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Odaya B.'s Kenzai Run program, Run | Apr 22 2019, starts in 2 days.

San Francisco, 09:12pm, Final post 

Omg!! We did it!!!😎✌🏻

What can I say.. Kenzai body was an amazing program of a constant physical and mental work that took me (body and mind) to the next level. And when I say “next level” I mean to the level I always wanted to be at- The Action Mode.

My built-in procrastination started to vanish when I started to eat right and exercise regularly. It was amazing to experience how my physics affects my mind and how my mind (the sober mind:) affects my emotions and actions. Thanks to the program I started to wake up early (still not 100% morning person but on the right track), I started to be more responsible for my body (and did not skip meals- eating in the morning made you sharp than ever) and above all, my emotions started to balance- I became more friendly, patient, and less sensitive. And that was huge. Seeing how the exercises make me a better person. So I continued doing it..

After I passed the first month, and my body started to notice and adopt the changes I started to get an enormous amount of energy. I found the time and energy to do many of the things I always wanted to do- I got my Notary Public Certificate, Motorcycle licence, I have started working on a project for immigrants women and all of this.. Made me feel much much more alive (Kenzai=alive).

So thank you, first to my wonderful trainers, Kim Murch and Ed Center for being there, present and active in your very inspiring, informative, and helpful guidance. Your sensitivity, experience and insights helped me a lot. And of course.. to my team, wow guys.. you have no idea how much I learned from you all and the amount of (mental) energy I got from your posts. You all did an amazing job and it was a pleasure taking this ride with you. So.. I guess that’s it.. until next time.. Cheers!!!


I got a new tattoo. Kenzai day #90, and I decided I am doing something I always had in mind, tattooing the names of my family on my spin. So I did it. Today.. reminding myself that my family and my body are the most important things in life.


I woke this morning with a terrible headache, still don’t feel 100%. Now it’s 2pm and I am doing my way home from work. I guess I can rest a bit and then do the exercises. I have started to run. Was able to run yesterday 9 mins without stops and 9 more min of run with one stop of 10 seconds. Today I’ll try to run again. Maybe that will make me feel better. I also noticed that when I eat carbs at night I don’t sleep well. Funny!! And when I eat spicy food I can feel my throat the morning after. So.. this morning was a reminder of.. “yes.. you are almost done with the program but now the real lesson begins- the time when you start be silent and listen to your body”. I want to do Kenzai mind soon, but I was told I can do only one program at a time, so I will start with Kenzai run on 04/22 and continue to Mind in Aug. Is anyone from our group thinking about continuing?

Okay.. time to rest.. two more exercises before end (and new beginning:).


Well.. I always thought I have a big ass.. lol now I am quite happy about it 😁, including my new back muscles. Love them!!!!


I am a member!!! Yaaaaaaa... now I can rest knowing I have Kenzai anytime I want:)). Sweet!!! Next project... Running and Mind. I hope we can do them together? :))) April here we come..


Day 85... yessssss!!!!!!! So what I’ve learned so far.. that (1) I am great starter but it takes a lit of mental work to finish the 2 last weeks specially when I am very happy with the results so far. (2) that I want to run next, and do the meditation sessions (3) that I want to lift more weights and be able to control my motorcycle more easily (4) that I loveeeeee cardio and the burn in my chest and the cleansing feeling and the new blood flow - all of it from running.. not so much the jumprope. (5) me and the jumprope eventually became friends.. I couldn’t believe I was able to jump for 6 mins (with 3 stops) when we started to get to 7 mins I converted it to running. The jump rope was just too intense and I wanted to enjoy the cardio and the process and to leave the last effort in the right “pleasant memory”:). (6) I also started to see the immediate impact of food on my body (big meals at night/alcohol/spicy food and more). Really amazing to start noticing it. (7) I cannot believe we are here for 3 months.. that was such a pleasure and amazing journey.. I learned so much from the lessons and honestly I felt that I can trust the system completely. So thank you, for all the hard work you put in the education and materials, and for being there for us. 4 more days... Let’s nail it 😎✌🏻

*Beginning of the spring. I had a ride with this cute horse named Duke yesterday. He was super elegant and gentle and showed me the area around Bodega Bay in CA for an 1.5h:)).

I guess I needed to be crashed to remember how much I need the good and healthy lifestyle. I was exercising on and off and so far missed 6 days of training (from the beginning of the program). Well.. it’s not really to bad. But.. since I am so stupid perfectionist I am thinking about doing them after the program ends. Either way.. I was able to stick to the diet, my abs, and body feel good, and now.. in full power to continue all the way to the end.
I did not become the morning person I wanted to be, but I know one day I will be, and I will find a way to make it work..:)) at least now, I am not suffering from dizziness and weakness that I always thought came from my chronic anemia. When the Dr. told me (here in the US) that I am okay and that my anemia ratio is on the normal low side, I thought there is a mistake, and if not a mistake I thought that it may be resulted from the diverse population that creates the divination and put me more in the normal than in the deficiency side. For 80 days I am not taking supplements (including iron, B2, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin C, and others) and I feel good!!! I had only 2-3 occasions where I had headaches, one after drinking, and two because of a bad emotional day. Except of that, emotionally I am stronger. Physically I am stronger. Mentally I am stronger. Yes, it’s $&@ addicting and I cannot believe all this happened with me. Well.. at least in age of 32 😉

Another bad say.. hope tomorrow to get better, to exercise and keep my head straight and mind strong.

I had a horrible weekend. Maybe.. not so horrible because I did ride the motorcycle as I wanted to and I participated in two purim parties and I went to an open house with my boyfriend in a nice area. I also organized my closet and took out all the “big” clothes, which was really fun to do, and.. I registered to a new program on how to create a business plan. Now.. after writing all of this maybe it was not sooo horrible but why - why my heart has to get broken again and again. Why I am so sensitive and let others talks and words to get under my skin. There was something interesting that is happening when I eat well and exercise regularly, I am able to feel the pain, but after few minutes it leaves me, and I am able to concentrate on what relevant and important and let it go. I just able to Let Things Go! Which I never could. It is a liberating and my interpretation to freedom where I stop being slave to this pain.

Day 77, mind strong than even


Last night I took a day off. I was tired after work, and after two extra hours over time at the office, and my boyfriend pinged me and asked if I want to join to a dinner with his coworker and his girlfriend. I agreed. I drunk a red wine, which was.. I think my 5 in the last three months.. and really I did not have much of guilt.. 😉. I was celebrating my 73 day at the program and at that dinner we all also decided to register to the Spartan race in Monterey this summer, which is going to be my first Spartan race😎✌🏻. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Purim, which is the Jewish version to Halloween. I am not planing on drinking.. but.. 🙈 maybe I will have just one glass of wine. Or maybe not. I loveeeeee to be sober. My brain works so well that really it is addicting, as the day lesson says today. The work at the office is overwhelming and last year I remember I was drinking almost every night (from Jan-April). In April 1st the workload will be less chaotic and April 6th is also the time the program ends. So..: looking forward.. 🦋


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and my 4 years in the US in this sunny, gorgeous Sunday in San Francisco


This morning I got my first bike. This gorgeous moto is the first one I saw and felt in love with. Honda CB300FA. I need to get use to the feeling. And yes, I am still working on managing and go against my instincts and fear. I want to control any fear I have. I want to be deserve any moment I am facing and going through, I want to feel life in the extreme as I feel them here in Kenzai. Thanks for helping me finding this key.. to this amazing paradise.. I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland..


Today I got 7h of sleeping. I wanted to wake up earlier but I decided that 7h of sleep and exercise after work would be better than 6h of sleep and morning exercise. Yesterday I woke up at 5am. That was so great!!! I started the exercise at 5:25am and completed it at 6:30pm. I had time to prepare my food, organize the kitchen and change clothes for work. I arrived the office at 8:05am and that was super!!! This is the routine I want to have.
Not there yet.. but don’t giving up..

Yesterday I took some pics😉. Happy with the results. Want to continue the training behind the 90 days (with a break in between).

Yes yes yes

Three times they need to come and ask. Three times I need to hold me mouth shut before I am even bothering to tell my secrets. Three times that remind me that not everyone is really interested in what I am doing.. and the very small percentage of positive people will be there to continue wonder three and more times. But then I ask myself.. if I won’t be able to feel it. If I am connecting to myself, will I be able to tell how is positive or not? If if this person has good intentions why to play with her. Is it because this is the human tendency.. to ask.. and talk.. and waste time even with good intentions.. any how.. looks as I have to many questions here.. maybe the Kenzai meditation program will be my next program here:))


After reading today’s lesson I was inspired enough to listen to a very intense music. German band that has this insane song called Du Hast that every time I hear it I feel like I am on fire and got to move my fat a#% somewhere 😉. So I moved.. and took the jumprope with me:), and did 500 skips in 4 mins (was on my 4th rep). My god!!! Still can’t believe my body was able to do it.


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