Pankaj A.

Pankaj A.

Kenzai Iron | Day 48 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 48
Program progress:
Valley !

Definitely feeling the valley vibe these days ... its quite something to show up day after day, the lesson was well timed, good to know ghat its not an unusual situation to be in.

Its unreasonable to expect big changes but the questions that pop into my mind each day ...

- maybe I’m not lifting enough weights - should I try and push for more each time I load the barbell...

- on the last or second last set of an exercise when I’m unable to do the required number of reps, do I reduce the weight to keep the correct count or do I just go for the max I can do.

- maybe the 10mins on jump rope is not enough and I need to push to 15 to get better results ...

- can I eat any better - probably not ... so why is that damn tummy not disappearing any faster ... I remember the visceral / abdominal fat lessons from KB...

- weight on scale is about same as when I started out... something wrong here ?

- a lot of my fellow trainees look amazing ! My pessimistic disposition makes me believe I’ll never be as good as them....

Having said that, I’m not giving up ... I just wish I knew for certain that I was doing my best.


Happy with the way I’m feeling even if its a bit of “spot the difference” from when I started out and the way I look right now.

I’m not doing any exercise on the rest day at all... just not being able to motivate myself to.

Hoping to stay on track as much as I can the rest if it.

Sitting and typing this at Pizza Express while ordering a salad and drinking sparkling water ( oh ! the ironies of life ).


Managing 8-10 mins of Jump rope for Cardio, workouts okay too, but abs has never been my strong point and can never seem to complete the required two exercises. Any motivation or tips here are most welcome please 🙏🏻

I feel like if i was to get graded by a trainer on overall nutrition, sleep, and exercise I’d probably score an 80-85%.

Keep looking in the mirror for visible changes but they’re quite faint to register, do I feel different under my clothes - yes there’s a certain tautness and other times of the I suddenly want to start doing push ups in the office ! 😅

Hope to keep the momentum going and see some changes in the next few weeks.

Bets wishes to all 👍🏻😊

At it

Been at it, missed one cardio day and one regular day so far.
Eating okay.
Legs looking good !
Everyone looking great :)

Doing good

I’ve missed the last two Sunday cardio workouts - other than that, exercise and diet on point pretty much.

Apologies for not being a good team player ( not blogging / commenting ) , just a very busy phase at work till the end of July.

Wishing and hoping all of you are having a successful program so far !

All the best :)

One day at a time

Getting on, one day at a time - reeling under a heatwave in my country !

Wishing all fellow trainees the very best 😊👍🏻

Slow and Steady Start

So far so good and off to a slow and steady start !
Fingers crossed.


Running a viral fever now for a few days and looks like it will take a week to recover 🤒
So so sad to get derailed so early in the program.

Hope everyone doing good - go Cardinals 🤛🏻


Who are you?
I’m 46, married for 15 years, with two wonderful kids, a girl 7 and a boy 1.
I work with my wife in our own clothing business.

How do you spend your time?
Used to work a lot earlier but with the kids now, most mornings and evenings are devoted to them. And Netflix if there’s any time and energy left at the end of the day to lift the remote !

Where are you?
In New Delhi. It’s hot, polluted and dusty. Do I wish I could live somewhere nicer ? Every single day :) ( pic is of a place up North in the Himalayas where I wouldn’t mind moving to )

Why Kenzai Iron?
I just want a flat stomach for once in my life. KB helped me shed a lot excess weight and taught me how to eat. It got me from 74 to 68kg, target is to get to a leaner 63-64 with some muscle tone.

What will be your biggest Kenzai Challenge
Just staying well and healthy to be able to get through the program - am prone to illnesses ( already affected with one as I write this ).
...And fighting sweet cravings - tough one !

Are you working with an injury?
No, I’m okay.

We are living in an era of super hero films, so, who is your real life super hero?
My dad, who at 78 is out playing golf everyday and my older brother, at 50 is the fittest guy around !

First it was our 7 year old girl and then our 1 year old, and now my turn, some viral bug...
Missed Day 6 and 7 workouts. Giving the body some rest and hope to ease back in tomorrow, Monday with a fresh restart !

Have a good weekend Team Cardinal :)

Ravenous !!

Anyone else feeling extraordinarily hungry?
Not sure what was the matter with me yesterday, ate multiple snacks and three dinners I think ... Yikes !

Morning Snack

My favorite part of the day....
On the move, bye bye 7-11 Sandwiches, hello fruits from the kitchen 🤗

Doing triceps this morning with dumbbells, couldn’t decide, 2.5kg felt too light, 5kg felt about okay... I miss you bands !!

Being new to fitness since I began with KB a year ago, I used to take pride in doing it’s ‘different’ kind of stuff with the combinations of cardio and resistance exercises.

In my own way I’d look across to the other side ( with a funny mix of awe, pity and intimidation ) of the gym with all the weights and barbells, guys sweating it out every day and feel kind of proud to be doing my own special thing.

With Iron, now, I will actually have to step across to the other side too 😅, so excited and nervous about it at the same time !

Here we go, good luck all ! 👍🏻

Kenzai Iron

Enrolled for Kenzai Iron starting tomorrow !
Excited to see how it unfolds.
Praying fervently to remain healthy, committed and focused !
I think I gave KB my 100% and followed by Reboot, perhaps gave that 95% and then Mind was a 50%, hoping to change that graph upward again ⬆️📈⬆️