Palka C.

Palka C.

Kenzai Body | Day 46
Kenzai Body
Day 46
Program progress:

Hi All,

So week 6 has been quite challenging workout wise; skips have been killing- leg and shoulder workouts have been drilling but the satisfaction of finishing the workout is immense. I am travelling for work the entire next week so a little nervous at the moment regarding diet but mostly about the workout and how I’m going to manage it every morning (as I like to finish it off first thing). Fingers crossed 🤞🏻!! Have a good week ahead everyone.

Jump rope of course... I can’t think of a single thing that comes near it 😀😀. Just finished today’s 1200.. no easy feat. Plus HK humidity adds to it!! How’s everybody else keeping up!!??

I’m so glad I checked the blog this morning and saw Pia and Emma’s posts. I was struggling with the workout this morning and was thinking my skipping is going backwards— tripping every 15-20. It was really really hard today. I’ve been struggling to find motivation this week, some health issues, work issues, hubby travelling, one sick child at home— my routine has just gone haywire. It was such a drag to get out of bed today. Workout was a struggle as well, but I managed to complete it which was quite motivating in the end. Now when I sit with my breakfast plate and read your blogs it feels I’m not alone struggling. Thanks for your posts girls 😘

Ok, so it’s been 4 weeks. My body seems to be changing, energy levels are high, food goes down better than when I started. Social life doesn’t revolve around food and drinking anymore. Went out on a date night this Friday but was able to figure out Kenzai friendly food, it wasn’t that difficult. 1000 skips done this morning, feeling quite energised. About the sustainability that all of us are thinking about now— I still feel getting a bit more down into the system and it will some how become part of our lifestyles— maybe not 100 percent but quite there I feel!! Hang in there everyone.

Hey everyone,

Yesss, I am from the herd that just had to find alllll the motivation inside somehow and drag herself to the end of this week (esp. Wednesday, Thursday)-- it got better on Friday, but maaann it was truly a TEST. And then comes SUNDAY which has 800 skips in store-- KENZAI does truly challenge you and at times I have to just roar--- KILL ME at the end of the skips for the day (well, it is motivating and helps a bit). At the end of every week, I have managed to say WOW I didn't know I could do that; which is truly my motivation! Saw lesser results this week, but then I guess it'll come with more grind. Keep it going guys... the blog really really helps (esp to see we all are struggling with similar things)-- and yes, I am kinda still struggling in to fit in all the grams- there are so many less hours in the day to eat so much-- hope that'll get better too.

Week 2 and me

Well, can’t believe week 2 has ended already, it is going pretty fast to say the least. I am quite pleased with myself that I have been able to keep up with the work outs as I was so scared of them before I started, didn’t know my body was capable of doing them- but it’s showing some results :). Jumping rope has been the hardest part for me so far, and today’s 600 literally killed me— I was unable to make myself jump in the last 100 or so— really had to kill it!! So, tomorrow is another day with another 600 plus the workout don’t know how it’s gona go??!! Any advice?? Easiest so far has been switching back to healthy food— but cravings are setting in, I was craving for a small piece of chocolate the whole of yesterday (having little ones at home doesn’t help— ice creams, candies are part of summer isn’t it— I promise I feed them some fruits too 🙃😬). I had to keep my mind off it, but it was going back and forth very often— today was much better though— but yes, truly testing my resistance. Hope all of you are hanging in there!!