Omonike R.

Omonike R.

Better late than never

So I will be starting and ending this end of year challenge a week late as I only got my diet two days ago and still waiting on my group but, I am ready. Looking forward to everyone's support in keeping each other focused!

Not quite... 

...Not quite complete but I will definitely be back and do it properly this time. Looking forward to joining a new group! Congrats to all!


Home is where the heart is! I am back home and soon will be into a routine. Oh how I wish I could restart this programme once I am settled.


I am alive and well. Admittedly there hasn't been much Kenzai in my life but that doesn't mean I don't think about it. I hope one day I will have 3 months to do the program even if it is all by myself!

Is it too late... get back on track? I don't know when last I worked out, that's the truth. Eating has been fine up until dinner and then all he'll breaks loose. I weighed on Sunday and was 146 and just weighed and was 150. Tell me it is not too late to get back on track and tell me what to do to do it.


For what happens if you don't stick to the program. When I chose this time frame it was perfect because I would be leaving Hong Kong after the program ended but not that everything has been shifted it has thrown me into a tailspin...extremely difficult to stick to the program but I am really impressed by how everyone is doing.

Keep at it!

This is my confession...

I have been a really bad girl. It all started on Saturday when I flew to Singapore. I am moving back to the Caribbean soon so this was my last trip to Singapore (or anywhere else in Asia for that matter) and I absolutely indulged. Steamed crab, full buffet, Japanese lunch, aeroplane food etc. etc. AND the last time I exercised was Saturday morning so it has been FOUR DAYS! That's the longest I have gone without exercising since starting PCP. Anyways, they say confession is good for the soul and the reason I am confessing is because I am ready to get back on track. I have taken my pic, my eggs are boiling and I am sitting in my exercise gear whilst writing this. I really don't have much time left because I am flying from Hong Kong to British Virgin Islands in 3 weeks and I have an incredible work schedule ahead of me once I arrive so need to make this time count!

Let's do this!


I am still here...although I haven't been blogging I have been checking in everyday. Honestly, just wasn't in the mood to write. Having a few conflicting emotions. When I signed up for this program I was supposed to be leaving Hong Kong permanently on 21 December so that would have given me enough time to complete the program and have all my leaving dos etc. For business reasons, I am now leaving much earlier and everything has been pushed forward. So I am in Singapore visiting friends for the last time before I head back West and of course, that involves eating. For the next three weeks I have loads of lunches and dinners. Luckily, I have for the most part, kept up with exercising, only missing one day this week but I know that my pictures will either show that I have gained or not lost. So as much as I want to be motivated, I am finding it hard when I am not going to be in Hong Kong or Asia for that matter for a while and want to enjoy it but not at the expense of getting fit. Sigh.


...inevitably thow my diet off. Lots of lunching and dinners but I am doing my best and I have kept up with my exercising (although I had to emergency workout yesterday). So, still feeling good and seeing some progress.

Let's do this!

I am so proud...

...of myself! Tonight we had drinks with nibbles at a client event at a venue which has the most amazing nibbles and I had...wait for it...none of it! Yay me. I drank two glasses of sparkling water with lime and watched everyone else eat. It was HARD but, I am on a mission so gotta make some sacrifices. There will be nibbles another day!

Let's do this!

On point...

I have had a good day today...exercises this morning were on point and my meals were bang on. Feeling good.

Let's do this!

Weekly photo

Just uploaded my weekly photo and all I can say is my inconsistency is evident. Is it ever too late to get it right and see the results?

Back to my old self

Exercised this morning and food was on point. About to try 8 minute abs. Have a confession though-I have never been able to get to my evening snack. I eat dinner so late that it just doesn't happen...

Worst week...
Day 29 003 hopefully over.

let's do this!


...keeps getting in the way of my Kenzai body life. This week started off really well. Diet-check. Exercise-check. But then I had a business lunch, two dinners and a Saturday that got interrupted with work which meant no time to do groceries or prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for the first time since this journey started. Today, I have buffet brunch. And to top it off, I haven't exercised in two days. I feel like absolute crap. miserable, unmotivated...steups. Gus, someone, anyone, give me some inspiration here.

End of Week 10

Week 10




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