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Late post  

I have acquired some definition in my abs and have incorporated the exercises - the ones I can remember - in my regular workout!

Lost track of workouts

This week, my study plan kicked in. 4 -6 hrs plus of books and everything else has fallen on the wayside. I have missed 3-4 workouts this week. I was sick 2 days and then study panic. Its on my schedule today...I will get to it but I do need to find the time for both and that balance has escaped me.
Additionally, 6 mins of skipping! I can barely do 1.30 mins at a stretch. For the last two weeks, its been 1000-1800 skips a session but in 1.5 or 2 mins stretches. I am way off the goal of 7 mins x 3 sets!

Trodding along

Lets start with the negative and we will end on a positive note.
I cannot skip over a minute. It kills me after 45 sec and you guys are up to 3 mins!!
The pistol squats- by body refuses to dip. I can squat and lunge low and proper but that piston thing ..aargh.
I cannot do pull on let alone negative pull ups. I have always wanted to, so mustered the courage to do them today. I thought my arms were going to fall off my body...or is it the body falling off my arms... you get the picture...GORY!

Things I can do-
I can skip 120/ mins
I can do all the upper body work well and abs and my planks are a minute long.
Elevated tricep dips- hard but did it all right.

And so we go on.It's great to have AMAYW vegetables. Small pleasures...


30 days and I didn’t feel my usual cravings. I was thrilled to be in control! this week though, they are hitting me so strong.
The first day I thought it was because I didn’t have my afternoon veg and created a deficit. The cravings came in at 4-5pm and I gobbled down chocolate shortbread.. terrible choice!
Yesterday it was post dinner. I was scared to go to the kitchen to fix myself a hot milk( which I hate n it’s too cold for cold milk or yoghurt!) and I found them again. Found the blasted shortbread again too!

It’s the egg whites with apples and banana that’s killing my resolve as the rest of my diet is the same. Not happy about it!

I am thinking of non compliant food. I didn’t till last week! I can do egg whites and veg but cannot do cold food / fruit- what’s a good way to deal with it? Can we do a veg soup? Will the stock fill me up better?
I am hungry 😪 which leads to hangry! Not good for my family.

Eggwhite soufflé omelette and stir fried veg. Last night dinner!!

An overdue post.

So it’s been a week since I posted. Thanks Kenzai team for the reminder. I was moving houses and managed to stay on kenzai Except one meal- fried rice, stir fried beef and beans... stuck to the portion sizes but it was quite oily.

Yesterday I claimed my indulgence. A big glass of wine! Tinta Figuero 2010 from Ribera Del Duero Spain. It was delicious and it felt just wrong. I am already conditioned to tasting portion felt a bit much to finish a big glass!

I’ve been very faithful to the exercise- haven’t missed a day but I do confess weekend eating has been a challenge. Last weekend we were at a Lebanese place so I chose a kebab, roasted cauliflower and whole baked eggplant - no sauces but I am sure there was oil. Yesterday Spanish - grilled fish, some octopus ( exceeded my protein allowance by 20% or so) roasted vegs but they were oily. I offset it by going oil less at home but do understand it’s not ideal.

So the good thing is next few week... there’s no chance of weekend dinners. You can’t order egg whites and apples... but the bad part is it’s Chinese new Year so time for celebration! Picnics and dinners... i don’t know how I will manage 😬

To sign off, Here’s a photo of my new breakfast:

Cauliflower Egg fried rice.

Grate cauliflower, sauté with spray oil and cover till it soften. Best eggs and when the vegetables is soft, add some seasoning - I like paprika and coriander powder and then the eggs. Cook it like scrambled eggs well done... you could squeeze lemon juice on too but I found it tastes quite nice as is...

Day 21: a few slips...

A glass of wine on Fri, missed exercise on Sat... made up the exercise today with 1450 jumps and workout. I am not planning to do the combo workout anytime soon, but then, Saturdays we have a crazy schedule!
Hate the push up and those otter kicks are criminal.

I am minding my salt and sugar reasonably well. A pinch of one and none of the other. The sticky question for me is OIL. I fear I consumed 2-3 tbsp oil of it in total this week . A little too much?

The proteins need some oil to cook and my veg preparation, if not raw, uses olive oil too. I don't much care for steam vegetables but I think I might try again. The big steam lesson hit a nerve and challenged my culinary talents. There has to be some ways to add flavour to the bland basket?

The internet and blog fairies suggest adding a lemon, fresh herbs to the basket or ginger or garlic or how about a salsa or a oil free chimichurri coat?

My preference is always to bake vegetables. The crunch and the caramelisation adds another dimension of flavour. There are some baking techniques without oil which I am going to try and will share the results.

Some experimenting coming up for me next week and a sad adieu to my dinner carbs.




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