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Pankaj A.

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Hadn’t’ been able to get any exercise since Wednesday for various reasons but somehow something made me give this last target a shot this on a clear Sunday afternoon - did it in just about 70 mins.
Tired in a good way, movie night and an ice cream sundae now 🤗

aches and pains

Sunday night post the 9k run, couldn’t sleep too well as legs hurt through the night ... and last night some knee pain.
Hoping it goes away soon!


9k this evening ... weather better .. not sure if pace and time ( 7.25 min/km ) average or bad but happy to have done it... was really tempted to go another 1k but held back to stay safe and have something to look forward to next weekend 🤗


It’s been a tough week with awful smog in Delhi ( 600-700 AQI ) and haven’t been able to workout ( tried the treadmill at the local gym but couldn’t run on it at the at all... keep feeling like I’ll fall ) but the weather cleared up on the weekend and managed the 8k this morning .... felt a great sense of achievement... and my teeth were hurting for some bizarre reason ?!
Need a 4 hour nap now 😀😅 😴


7k !! Can’t believe I managed it without much trouble ! Yay 🤩

Getting Back

Getting back on track, after 8-10 missed days due to illness, managed the 25 min run today.

Downhill !

27th : 5k 🏃🏻‍♂️in Sunny Jaipur !
28th : Workout🏋🏻‍♀️
29th : Between cancelled flights : 25 mins cardio
30th : Flu 😷 Landed in Delhi : 450 AQI
31st : Sick in Bed, Hazardous Air 490 AQI !!🤧
1st : Still Sick 350 AQI🥴
2nd : Marginally Better - 300 AQI😯
3rd : .... hoping to get better 🙏🏻


Wow !

These 46 year old legs haven’t clocked 5K ever I think so thrilled beyond, and Thank You Kenzai 💐💜😊

It’s also Diwali today ( kind of like Christmas in India ) so nice way to remember this milestone !

Happy Diwali and Happy Running Everyone ✨👏🏻

The Toughest Part

As with any other Kenzai program, I find blogging the toughest part and always guilty about it.

On a positive note, enjoying how Run is unfolding, have been on point and regular with the workouts, diet better since Day 8.

Good feeling to know I can jog about for 25 mins without a break, never thought be able to.

I miss the jump rope a bit. Kind of want to do it on the strength training days but hold myself back as don’t want to overdo it.

Briefly had a look at my teammates and I salute you all for the motivation and inspiration.

All the best 😊👍🏻

Thank You  

Can’t believe I made the 90 days without any major problem aside a few missed days.
I’m so very thankful to the support from Scott and the team members.
Saw some definite changes, learned a lot of new things.
Perhaps I took it a bit gently, first time lifting weights and at 46 I didn’t want any silly injuries happening out of over enthusiasm or wrong form.
I also regret not being able to participate more in my teammates progress.
But felt so good to have finished a long program mostly on point.
I’ve gained immense respect for people who’s physiques are Iron-fit.
This blog is late because I had to travel overseas right after I finished so apologies for that.
Thank You Kenzai, Thank You my family for helping me see this through.
I will be back for more for sure :)

Penultimate Day !

Cant believe its here... the last day tomorrow ... excited and elated !

Break !

Had a lovely few days by the beach last week with the family, missed a couple of workouts and eating was a bit off mark but not feeling bad about it - in fact was a welcome break...

Have dived into normalcy now and these last few days of Iron to try and finish with consistency.

Best wishes to everyone for the final lap 😊👍🏻

How to Drag Your Trainers

Happy to report that this week has been more about How to Train Your Dragon rather than How to Drag Your Trainers 😉
Breathing Fire 🔥 🐉

Sunset in the park

Last week has been a mixed bag, good workouts but missed a couple and diet hasn’t been the best - have in to carb cravings at a few dinners ...
Hoping to be better at the beginning of this week... not much time left to finish strong.
Need to think less sunsets and more sunrise now

Confidence !

Had been working towards a big show which concluded earlier this week - was the most hectic time of my life and have to say that Iron kept me going, and gave me a boost of confidence and great self esteem!
Seen here with my design partner and better half Nidhi and beautiful Indian actor Aditi Rao Hydari at the end of the show :)




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