Paridhi M.

Paridhi M.

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Bad day

  • Mar 16th, 2019 at 3:26AM

Could follow the diet and missed the work out completely . Workout missed deliberately cause wanted to give my sore muscles and body s rest . Been having too much adema on my feet cause of the pressure I guess. Food couldn’t folks post lunch was out and dint have options . Did peanuts they r fattening and puffed rice snack . With some chicken tikka. Also ended up on half a Diet Coke . Feel sick after not following today . Kate pls guide!!!!

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Aileen S.Aileen S.Kenzai Member
about 1 year ago

Put the day behing you and start afresh tomorrow! Don't let one day off program lead you astray, you can do this!

    Nate Belle IsleNate Belle IsleKenzai Member
    Trainerabout 1 year ago

    Aileen has the right of it Paridhi. Mistakes only belong in the past!

    A saying I love is “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.”

    So brush yourself off, start every day with a clean slate, and “plant the tree” today.

    Another great thing here is the mindfulness you are bringing to your off day. You came to the blogs, asked for support, and you realized you didn’t feel great after going off track! Next time try to tap into that, and blog out your feeling first. Sometimes even talking about cravings, or doing something off track before you do, makes you not want to do it!

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