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Kenzai Body
Day 11
Program progress:
Week One: KB1+

Hi All,
I’ve been down this road before and I’m trying to reacquire some of the gainz I had before (I had a couple of KB cycles that didn’t go as well as my first two in 2018, so I’m essentially trying to get to where I was before). There are two main tools that are in my arsenal that I didn’t have before: an Apple Watch and an indoor cycle. I’m going for walks every day (8-16 miles) and getting on the bike on top of my KB work out. Now, I imagine it will be for naught if I don’t get more serious about the diet, but I’m hoping I can put it all together.

Back on board

Hi everyone,
This is day 2 of this KB1 cycle. I’m looking forward to being more serious this time around. I’ve been slacking for the past year or so, working on my doctorate, but I want to get things sorted by the time I present my capstone project in Washington, DC in November. Keep you up dated.

Falling down

Yesterday I was at the gym and I had a seizure. This had nothing to do with the workout or anything to worry the Kenzai trainer team. I've had seizures since I had a stroke when I was 27 (2003), obviously this is something I would rather not have in my life, but all things considered I'm doing quite well.

When the seizure was coming on I hopped off the treadmill and went to the lobby (I was at a building in my university) and I went unconscious for at least 30 minutes. This wasn't a small seizure and I'm definitely feeling the effects.

Prior to the seizure this round of KB had been so-so. I started out strong but I had to go to my home town and I let everything slide. I had my birthday there and my main present was an Apple Watch.

I'm really having a good time with the watch, it has so much functionality for exercise so I expect the next KB round will do it. Right now I'm getting used to the watch and integrating it with my KB work outs. I'm doing more walking, biking, an exercise cycle, and swimmer.

If I can just keep to the diet I'll be golden.

Happy Birthday

It was my 44th birthday yesterday.

One day at a time

Just grinding it out....


I began the Kenzai journey in 2017 and I saw very good results in the first 6 months/year. I have pictures that I’d be very happy with now (though at the time I felt like I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be). Now I’m stuck some place and not getting the kind of changes I want (it’s still very early in KB 1). I’m trying to stick hard to the diet and exercise, but I’m frustrated that I can’t seem to get back where I was.

In the meantime I had a scooter accident and broke a bone in my shoulder and I’ve been busy with school. I really want to get back but it’s frustrating not feeling like anything I do is making a difference.


I’m from South Pasadena, CA.

I’m doing KB1 for the second time (I’ve done 2/3).

Best quality: Good father.

Getting back to business.

Back to business 

I needed to get my body moving, I'm not there but I'll be starting KB1 again next week which is fortunate. Only two more semesters to go with my doctorate and I plan to spend the Fall in India. #Jaya Hey


I got sick in the last week (my wife, daughters, everyone), so I didn't finish up strong. Anyway, on to KB1.


I have two more semesters to go until I'm a Doctor of Social Work, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am receiving an award at the All School Student Award Ceremony in a week or so, which feels good

Another flop

The Sea Bass Ceviche was very good, but I tried the gazpacho again and it was too salty. It was fine when I made it, but by the time I plated it was inedible 🤢 Very beautiful though

Another try

This is a Peruvian Sea Bass Ceviche 🙏🏻🇨🇷


I made the most impressive gazpacho, it had everything going for it. But I added too much salt and man what a (beautiful) wasted effort.


...and now we begin for real. I didn't have the access to all the training equipment, and dieting on the road is largely hit or miss. Costa Rica gave me some great ideas for Ceviches and Gazpachos that will definitely help with the diet. So, here we go.


I'm in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Leaving the all-inclusive resort for a Dementia Friendly Community near the capital, San Jose. #AllWorkAndNoPlayMakesJackADullBoy


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