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Watched a lot of people make a simple mistake today with their post race processed food! WATCH THE VLOG DUDERS!


Quick and dirty guide to getting the white and yolk to part ways amicably.

Day 9 Vlog

Got a busy day coming up? Don't mess around, bank that workout early. In other words, don't do what I did today!

Day 7 Vlog - Final meal

The grams kick in tomorrow, and I wanted one last "don't worry about how many carbs on the plate" meal, so laid out a nice homemade sushi spread for the family. Time to dial it in.


...but I love me some video games! Day 6 Vlog!

Day 3 Vlog

If anyone's not loving their rope work today's vlog has some quick and dirty tips for absolute beginners!

Day 2 Vlog

Hello Party People! I'm hitting Kenzai Iron hard, and trying another experiment. Instead of blogs I'm gonna do VLOGS. Still working out how to embed them, but for now you can zip over to my YouTube channel and watch now.

Leave comments here or on YouTube, it's all good.

Day 2


I am blown away by the generosity and thoughtfulness of the Kenzai community. One of you anonymously gifted us a generous gift card to our local (and favorite) grocery store. We'll put this to good use! Thank you!!!


The last few weeks I've been running around so much that I haven't done many mirror checks. Finally did a visual inspection this weekend and was happy to see six little friends are back in my life. Welcome home abs! I know you've been there the whole time, just chilling under subcutaneous tissue, but it's good to get you out in the light again.

Seriously, we spend a lot of time "deprogramming" people to be less obsessed with abs, to focus on more meaningful fitness metrics. But I'm as much a product of my culture as anyone else, and I'm not too big to admit that getting my body fat down to visible ab level is a great feeling.

Many of our core personalities are formed around puberty, and when you're chubby during that time, you tend to internalize the fact that you're never going to be one of those cool people with abs. Even after having abs you still can't quite believe it.

There are a lot of big, important reasons to train. Abs is one of the fun, shallow, vain motivations that brings some spice to training. So... you probably want to see the proof right? You'll have to wait until Day 90!

Day 64 Live Workout:


Back in San Francisco now after 3 full days at the 2016 Bulletproof conference. If you don't know what the "Bulletproof" movement is, well, it's this. And they have a conference every year which draws in thousands of the faithful to try the latest in biohacking and butter coffee.

My impressions:

Butter coffee is good, but after 3 days of it I was totally over it. Not my thing.

The balance of real science and bullshit was roughly 10/90. There were some blatantly absurd health claims made every 10 minutes, many things keynote speakers said were just plain wrong. There were some legit scientists doing their best not to offend the gullible crowds, but they were few and far between.

Biohacking and pseudoscientific health efforts have replaced religion for a lot of people. Many attendees struck me as having the same approach to Bulletproof that they used to religion; craving a simple, binary answer to the struggles of life. If you supply that answer you tend to make a lot of money.

The crowd in LA has limited scientific acumen. In San Francisco I doubt many of the vendors would have stood up to the pointed questions that an engineer or developer would have asked.

People worry about the wrong things. There were obese attendees who were convinced electromagnetic radiation was the source of all their problems, not the extra 150 pounds they were carrying.

People love working on things that bring marginal benefits, but neglect simple things that bring amazing benefits.

There are also so many nice, kind, open hearted people. Bulletproof may be a gullible group, but they sure do have their hearts in the right place. What they do with their money is there business, I just hate to see good people put their time and energy into ineffective and unproven training methods.

And above all, the conference inspired me to keep the Kenzai light shining bright as a beacon of sanity in the health world!

Day 57 workout:


I really wanted to crank through this Fatpocalypse with a daily blog, every single day, but this week has gotten away from me. The team went down to LA for a three day convention, which became a comedy of errors that resulted in 5 days, staying in 3 locations, with 15+ hours of driving.

The good news; training stayed on track, no missed workouts, even though there were some dicey moments, like the time I had to livestream a workout from a driveway because we were locked out of the house we were staying in. Not so good news, diet was a little shaky. By a regular person's standards it was fine, but it wasn't up to Kenzai standards, some heavy, oily, salty meals and a lot of missed snacks. Just cruise through the food gallery to see how it all went down.

Like I say in my end of week video, you're going to have one of this wild weeks thrown in during any 3 month period. This one came right in the middle of the program when grams are tight and workouts are getting tough, but I weathered the storm pretty well, didn't get sick, didn't miss a workout, and have gotten back on an even keel with my diet. I'd call that a win.

Also made a bunch of new friends, sold a truckload of Beddits, got people in some Kenzai programs, and attended some really great lectures at the Bulletproof conference. Also saw a ton of shoddy thinking and pseudoscientific nonsense, which is also fine and a good chance to learn. So we can't overlook all the positive growth that happened at the expense of a perfect training week!

Here's links to all live workouts!

Day 56 week in review:
Day 55 workout:
Day 54 driveway workout:
Day 53 workout:
Day 52 workout:
Day 51 workout:
Day 50 workout:


Today is "day 7" of the Kenzai week, and that means a break from muscle building and a workout of simple cardio to keep the caloric burn going. I try to do a run on these days to break up the monotony of jumprope, as well as using it as a chance to put my changing body through a benchmark test. As I've written about many times on the Fatpocalypse, I really hate running, it just doesn't agree with me. On the first run of the program my daughter had the idea to bike alongside me. That seemed kind of fun, until about 10 minutes in when she decided she was hot and tired and then I realized I was stuck with not only a 4 year old but a bike she refused to pedal.

Today she said "I want to run with you!" and I was like, "oh boy.... ok, let's try this again. Go get your bike." She says "No, I want to RUN with you!" She actually wanted to physically run! I tried to talk her out of it but once she decides to do something it's hard to deter her.

So we start running, and I'm thinking this is going to go really badly. But surprisingly, the kid ran a solid 1.25km without stopping! We were getting lots of crazy looks from people we passed. You see this map of my run? That little circle is what Juri ran with me before we dropped by home and I completed the run.

She was really tired and plowed through a ton of carbs at dinner. I guess her body has never experienced that amount of caloric burn in such a short time. Here's a picture of us after our run. The look on my face is me trying to smile after another dreadful run.

Day 49 Week in Review:

Days 43-48 Posts can be found here:


When you lose body fat and gain muscle mass at the same time, you get some really fun moments. Life is in many ways just a squishy physics equation, your muscles pull and push against your skeletal system to position your arms and legs in the right ways to propel you through the world.

Dropping body fat means that there's less mass to push around, and gaining muscle means there's more power in the muscles to do it. Put them together and you start to feel like you're walking on air.

My house is halfway up a steep hill. Getting up with any kind of speed really puts some burn in your calves and quads. Doing it with a 15kg kid on your shoulders only adds to the fun. Today I made the hike up with Juri on my shoulders and only felt the lightest of burns at the top. These are the "wow it really works" moments that make training sweet! All those floorjumps, creeps, pistol squats, and egg white dinners add up to sometime special! Onward into the fray of Week 7!

Day 41 Blog:

Week 6 Review:

End of Week 5





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