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Paromita R.

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Hi there!

Yes it's been a long time I was in blog. I am doing regular exercise and following the steps as well but not at all good in skipping. I am pretty far on that. My regime timing are very irregular thus fails to do many writing stuffs that include loading pictures. But yes I am trying my best .

Have a good day all there !!!

Today's workout!

Today I started at a slow pace, due to disturbing sleep. Honestly cant reach out 600 in jump rope, in fact too far now. But others I am doing pretty well!
On diet avoiding as such calories as I can and trying to stick to the chart..sometimes difficult though :(
Yup! I am gearing up now..
Bye for now, have great day :)

Day 10

Due to health issues I failed to do previous workouts.. But today i managed to do it successfully except my jump ropes which I hardly finish the target line. But I am sure I will gradually be able to do it as well.