Nitin C.

Nitin C.

Kenzai Body 3 | Day 36 (Member)
Kenzai Body 3
Day 36
Program progress:

Exercise in for all days. Diet relatively quiet tight. Finally getting in the groove. Hopefully the success continues.

Somehow my post didn’t make it thanks to my internet connection.

Here are the details. Last week was bad on exercise given back issues. Thanks to Wills email got it straightened out. Had to give it 3 days rest so got 4 days of exercise in.

This week has been good till now all 3 days in. Diet is top notch over the last 2 weeks. Feeling lighter.

My unicorn has been the one leg standing crane exercises. Didn’t realise they could be that difficult and the shoulders could burn like crazy because of that.

Overall seems going is getting there. Hopefully all will be well till the end and no hiccups. Fingers crossed.

Monday to Friday 100% on diet and workout. Saturday and Sunday back puts me on rest again. Diet quiet effective so an 8/10.

Hopefully this trouble leaves me soon.

Anyone else having any other body troubles.


Coming back from a tiger safari clearly my back gave in. Managed 3 days out of 6 of exercise. Hopefully having rested my back hoping to get the exercise in for this week registered.

Was it worth it. Pictures say a 1000 words.

finally time to get back

Finally time to get back and lose every pound gained over the last 8/9 months. All geared up and raring to go. Best of luck to all of us.


Nitin Chaturvedi.

Finally getting into work out mode. Diet has been a 7/10. Workout managed 5/7.

Did a good run of 8k in the middle.

Hopefully will stay on track.

Diet has been a 7/10. Workout barely 3/7. Travel is just killing. Hopefully this week will be better.

Pull ups clearly my unicorn. Trying to figure out how do it get that done. Legs are a hurting, but the feeling is greatly satisfying.

Running and skipping still upto the mark so that’s the plus.

Keeping it going.


Was on vacation when the program started. The 1st week was fine but in the 2nd week was in the hills with no cell phone connection, no internet and gyms.

Did a few mountain treks at about 7500 ft climbing upto 10k ft.

Finally back and raring to go.


Somehow I thought I had written my graduation post until I came in to sign up for a new program.

KB 3 had its challenges. Work was dominating the most part with travel and relocations.

Anyhow managed to squeeze in most part of Kenzai. Give a 7/10 on exercise and 6/10 on diet.

Hence the results did vary compared to KB2 and KB1.

Anyhow it was a wonderful experience and it seems life is settling in now. Will be trying a new program in June and will probabaky come back to KB3 in September.

See ya on the other side.

one more week to go.

With all that’s going. Exercise relatively good (5/6 times a week). Diet a bit wavy but Atleast no carbs in the evening is maintained.

One more week to go and we are at the end.

The century may seem easy but in reality is not.

Suggestions on what program to join post KB3 are really welcome.

Hang in there. 8 more days and counting.

blog for 2 weeks.

Lost going on in life. So just cudnt get time to scribble.
- finally the back is doing good. The scare is hopefully over.
- moved back to Mumbai from Singapore. Feels good to be back home.
- diet has been about a 7/10 and exercise a 5/10 for the last 2 weeks. Now target is to get 10/10 in the next few weeks.
- just came up north in India to learn skiing. Will be posting pictures on the same.

2 more weeks to go and we are at the end. Best of luck to all of us.

I don’t know how but there was massive pain in my spine by the end of last week.

Went to the doc and was advised no physical exercise for Atleast a week.

Seems to be ok today. Will try my hand at workouts today fingers crossed.

No longer 20, was the clear message 😜😜😜

Diet is been mainly on track.

week 6.

Body has been aching very badly. Got 5 days exercise in and have been decent with the diet.

Somehow today afternoon the back gave away. Lying on my bed idle resting. Hoping to get the exercise in. If it doesn’t improve will have to goto the docs.

Don’t know what gave away my back.

Fingers crossed Shud be up and kicking soon.

week 5 a goner

Travel wrecked havoc but managed to salvage the situation. 5 out of 7 workouts and diet also 5 out of 7 days were near perfect.

The 2 days cudnt avoid given it was my sons and sisters bday. Difficult to say no to celebrations and keep away from food.

The delay on the blog was also for the same reason. Anyways hopefully this week Shud be absolute now.

Chugging along !!!!!

Week 4

Week 4 was good on diet. Travel is screwing with the exercise but still got 6 workouts in.

Hopefully, this week will be good.

Looking forward.