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Day 6
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Mind, day 2

Today’s meditation was much smoother and more natural than yesterday. Yesterday’s meditation felt a bit like a struggle. I was sitting on the floor and moved several times; my thoughts were moving around and back and forth. And today, after reading the Today’s Lesson, it was easy to understand what I am trying to achieve and to get some understanding about a concrete action (or no action:) I should take when my thoughts are starting to spin.

I think.. I know where we are going...:))) lol.. is it, megalomaniac, to say/feel. I think we are going into a place that will allow me to hear, feel, and sense my surroundings more objectively.. a place of strength that will allow me to keep my core strong without letting anything (and anyone, including myself) to harm, chance, manipulate this core. And then my reaction to the world will be the pure/ ”right” to each time and situation.

So if you asked.. Yes, I'm enjoying the ride of cleaning myself from all the brainwash I received in 33 years of living and consuming 🦋.

Mind, day 1

08/12, and here our journey begins..


I can’t believe I did it 🤭. My first Half in San Francisco. Omg!! That was so much fun!!!!
(1) I took all the recommendations, tips from our lessons (2) I was focusing on my breath and the posture and time just flew (3) I could listening to my music, which was great (4) and now I have some pain in the labrum and lower back. I also feel my kneecap 😏.

But, I am happy. I took warm salt bath and expecting to rest for few days.

I cannot believe I did it. I loveeee running and it was an amazing experience. Cannot wait to go back for my next run 😉✌🏻.

Day 29, Running

Well.. one mission accomplished, I moved to my new place 🏡. Actually, two missions are done ✅, I left my old job as well:)). Now, for this upcoming week, all I have in mind is running🏃‍♀️, settling down 🧘🏻‍♀️, and getting ready for my first Half run (07/28)🤞🏻, and new job (02/29)📝 :)). Yaaaaaas 😉.

Kenzai Half Day..19

Well.. I was not here much, but my head was busy on how I am taking myself back into running. There are so many reason why not to run, and I learned them all:)). I also learned about myself that my rational is my closest friend and enemy:)). I learned that I want to be a morning person but it’s really not for me. Not because of laziness (that sometimes is the reason), but mostly because my lifestyle makes it really heard on keeping up with early mornings.

I am starting new job soon, 07/29. I am getting divorce, 07/31, and I am moving into a new house, 07/20. The running program that started in April, helped me a lot to keep my head straight on what’s important. I also started Kenzai body in Jan-2019, and ohh boy the things I learned about myself and my body.

But I think it’s the inner-strength that keeps me going and pushing hard. When I stick to my diet I am calmer, more positive, and overall just a better person. I was tend to think that my drinks, and crazy night of alcohol and parties make me a ppl person, but this is all b$&@. It is the inner-peace that makes you a ppl person. And, I found it.

I lost my diet, and I haven’t trained for almost a month regularly. But.. I am here. Still here.

I remember in Jan,2019 when I started Kenzai body I was so much in pain. And, every morning I was thinking about my dream job, my new life, free of everything that sat on my heart.

And that came..:))

Now.. after all of this chaos.. I am so happy to go back again to my routine. Happy. And, healthy. And with or without others, and relationships, honestly this is the only thing that matters. Our body and mind.

* so this is me, yesterday:)) with my friend’s dog 🐶.

Kenzai Half

Hi everyone,
My name is Odaya and yesssss I am still here. I did not share anything but I will.. do so.. soon.. so do not give up on me 😉🦋


I think I found the answer on how to become a morning person.

Look for:

The 5 Second rule to change your life with Mel Robbins and Lewis Howes


I am going to try this tomorrow, waking up at 5pm and doing my morning run.


I wrote something and wanted to share it with you. Just before that I wanted to say that I am very grateful to be part of Kenzai community and loveee our Running program. Right now, I am not able to exercise every day, and I allowed myself to go outside of the diet. I think my rational was that I want to adopt run as a lifestyle and not just as a temp training plan. I wanted to see how the food affects me, and also after 4 months of KB I felt that I needed it. So.. before the program ends and before I am starting a new program running here I wanted to share with you something. My private journey to running.. I would loveeee to hear how you started your journey. And what was the thing that sparked your interest.

Morning person

For months I am trying to adopt this life-changing morning routine and it’s so freaking hard 🤦🏻‍♀️. I feel as I am in a constant fight every morning with myself, and when I do wake up and see how dark it is outside the last thing I want to do is to exercise.

But.. I am determined to change it.✌🏻I want to wake up every morning early enough (5am) for my run and breakfast. I want to do something for myself before I work a min for anyone else. That was always my goal. Self improvement. 🍸


In 2012- I first fell in love with running and specially morning runs when few of my colleagues went to a morning run in 6am in Italy. It was a very generous company vacation. I was staying in the hotel and was so envy of all the energy those guys had at 6am when they went to explore beautiful Napoli (Naples) on foot. 🐾

2013- I quitted smoking. I smoked since I was 17 and loved it!!! But I loved myself more, and I knew the responsibility of me is only on me. So when I moved to London, I used this new beginning, quitted smoking, and started my first runs in Hyde Park. More inspiring than this I couldn’t ask for.🙏🏻

2014- still running. Now, the 5k feels comfortable, and walking 14k is a possible, Sunday funday activity in gorgeous London, exploring every corner in the city. 👣

2015-2018 still running. Now in San Francisco 😄. Starting to exercise more often, and combining the runs in almost every workout. My best friend became the treadmill.

2019- the running year. In Jan I have started Kenzai 🥰 and in July doing my first Half. Very excited about all the changes and how the runs were part of it.


Life has its own phase. Very busy time. The move to my new house is rapidly coming, and in 3 weeks I’ll be outside of SF, which was my home in the past 4.5 years.

This weekend I participated in Spartan race for the first time and it was amazing!!!! I want to do the next one in Nov.2019, which is going to be 8 miles with 25 obstacles. Sunday’s race was 4 miles and 20 and my arms are in so much pain right now.. 😅. I was great with the running, but the upper body exercises killed me. I was not able to do the monkey bar at all, and got some help with my team whenever I needed. Well.. part of the journey. At least now I know that I want to lift more. Kenzai Iron calls me:))).

So after Kenzai Half.. I’ll probably take the Kenzai Iron..

Love it!!! To have something plan in mind. It’s quite funny to think that I am in Kenzai community since January, 2019.


I did today the 7k run, and it was great!!! I felt part of the nature, I felt like I am a bird cuts through the air, finally I got the answer why am I doing it. It’s not for the race, it’s not for losing fat, and it’s not for the peaceful mindset, but to be part of nature. I felt like I am going back into childhood leaving all the thoughts behind and embracing myself with the amazing life around me. At the beginning of the run, for some reason the stats just stopped. I did not like it at first, but I decided to let it go and just try to run without it. I trusted my judgment on how far I was running, and actually it was by far more fun with just the music and the nature around. I ended the 7K and felt that I can continue even longer. Although, my feet started to signal me that I need a bit of a rest but my breathes were great, and I was aware to the posture (shoulders, core, head) and the way my feet landing the center of the body. Everything was just great!!! Cannot wait for the next run😎✌🏻.

* I love running next to my house. This picture is part of the SF Bay next to Candlestick Point Park. Today was a great weather and I saw many animals and wild life around the Bay. Was so much fun and motivating to continue running and enjoying all this beauty.


Well.. there is an improvement!!! Yes!!!!😎✌🏻 And the funny part is that it was not so hard 😄.


So many changes.. I am moving out from SF to the suburb:). I got promoted at work, and I work harder than before. With all the crazy time and the office, and packing at home, I have started an evening class of Business Planning twice a week, and of course, of course, the biggest goal of all- the running training:)) for the Half in July. Hooray!!! 😄

So.. I am not going to yield under the pressure, and yes.. we more kilometers to run. Yes!!!!!!

* My new friend at the office 🐥, who always remind me to look on the bright side and straight my face forward.


I guess sometime you just need the commitment to start moving your *^# 😉. So, I did it. I register to the SF Half Marathon. And omg.. I cannot sleep from excitement.. 🙈😎✌🏻


I think it was too ambiguous to think I’ll be able to run half marathon in 3 months for someone who had never really run regularly. Okay.. changing mindset. No pressure whatsoever.. and only thing in mind.. enjoying the new life with running. I did the 5k yesterday, which was extremely fun, and I am not going to suffer more for the 4 days I missed. Next.. new week.. new beginning.. for this week.. I’ll try to be more strict with my diet, and go stronger. My left knee feels funny. I have some pain in the plantaris muscle. I checked online and read about it, and I do not think it serious, just I need to pay attention for the stretching part before and after run/workout. Yesterday after the run I came home and ate and forgot to stretch. Well.. now I have a nice reminder from doing that 😉. Okay.. Monday Monday.. here we are.. not giving up.. and still in the game.. 😎✌🏻.

I was sick almost the whole week. I did not do the run yesterday 😔 and not the exercise the day before. I am not sure I’ll be able to run today too. Well.. what can I do.. just rest and take it easy.. see you on the other side. Soon ✌🏻