Noura A.

Noura A.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:

Hi all,

I am between Vienna & LA. Currently in London, and trying to stick to week 2 diet plan. It is hard when you are in a hotel and in and out of restaurants daily. Thankfully, I am only here for 5 days. I am loving the workouts, and have managed well to reduce food portions and eliminate alcohol. But I don’t feel like eating after workouts? I get hungry a couple of hours later. Is this normal? My husband keeps telling me I need to eat after a workout. Also, what do I do if I have a sweet craving? is honey an option? maybe dates? I am not sure what obstacle I would anticipate over the next 90 days, because this is the first time I ever start a program where I am told what and how to eat etc. To answer your question Kim, if I had a superpower it would probably be super human stamina. I believe right now my stamina is at 0.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Kind regards,