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Pankaj A.

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Pankaj A.'s Kenzai Iron program, Iron | Jun 3 2019, starts in 10 days.


Running a viral fever now for a few days and looks like it will take a week to recover 🤒
So so sad to get derailed so early in the program.

Hope everyone doing good - go Cardinals 🤛🏻


Who are you?
I’m 46, married for 15 years, with two wonderful kids, a girl 7 and a boy 1.
I work with my wife in our own clothing business.

How do you spend your time?
Used to work a lot earlier but with the kids now, most mornings and evenings are devoted to them. And Netflix if there’s any time and energy left at the end of the day to lift the remote !

Where are you?
In New Delhi. It’s hot, polluted and dusty. Do I wish I could live somewhere nicer ? Every single day :) ( pic is of a place up North in the Himalayas where I wouldn’t mind moving to )

Why Kenzai Iron?
I just want a flat stomach for once in my life. KB helped me shed a lot excess weight and taught me how to eat. It got me from 74 to 68kg, target is to get to a leaner 63-64 with some muscle tone.

What will be your biggest Kenzai Challenge
Just staying well and healthy to be able to get through the program - am prone to illnesses ( already affected with one as I write this ).
...And fighting sweet cravings - tough one !

Are you working with an injury?
No, I’m okay.

We are living in an era of super hero films, so, who is your real life super hero?
My dad, who at 78 is out playing golf everyday and my older brother, at 50 is the fittest guy around !

First it was our 7 year old girl and then our 1 year old, and now my turn, some viral bug...
Missed Day 6 and 7 workouts. Giving the body some rest and hope to ease back in tomorrow, Monday with a fresh restart !

Have a good weekend Team Cardinal :)

Ravenous !!

Anyone else feeling extraordinarily hungry?
Not sure what was the matter with me yesterday, ate multiple snacks and three dinners I think ... Yikes !

Morning Snack

My favorite part of the day....
On the move, bye bye 7-11 Sandwiches, hello fruits from the kitchen 🤗

Doing triceps this morning with dumbbells, couldn’t decide, 2.5kg felt too light, 5kg felt about okay... I miss you bands !!

Being new to fitness since I began with KB a year ago, I used to take pride in doing it’s ‘different’ kind of stuff with the combinations of cardio and resistance exercises.

In my own way I’d look across to the other side ( with a funny mix of awe, pity and intimidation ) of the gym with all the weights and barbells, guys sweating it out every day and feel kind of proud to be doing my own special thing.

With Iron, now, I will actually have to step across to the other side too 😅, so excited and nervous about it at the same time !

Here we go, good luck all ! 👍🏻

Kenzai Iron

Enrolled for Kenzai Iron starting tomorrow !
Excited to see how it unfolds.
Praying fervently to remain healthy, committed and focused !
I think I gave KB my 100% and followed by Reboot, perhaps gave that 95% and then Mind was a 50%, hoping to change that graph upward again ⬆️📈⬆️

No regrets

I might not have succeeded at KM but the calm and easy ideology of getting 20-30 mins of some physical daily activity has been a liberating lesson I’m taking away.
I am also definitely looking at giving this another try some time in the near future.
I don’t take Kenzai life for granted, on the other hand, I see it as world full of exciting possibilities with the right solutions and some amazing lessons along the way.

Failure !

So, after a wonderful KB and then a Reboot, I’ve decidedly failed at Mind.
Have exercised all the way and been good with the eating but just couldn’t get into the meditation habit.
Will attempt afresh another time in another batch.
Meanwhile making this blog to keep me alive here so I can stay on track with the exercises at least.
Into the sunset !

Day 7 on Kenzai Mind

I must admit, I’ve been “using” the exercise component of the KM program very diligently so far and that’s been good for the mind indirectly ( feeling focused, sense of achievement ), even diet’s been under control, but the meditation discipline has eluded me, have missed doing some, for lack of being able to make quiet doesn’t help of course that the outcome or result of doing the meditation isn’t immediately tangible ( today’s lesson helps elaborate and explain that as well ). Gosh, who knew that taking 5-7 mins out of the day to be with oneself could be that tough !
Hope to better it, this week.
Hope everyone else out there is having a productive and satisfactory program.
Good luck all 🙏🏻

Wonderfully Rebooted 

How fantastic is the Reboot program!
Loved every day, it kind of felt like a mini KB, each Reboot week sort of like a month of KB.
I was terrible at posting photos and blogging, it did feel a bit awkward and repetitive, hope I can be better the next time around.
Unfortunately I traveled to Paris the last week and I could only manage a 15-20 min run on the avenue de l’opera every morning ! But through the trip, I ate like a saint and came back feeling great :)
I’m excitedly thinking of ideas on what to do next ....

It’s remarkable how each day feels so different - some days I’m positive, some days I’m crazy tired, some days I can’t stop running up and down the office stairs and some days I resist breaking the diet especially with sweet things....
It’s great being on a program ... wish I could be this way always - wish this could be my lifestyle without having to feel like it’s difficult choice....
Are super fit people always on a high ? Do they ever get unfit again ? Do they get so addicted to looking good and feeling good that nothing else matters any more ?

All systems are a go,.....workouts getting done, jump rope getting better, missed one day of workout this Sunday... diet on point 95% , enjoying the lessons - each one a well timed gem ... Thank You Kenzai mothership, trying to boldly go where many inspired ones have gone before !

Anyone else struggling with jump rope ?
I just can’t seem to get beyond a minute or two at a time :(
Takes me 20 mins to get to do about 10mins done ...
It’s getting a bit better every few days but not being able to do as much cardio as is thus expected of me.
Should I supplement with some other kid of cardio before or after ?




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