Oliver S.

Oliver S.

Kenzai Body | Day 32 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 32
Program progress:

I thought I recently updated my blog, however it seems my comments didn't go through , so trying this again.

Things are still going fine, I've actually changed my routine from afternoon exercise to morning exercise which works better for me. I jump out of bed and get right into the action. Great way to wake up too :) and gives me this great energy burst in the morning, feel good about myself.

Kenzai is great fun, enjoying it a lot!

Going strong

Time for another update. Am enjoying the daily exercise routine and thoroughly enjoying it. Starting to feel more in shape and above all, my foot is holding out well which is a great relief. So far so good!


Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed blog and intro

Who are you? Oliver Schuurman
How do you spend your time? Most weekends I try to get out of Shanghai and explore the surrounding areas. Miss nature in this big city so try to get out and explore what ever nature is around it.
Where are you? Shanghai, China
Why Kenzai Body? It’s a great program, have done it before and it was a great success. I’m redoing it as I got injured and want to get back in shape.
Are you working with an injury? I had a foot injury, but it’s all gone now and am back to full health.
We are living in an era of super hero films, so, who is your real life super hero? Who is someone you look to for inspiration. Hmm tough one! There are so many inspiring people out there. Maybe Roger Federer. He’s been playing top notch tennis for so many years and keeps on going.

Look forward to the next three months.


Time for another update

Still getting along nicely. Jump rope is getting more challenging but still good so far. Having some harder time with the crunch and push-ups. Just getting the minimum numbers, but definitely seeing improvements and getting stronger so I think I’ll be able to do it :) Keep going!

Trucking along

It’s been a while since my last post and some people were wondering if I’m still there. I’m doing fine and am following the exercises. They’re becoming part of my daily routine now, although I did miss one day yesterday. I hope to make up for it. So far so good! :)

Ready for action

The first half of the first week done! Time to introduce myself!

1. What inspired you to sign up for Kenzai Body? I did this program before and really annoyed it and felt great improvements. I wanted to do this again as I went through quite a hectic period and now want to get back in shape. Kenzai is the best for this :)
2. In terms of the Kenzai Body challenge, what do you think is your greatest strength? Knowing that I have done this before and knowing that at times it will be difficult but will have the support of a great group of people!
3. What do you think will be your greatest weakness? Sticking with the diet and not drinking as much, as I often have client dinners.

Done and dusted 

Sorry it took me so long to post, after completing the Kenzai Body program.

Although there were challenges and it had its ups and downs I made it. I really liked the daily exercises and on some days where I was unable to exercise I did miss them. I had a bit more trouble keeping my daily diet in check. Too many distractions and too many events.

Overall though I loved it and would do it again. Will look into the Alumni programs.


Back from holidays

Its been a while since my last post! I've been on a holiday and just got back. I didn't take a holiday from Kenzai however and brought my gear with me (I do like the fact that its such little equipment and easy to take along). My diet was not that good however so I'll have to burn some more extra calories over the next couple of days and am looking forward to this.

50 and going

Wow! Day 50, time flies! Went through a period where I was struggling a bit, but now I feel I can keep this up, more than half done! Hope that the next half will be as much fun so that I can keep going after!

Getting on with it

I'm really starting to enjoy my daily jump ropes and exercise regimen. Sticking to the diet is really my weaker part, but sticking to it as best I can. Not really that much to update from my side other than that I'm really enjoying it and having fun!

This week I had my first struggles in keeping up with my schedule. I missed two days because of events and didn't want to catch up late at night. I'm trying to catch up. Am thinking of skipping my Sunday rest day. Will see how I feel tomorrow. Am happy with the training overall however!

Here we are almost at the end of week three. Feeling good about myself and enjoying the daily exercises a lot. Diet is a bit trickier however. I'm trying to stick with it. Definitely eating a lot healthier than before. Just not that good in keeping track of the portion sizes and think I'm slipping here and there. I know diet is very important and am trying to stay within the daily portion sizes.

So far so good

First week was pretty easy, this week it's becoming more serious. I just didn't know I was that bad in push-ups. I can just reach the minimum required. Do feel stronger already and am enjoying the daily exercises a lot. Its just pushing myself to do them which is still a big factor. Still need to work on it for it to become a habit. But I just have no excuses for not doing them!

So far all good do and having fun!

Ready for Kenzai

Hi everyone

Although we're already two days in I still wanted to follow up on Thomas' questions:

1. What do you want to get out of this training? I just want to get back in shape again. I believe Kenzai will be able to help me with this goal as I can do the exercises at home and don't have to head out for this, which I like a lot as the gyms in my area are just way too busy.
2. What do you need in order to make that happen? Motivation. Which I've got a lot of at the moment, I hope it will stick with me and turn into Habit.

Still going strong

It's been a while since I last posted. After my arm injury I'm back on track and haven't missed a day for the past ten. I'm a little behind, however slowly catching up. As I'm skipping the jump rope only days. Things are going well so far.