Pat F.

Pat F.

Not the end....

It’s always emotionally difficult for me to say good-bye, so what I’m saying to you all is, “Hope to see you, blog with you, again soon.” It’s been an amazing experience getting to know you and sharing our Kenzai journey...physically, mentally and emotionally. “Thank you” doesn’t begin to capture my gratitude to Kenzai and to you, my team members and now friends. Each one of you, in your own way, has given me a little piece of yourself to carry with me and encourage me when I become discouraged and/or in need of support.

I have been able to successfully perform all required tasks on our graduation check list.....My right shoulder is still my weakest area, but it is working so much better than before Kenzai and with less pain. I have become much more confident in my body and its ability to keep me stable and safe thanks to Kenzai. I look forward to my next program and the growth I know it will bring.
Thank you to the smart, enthusiastic and supportive coaches who guided us all through these last 60 days.❤️


This last week, there have been some very cold walks......35 degrees with wind chills of 20-25! Hard to get out and get going.....especially with coat, scarf, gloves, etc......At times I had to cover my face for fear of my nose falling off!! But I found that certain songs (Van Morrison, Tom Petty, Brett Dennen)
turned up loud, soon warm me up and keep me going! I am committed to continue the good walking habits I have gained in Kenzai....they have helped my aches and pains and I can always count on them to boost my mood and frame of mind!
I’ll have to download some new music!


Really can’t believe there are only two days’s a bitter sweet time for me.....I have loved sharing our feelings and experiences, our struggles and our triumphs......Strangers at first becoming quickly connected by our deepest hopes, goals and emotions...a truly life-changing adventure!
I want to thank every one of you for your constant support, your motivating stories and your open and understanding hearts.
I am so grateful to have been guided to Kenzai and to have found and worked with all of you!

so many reasons.....

I am grateful, at this age, for so much.
I love that I am able to be good friends and spend lots of time with my grown children.....
I am able to spend time with my beautiful 5 year old grandson, seeing him daily.....being an integral part of his life since he was born.....
And having the time to explore and do the things I love.....reading, seeing friends, meditation, the study of Buddhism and mindfulness and being involved in grassroots politics.

PS: I am so grateful to have had the
time and support to participate in Kenzai Silver and to have been a member of our incredible, motivating group....thank you all❤️

Dinner Delights

Portobello mushroom stuffed with mashed potatoes and red pepper on a bed of arugula topped with roasted veggies .....just a touch of balsamic...... Yum!


Today was some workout for arms and shoulders! I really had to dig especially by that 4th set! But it sure feels good when I’m done! YEAH, I DID IT!

100 meals...

Today’s lesson was just what I needed and I will read it over and over again...I HAVE been getting a bit sloppy and am going to work to ‘clean up my act!’. I oscillate between highs and lows....
I really don’t SEE any difference in my body shape and that sometimes depresses my motivation.....
I know I am healthier and stronger and that is a positive motivator. I am generally proud that I have taken action to improve my quality of life and commit to health ...... but then these ‘demons’ enter my thinking and negativism tries to sabotage my commitment ......


What is your advise about ‘getting all food requirements’ in every meal? I always weigh my protein, my carbs, my veggies, but can’t always get to the right amounts! I feel good, I’m not hungry but wonder about the optimal functioning of my metabolism...

my problem

I am having a difficult time eating all that is required at each meal and for snacks...Do I really have to eat it all? What do you think, Plymouth? What do you think, coaches?


Make every day, every moment count! Now is the only moment we have.....treasure it and make each new moment the best one ever!

Family addition!

Today was the 1st day I didn’t work out! I did do the walking....but then suddenly I adopted a little cat from our animal shelter.....I just couldn’t leave her because she would not leave my lap all afternoon! She is still curled up here and purring! Tomorrow is a new day!


The warm up exercises are listed before the walking.......but should they be done before the daily exercise routine? That’s what I’ve been doing. I do some calf stretching before walking......


Today’s lesson perfectly ‘pin-pointed’ my fear of losing the motivation and control I started with.....I can see how easy it is to let outside forces ‘pull’ me away from my goal....a rainy day, an unexpected lunch invitation, an empty refrigerator, a sleepless night... Today I am watching my 5 yr old grandson all day AND it is raining. Have no idea exactly how I’m going to get my exercises/walking in, but I’m determined and I promise myself I will....


Yummy salmon: bake with a sauce made of lemon juice, garlic, mustard and spices ( a ‘bit of sour cream makes this creamy)

Tomato sauce : make a pot of tomatoes, garlic, a bit of water , onions, basil, green pepper (chopped in blender or food processor). Cook down to sauce ...use as dip, with pasta, over fish, etc

Shrimp: put peeled, frozen shrimp (Cosco) into baking dish with fresh garlic, lemon juice, spices.....bake as shrimp scampi.....serve over rice with pan juices or use in salads, in tacos

every day is a new day!

I was challenged by today’s exercises more than any day before....and I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work.....but I got thru them and proud that I did!
Getting some great meal ideas from former and present Kenzai participants....especially from my daughter, Jesse, and my son, Josh......
I am actually looking forward to future dinners that may involve only fruit and maybe some yogurt! Dinner is my least favorite meal and it has always seemed too much in the evening when activity is at its lowest.....I love, love, love lunch! I’m happy that lunch allows me so many options for yummy AND healthy food. I think I’m actually learning that this type of eating is, not only good tasting, but good for me as well....Fingers crossed, I am developing a better sense of the right way to eat. I’ve been a grazer for most of my life and I mean the kind who grabs anything handy, mostly processed and refined junk! I am really grateful for this chance to change! ❤️




Kenzai Silver
Kenzai Silver