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Nils D.

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way late

I’ve been busy finishing my Doctoral work. I’ve still managed daily walking/running. #FightOn

Doctor Nils

I just finished defending my Doctoral Capstone Project in DC. Jaya Hey!

Back in DC

It would be nice to get some runs in while one here, but I’m slammed with my doctoral presentation.

End of the road

I’m two weeks from finishing my doctoral work. I had been fairly good at maintaining my Kenzai program. Sunday evening I was doing a nightly walk and I had a grand mal seizure. One minute I’m on my walk, next thing I’m getting treated by paramedics.


Way too busy to post, but I’m getting my runs in and walking nightly.


I’m in DC for a conference, I tried to run at the gym in the hotel but it was closed 😡

So far...
Ihmhlxmemo95kig3cnuf good. I’m super busy with a zillion doctoral items to take care of, but I’m doing my exercises and running and so far everything is ok.


Jayá Hey everyone (that means victory!),
I'm checking in from South Pasadena, Ca., just outside of Downtown LA. It's very beautiful and hilly in my neighborhood, and the weather could not be more perfect to start Kenzai Run. I started with Kenzai Body I in 2017, and I've pretty much been enrolled in one program or another (Body 1, 2, 3) since I began. Kenzai Run is new to me. I've liked all the programs, though I've been busy working and finishing a doctorate during this time, so I've never been super perfect. The last time I ran was cross-country in high school. I wanted to change things up, also I'm defending my dissertation in November and I wanted to see if I could do this program at the same time. We shall see. My doctoral program is in Social Work and I'm developing a dementia friendly community pilot program in Kerala, India.


Kenzai Run?

I was supposed to start today and it’s not in my Progams....

Making progress 

I’m 7 weeks away from finishing my Doctorate. I managed to not miss working out on any day during KB1. I’m starting Kenzai Run Monday, hopefully that’s not too much.

...why is this so hard? I've bee with Kenzai for almost 2 years, but I can't figure out where to sign up...


I was doing well until I took a spill on my bike today 🤬


My exercise regime is basically a system at this point:

M,W,F: Go to the Gym for a circuit workout (I’ll usually ride my bike to the gym).
T, Th: Go to the other gym and do my Kenzai workouts
M-S: Evening walk (~5 miles)

So far I’m at 162lbs from 186.

I’m busy doing the school/family/kids jobs.

I’d like to eat a little better, but I’m more on track than I have been for more than a year.

Sunday Steps

It was hot.

Last Semester

I’m starting my last semester of Doctoral studies tomorrow. Kenzai has gone well this time around, I’m lost 20 lbs and I’ve made a system out of my daily exercise. My diet is improved and I’m feeling good. Now if I can stop procrastinating and do some writing....




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