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For the first time this week I got a good night's sleep. Also spent the time to make some hearty breakfast and lunch options. Cleaned the house, worked through the email backlog (it's still a mountain but a smaller mountain), live-streamed the Day 40 workout, showered, shaved, and took a business call. And before I know it, it's 4 pm and I feel like I've barely gotten the day started and I haven't done any "real" work.

Kenzai trainees remark on this all the time, and I'll echo it. Just living a "clean" life, keeping your dwelling, your food, your exercise, and your family all at a good place is a freakin full-time job. Trying to do that on top of your official job, it's daunting.

And it's all so damn precipitous. Don't get sick, don't have an accident, don't bite off more than you can chew at work, and make sure none of that stuff happens to anyone else in your family.

Anyway, today was pretty good. I wish more days went like today, but I know few of them will.

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Day 37 Double Duty:
Day 38 Dad Day:
Day 39 Some Answers:

Day 40 Workout:


I've made no secret of my dislike for running. But I try to do it once a week to get a break from jumprope and get my body moving in a different way. Today I could really feel the results of all the workouts and the slimmer bodyline. I was planning the usual 5k slog but ended up at the 7km mark, just because I didn't really feel like stopping. I won't say that I enjoyed it.... but I sure hated it less.

These are the little moments in training that you have to savor. One small victory give you the motivation to work towards the next small victory. And a bunch of small victories add up to winning the war! Onward into week 6!

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Week in Review:

Day 32: Worst day yet

Well, not a day for the record books. Ear is still jacked up, and for the second night in a row got home at 9:30 pm, with a bunch of meals and a workout still left to do. I was really feeling low, but my daughter said "let's do a workout together!" You can see how hard she worked in the daily video.

As a result of the bad schedule, I've missed my jumprope and two evening snacks for two days in a row now. Not good! Wouldn't be so frustrating if it was laziness, I've just been pressed for every single second of the day this week and it's my program which is taking the brunt of it.

But all in all no big screwups, no missed meals, just snacks, and no going off the rails.

Day 32 Live workout:


All right folks, things have gotten real. Today's workout had me breaking a real sweat, and the diet is running lean, carbs are scarce, egg whites are abundant, and I just had a tomato for my evening snack.

This middle month is when the magic happens, when you go from "looking ok" to "Damn son what are you doing!" It's a fun and special time. I'll try not to gripe too much about it and focus on the positive changes that these strict weeks bring!

Tomorrow we'll look at the month in review and get some new photos up. Stay focused, stay hungry!

Day 29 workout:


Week 4 was a little wobbly, with the mountain trip, a heavy work load, and an indulgence. But feeling in control of my mind and body today, feeling ready for a strong, strict week of training. This is a great spot to be in at the end of the first month, when most people are starting to lose their motivation I feel like we're just getting down to business.

Tight schedule, tight diet, tight body! Let's make Month 2 one to remember!

Day 27 Workout:


Thanks for all the good ideas on what to have for indulgence number 1. In the end I decided to go with a homemade dish that we haven't prepared in almost a year. You take a gyoza recipe, and instead of pork and onions and stuff, you use kim-chi, cabbage, and shredded cheese. Sounds odd but it's a pretty fantastic combination of acids, fats, and salts that hits the spot.

So Kazue and I made some last night, along with Chen's famous chinese eggplant recipe. Even thought the kim-chi wasn't quite up to snuff (the US has a lot of catching up to do!) it was pretty great. I could feel my body lavishing in the oils and cheese.

Just over three more weeks until the next one, I hope the gyoza tides me over! Next indulgence will definitely be on the sweet side of the spectrum!

Day 26 Live Workout:


Today I've unlocked an indulgence golden ticket. I'm usually full of ideas on things to eat, but this time I'm kind of drawing a blank. I want to do the full 90 days without alcohol so beer, wine, all those favorites are out. I want to do something more special than pizza or a muffin or cookie (old standbys).

Does the public have any ideas for me? Something off the beaten indulgence path? Let me know! I'm looking for something different and fun to make the Fatpocalypse something to remember!

Day 25 Workout:

I missed posting a couple of blogs over here. To catch up, you can read them here:

Fatpocalypse Day 22: Energy

Today we climbed a mountain, swam in an alpine lake, hiked for hours and even squeezed in a round of mini golf. And I'm still going strong. This is the upside of nutrition and exercise, it unlocks so much energy. One of those things you don't realize when you don't have it. Instead of feeling tired, you just don't feel like doing stuff. You pass on the hike and the mini golf, you can't put your finger on why, you just want to get back to your hotel room and chill.

Here's to walking the walk, busting up fat, and milking the most out of every day!

Day 22 Workout AirB&B Edition:

Day 21: Location Change

This entire summer break the family has been patient with me as I've put in long hours and haven't gotten any plans together. So this weekend for the first time we're getting out of the Bay Area and hitting the mountains.

This is when Kenzai really shines. When you can look down a trip and know that your training doesn't have to be derailed, and the most magical feeling around, when you come home fitter than when you left!

Just finished my Day 21 jumprope looking at a beautiful lake and mountains. But was a mighty struggle not to stop by the craft beer place just up the street from here!

Week in Review-


Not getting home until 10 pm these nights. Living the dream of a real Japanese salaryman! It makes getting training and nutrition right very challenging.

One thing is for sure, if I wasn't on the Fatpocalypse crusade, it would be mightily hard not to be eating and drinking poorly. Come home, crack open a beer, and eat some junk in a woeful effort to bring a few glimmers of happiness to a bleak day, the pattern writes itself.

Kenzai training and Fatpocalyse accountabilty (and fun) takes the pain out of coming home and eating apple slices. Almost!

One more hellacious day before things cool off again.

Day 16 Workout:

Day 15: Stiff Neck

I'm not sure what I did, maybe a long reading session with my hand propping up my head, but my neck is super-jacked right now. Having to do that terminator style head turn where my whole body turns like a damn turret!

Took a day off the jump rope today, going to sleep early and try to get my neck back in the game. Your neck is one of those things you don't appreciate until it's messed up! So all of you out there with full neck mobility right now, give your head a good turn and savor the bliss that is "no neck ache!"

Everything else going just peachy. Still running at 100% compliance with meals, and meals are what make the magic happen!


Today I planned to do my usual alternative cardio run on the water. Juri and Kazue wanted to join me on bicycles. So we had a Punch-Out! training-scene style jogging session. Shepherding a 4 year old through a 5k run made a big dent in my time. I could feel my irritation rising at a few points, but quickly realized that's pretty silly, what's the point of all this training if you lose sight of the really important things? Who cares if my time was 15 minutes slower, those were 15 minutes spent showing my daughter what it looks and feels like to really exercise, and giving her a chance to practice some mental toughness. All in all a good use of time.

Feeling pretty beat up today, but looking back at the week it feels good to know that every workout and every meal+snack was accounted for. Not all perfect, but all there!


My aunt was visiting from Georgia this weekend, and we spent the afternoon in Sonoma. Even though it wasn't MY vacation, it was hard not getting caught up in the vacation vibe. Everywhere I looked people were living it up with their food and drink choices, and there I was eating training food.

In the gourmet cheese section I got hit by some strong cravings. Mouth watering bites of cheese melting in your mouth, releasing their salt and fats all over your tongue... sigh...

We hung out at the hotel pool where my aunt was staying. This dude sits down in front of me and orders the tastiest looking cold beer... COME ON MAN YOU'RE KILLING ME.

So, suffice to say, right on time, the cravings are getting stronger as my body realizes that the new world order is upon it. I'll hang tough, but jeeze is it hard to fight your biology in this week 3, 4, and 5 period!

Day 12: Up Early

We had an early start today filming a new video, working to catch that golden hour when the light isn't casting shadows and the sky turns into one huge softbox.

I wake up early most of the time, but for me those dawn hours always seem like a time I should be working. But being forced to get out of the house and moving to the filming location this morning reminded me how nice it is to be out and exercising that time of day.

I'm making a promise here that, sometime in Week 3, I'll complete my workout before sunrise (which is around 6:30 am PST). Not only will it add some variety to my workouts, I'll be able to stream at a whole new time for people. Keep your eyes open for it!


Up until today I've been making every single meal you see on this blog. But today a business lunch and a late night meeting had me having both lunch and dinner out! I made do with the cleanest choices on the menu but it's not a good precedent.

When you're training, any time you're eating out you're losing control of your food choices. A good chef will do what it takes to deliver you great flavor, which is their job. But YOUR job is to know what's going into your stomach and how it's going to affect your final result!

Will do better tomorrow!

Day 11 Workout:

End of Week 5





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