Niloy M.

Niloy M.

Kenzai Mind | Day 8 (Member)
Kenzai Mind
Day 8
Program progress:
Done rebooting.... 

Lost 2.1 kilos and feel back in shape to take on the regular programs. Thank you Kenzai!

all ok

All on track

checking in

Ran on Saturday and Sunday. It’s been chilly but great for a run. Reboot was just what I needed. Thanks Kenzai bringing me back to discipline.

today’s cardio

Lovely day in Tokyo today so went for a nice run. Enjoyed the hilly ups and downs that made the run a lot more challenging.

Have a great week ahead!

Hi everyone

Just relocated to Tokyo so super excited. I have not been regular with Kenzai hence want to get back into it through Reboot. All the best for the journey ahead!

dropping out

not able to keep my consistency on KB2 this time. Moving countries is causing a lot of time issues as I am still not in one place. Hopefully will be more stable in Tokyo from March with no more travel for a while. Will do reboot in March which would work better for me.


Sorry about my infrequent messages but am relocating to a new destination hence lots going on. KB2 keeps me going physically and mentally so am very grateful.

Will remind myself to keep in touch more often so apologies.

Cheers, Niloy

Not perfect yet..

Keeping up with the exercises but excessive travel has been disruptive to my routine for exercises and diet. I should be in one place starting March as most of Feb is travel. Will do my best to stay on tack..

checking in

Keeping at it with the exercises but food has been erratic. Currently transitioning from Singapore to Tokyo so cant avoid the farewell do’s!

big in Japan!

Hi from cold Tokyo! Been here this week and enjoying KB2 routines. So far so good.

Second attempt at Chizel 

Unfortunately could not complete my 2nd attempt at Chizel due to many disruptions and distractions. Still determined to do it successfully so will give it another try but after a break

Was not in the best of shape last week which affected my exercise schedule but have completely recovered and looking to convene my sessions today.

All good

Intense travel the last ten days but stuck to the workout routine. Visiting Colombo for the first time for a wedding so will need to stay clear of all the tempting goodies! Back home on Tues.

Chizel that did not quite happen 

I unfortunately could not finish Chizel due to an injury so plan to sign up again for the 7th Nov start.

Back to routine

After the flu bug a couple of weeks ago I am back to routine although I started the week with 2 cycle reps instead of 3 as my body had got weaker due to the illness.
Looking forward to a good week ahead.

cheers all!