Pankaj A.

Pankaj A.

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Tears of Joy  

  • Aug 5th, 2018 at 10:14PM


As I began my jumprope on Day 90 and till clicked on "I did it" I couldn't help choke up all through. An outsider wouldn't understand, but I had climbed my Everest. Ecstatic with every bit of getting there, couldn't have done its without the encouragement and support of my spouse and my fellow climbers and the technical skills and wisdom of my trainers. There were many a crevasse and steep rock along the way but I pulled through somehow and thrilled to bits.

I want to scream Kenzai from the rooftops and stop people on the street to tell them about it, I got to this program thanks to a close friend and hope I could similarly do a good deed by introducing this to someone else.

I've still got a long way to go and am full of hope and optimism that complete fitness is not impossible to achieve.

I've gained tremendous respect for people with fit bodies, knowing well now, the sacrifices and pain they've endured.

I finally learned about eating real food ( how little I knew about this ), and how it can affect me.

Am I bit nervous ? Yes I am, don't ever want to slip into old ways - hope the determination and enthusiasm doesn't wane on the way to base camp.

I will look for more mountains to climb and make sure I'm ready for the challenge, meanwhile my 6 month old baby boy gave me a special hug and made approving gurgly noises yesterday, sharing a pic :)

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Alan F.Alan F.Kenzai Member
almost 4 years ago

Congrats Pankaj. So happen that you have found your way. Good luck with your next mountain!

    Barb H.Barb H.Kenzai Member
    almost 4 years ago

    Congrats, Pankaj! Thank you for all your positive posts and comments along the way. All the best as you continue on your fitness journey!

      Rachel C.Rachel C.Alumni
      almost 4 years ago

      Congrats Pankaj! Enjoy the view from the peak and stay hungry for the next mountain to climb!

        James H.James H.Kenzai Member
        almost 4 years ago

        Well done, Pankaj and thank you for being a great teammate as we’ve collectively climbed this first Kenzai mountain together. I can’t think of better inspiration that a baby’s hug! Best wishes and godspeed as you continue your personal fitness and life’s journey!

          Sandhya KrishnanSandhya KrishnanKenzai Member
          Assistant Traineralmost 4 years ago

          Congratulations Pankaj! You've truly embodied the principles of Kenzai and I've seen what challenges you've come up against and sailed through with mindfulness and determination. I hope indeed that will continue to be a way of life for you always!

            Julie M.Julie M.Alumni
            almost 4 years ago

            Congrats Pankaj and what a beautiful post! I have not doubt that you will continue on this healthy and fit journey. You have come too far and worked too hard to go back to where you were. We all need to remember that the choice is ours and then choose wisely, and I know we can do it!! It was great “knowing” you and best of luck going forward. And enjoy the sweet times with your little one - they grow up quickly!

              Chris W.Chris W.Kenzai Member
              almost 4 years ago

              What a wonderful post, Pankaj! Best of luck to you as you successfully take on the next challenges and stages in your fitness!

                Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
                Founderalmost 4 years ago

                Great work Pankaj, we all know that sad/happy/proud feeling you get during your last workout! You don't get to experience it unless you've dug deep and really pushed yourself. Nothing can take that from you. Keep nurturing the new healthy habits you forged in the fire of training, and letting the old unhelpful habits wither on the vine. You and your son deserve a fit, happy, focused, energetic Pankaj! Congratulations and COMPLETE!

                  Miranda Belle IsleMiranda Belle IsleKenzai Member
                  Head Traineralmost 4 years ago

                  Congratulations Pankaj! The lessons and experiences you’ve tallied here leave me with no doubt that you’ll continue on the fitness path. I’m so happy for you and the results you’ve earned!

                    Abhishek G.Abhishek G.Alumni
                    almost 4 years ago

                    Congratulations! Happy climbing!!!!

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