early and crushed my workout. Felt better, still had awful cramps. Packed bags for a quick trip up north to ski and see my fiance's brother's play in a band. Four hours in the car, skied for 2 quick hours then off to a friend's house and then to see the band. Food was 90% off. Not horrible choices, but scale somehow broke on the way in the car so nothing was measured. I also drank a lovely green Margarita ---- EEK! And YUM.

I woke up Sunday after sleeping over 12 hrs! Got back in the car to drive another fours hours home. Had no scale. Again, not awful but not measured and not enough veg for sure. Did my free cardio.

Monday, still had a lingering cough and tooth ache but completed workout and back to normal sleeping. Bought a new crappy scale which sufficed until my new electronic scale arrived on Tuesday. Food on track. However, unable to finish meals- no appetite.

Tuesday, crushed workout. Scale arrived. Food measured, but not all eaten. I am trying. In the dentist chair for 2.5 hours today. Mouth is very sore. Weirdly, my face is tired. And unrelated to my drama, my abs and neck are sore.

All in all, I did the best I could. Onto the next 7.

Hope all is well in your Kenzai- world!

NO Trip Skip

Skipped for 18+ minutes with no misses. Usually, I stop, not because of a trip but because of an annoying errant hair or runny nose. Last night I had both of these issues - as I do every skip session- but I mentally worked though it. I almost broke twice but I stuck it.. eighteen minutes and no stopping. I was psyched!!!!!

I feel pretty mentally strong. I sometimes dread parts of my workout but overall I feel good. I don't feel like this is a failure time in my program like some recent lessons have suggested. But, I might just be fooling myself or perhaps it will hit me in a few days or next week? However, right now I feel GOOD! I even liked the fact that my Sunday run carried into my Monday strength workout as my quads burned with every single one of my lunges. I felt like I pushed myself and the ache felt like a reward for how hard I pushed my body.

My face looks thinner and I keep getting positive comments on my skin, which is nice,

HELLLLLLOOOOOOO my butt is smaller!!!!!

Can I get a Wooooop WOOOOP on that too please! hahahahahahha I am feeling better and stronger- it's the inner satisfaction that really matters. :) And, at 46 any comments on the health of my skin means A LOT!

I am on egg whites and apple dinners. Easy prep, no mess. Hoping no socializing issues interfere in the future :)

Hope all is well in your Kensai- world!

Muffin Top Confession

Last night we had a kids sleep over which was fun- they had a good time. This morning I was up early and made pancakes to order-> M&M, Blueberry, Cinnamon and plain( I didn't have any). The house smelled yummy. After the nuggets were all fed and happy I was about to breakout my egg breckie when I spied the last of the coffee cake muffins brought over by a "friend" (what kind of friend brings muffins - RRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH).

I ate half.

It was good.

I have the guilties.

I didn't eat anything else and then when out for a 5 mile hike. I still plan to do 35-45 mins of cardio. I might Peloton Bike or go for a run because it's so nice here today and I have to do a makeup for one of my missed strength sessions from last week so I can check the box for complete.

Damn "friends".


Note to self: I am trying to get rid of my muffin top. Coffee cake muffins don't get rid of a muffin top they just add to it


Feeling Good

Skipping has been good and I am taking care of my heel/achillies but it is tender so I am being careful.

I didn't do my strength exercises yesterday or the day before but I haven't missed any skipping. I have been trying to add 2 minutes to whatever the requirement is but yesterday 18mins was enough. I also went on a great hike and crushed my 10,000 daily steps. Food is on point.

I went over to my future sister in-laws last night as a favor to her for a mini girls night with some of her new neighbors. I let her know in advance that I wouldn't be drinking or eating dessert. She said she understood and then belabored the fact that I wasn't 'indulging' throughout the entire evening. I stayed true and felt good about it.... especially when I got on the scale this morning and it revealed that I am 10LBS down.

More to go, but I feel good about progress and strong in my resolve. Today I have time and will make up for my strength exercise misses. I will treat it like an extended interval training session. I am sure I will sleep well tonight :)

Hope all is well in your Kensaiworld.

Indulge me Cali

I took my indulgence a little early with my girlfriend I am visiting with--- 2 glasses of red wine on Tuesday night. I had a bit of a hangover on Wed morning... Hung over on two small glasses of wine!????? It was stuck in my head with an all day long dull head ache, eye ache, and was tired all day as well. I am glad the indulgence came along but she and I needed the wine that night so today's lesson message was a blessing to my 2 wine indiscretion earlier this week! YAY

I posted my end of week 3 pic- lighting was a bit off but I am slowly starting to see some abs. However, I did feel very LARGE this week in Cali. My girlfriend has lost 20 lbs due to her pending divorce and admitted healthier lifestyle (less wine, smaller portions) and she looks and feels WONDERFUL physically. I am so happy for her and know that her insides will soon match her outsides. She is working through it all and getting stronger every day. Her tininess made me feel "extra large and in charge". I know I am eating right and chipping away at the FAT CODE I have built up, I am just mad that I let myself go.

But enough sulking, I need to go skip and do my exercises. I've gotta go break some code!

Hope all is well around the world in Kensailand!


End of Week 8





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