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Paridhi M.

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Busy week

Hey folks been busy with celebrations around and among these haven’t had the best diet. Had some fallout’s but missed lunches and tried to compensate in terms of grams. Quality of food wasn’t the best did get some heavy stuff. Feeling bloated and heavy. Exercise on track

Crazy day

Major major cravings for indulgence and something yummy to eat .mind and body behaving weird. But i controlled. Was super annoyed and hungry to another level. Cranky and angry. But happy i managed. Hoping for an indulgence soon.

Uploading pic

Quick question ? Been facing this issue while uploading p;if after putting pic gives me the option of save pic and the moment i do that the pic disappears and some letters above my pic start showing . Pls guide how to upload was not an issue two weeks back


Been away from blogging for a while . To be honest lazy !!! Was in lot of confusion when I read the apple and banana diet , almost freaked out ! Got it changed to proteins tried that again for a week . But eventually cause of a religious week called the navratri ( prayer of goddess durga ) where I am a vegetarian started the apple banana and protein powder just two days ago. I’m k so far. Been missing fruits almost every day one time for sure. Want to do the apple banana for a week and protein for a week and follow the chain. Resuming workout from tomorrow again after a long break of 20 days .
Any suggestions

Next week diet

Scared ........... no proteins also for dinner .. for those who have done Kenzai earlier will they now not give us proteins at all for dinners . How will i manage tenced 🤔🤔

HAD A LONG DAY ! Lot of travel air, road and sea. For breakfast missed it , mid day had a chocolate croissant and a banana for fruit later. Then had lunch as per directions. Missed. Fruits . Had my fair share of the walk . Dinner was hearty with proteins and veggies. Proud of myself for still sticking and controlling all temptations while travel.

Indulgence is one a weeek or when dint understand too much. Some guidance would be appreciated. Is it just this week or every week ?

Day 25

No workouts ! For few days now
Only 1 kilo weight loss
De motivated
Bored of the diet
Want results
Feeling lazy and no energy
Broke diet today
Every morning I weigh myself and feel bad about not shedding weight
Have no inch loss
My mom and sister feel no change in my body.
Feel like I ve being doing religiously for so many days barring aside two days and no result 😟😟😟😟

Day 21

Been having zero workout for the past two days as have a shoulder injury and lot of adema in the feet. Following diet to the core.

Bad planning

Had no work out today and bad planning of carrying my food as was busy in meetings back to back. Dint eat anything wrong but just missed fruits twice and carbs for dinner


Nate i have practically been missing my night fruit at all days and instead do green tea or regular tea. I just get sick o9f fruit ash before Kenzai never touched fruit. Is that ok ?

I am remaining very hungry with this diet also and I am feeling very annoyed of just doing fruits all the time. Pls help

Big time craving for sweets, crunchy foods and also quantities too less for me. I had a big appetite .

Nate need help really today I was crying

Bad day

Could follow the diet and missed the work out completely . Workout missed deliberately cause wanted to give my sore muscles and body s rest . Been having too much adema on my feet cause of the pressure I guess. Food couldn’t folks post lunch was out and dint have options . Did peanuts they r fattening and puffed rice snack . With some chicken tikka. Also ended up on half a Diet Coke . Feel sick after not following today . Kate pls guide!!!!


Finally....... jump ropes are a little better today. Managed to get 40 without stopping. Hoping to stick by bit.

Day 10

Been having an upset an d loose stomach ? Anyone experiencing the same ? Extremely sore and tired,instead of feeling fresh I yawn when I exercise maybe too much fat or what’s the reason don’t know. Not being able to do the full cardio,managing only 200 ropes.

Sleep has reduced !

Week 2

Dint do the ropes today as could barely walk. Did all the other exercises though.missed the cardio..... food was too much so dint eat all that quantity and fruits . Hopefully will feel better tomorrow