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Finished !! 

A couple of days late but I just finished Day 90. I was away for the weekend and had hoped to squeeze it in on Day 90 but alas I finished it on Day 92 instead. Needless to say, I bashed it out in no time.

This is my second Kenzai Iron - this time round, I focused a lot more on performing the exercises right. Shout out to my Thai Boxing trainer who carved out a third of our sessions for weight training. He outright corrected some postures but for most part, fine tuned how I lifted weights. The results are evident - I lifted weights more safely and I was able to lift fairly heavy (for me anyway) weights. My shoulders and back are much more ripped than before.

It was a hard slog to get to the finish line but glad I got here. What's next? Now that Steven (my better half) is a Kenzai alum, I am looking forward to doing programs together in the New Year so our lives can sync better on the exercise front.

I know I haven't been the best of teammates this time (again) but it's been a tremendous team with all the active blogging. I hope to train with you next year in some other program. In the meanwhile, I wish you all a fab end to 2019 and a fabulous start to 2020. Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

The Penultimate Day

I can scarcely believe we are here at the finish line. It's been a super busy week(s) - I am looking forward to finishing to I can chillax (most of all) mentally and of course physically. I have been more conservative on the weight front as I don't want to land up with injuries. I started this week with a sore back and needed to be careful. I'm really chuffed with the way my back looks - more in the final pics to come.

See you all at the finish line!! ROAR!!

Going ALL OUT!!!

I've been wanting to write this blog all week but I didn't manage to get around to it and I can't believe it's the weekend already.

I've been doubling up the workouts all week as we are getting to the finish line. I recalled that at the end of K Iron the last time, I still had some stomach flab. Last week, I decided that I will up the ante and do HIIT 5 times + 2 kickboxing sessions a week on top of Kenzai just to blast that flab away. A week on, I've seen my stomach come down a tad and I am totally on to finish strong!! ROAR!!

Sorry for being incommunicado but I literally crash around 10pm every night by falling as asleep on a Netflix episode without even getting through half of it. So there we are. I'm going to catch up on everyone's blog this weekend.

Stay STRONG everyone!!!

Birthday Celebrations

Hello all, back in London to a real drop in temperature. Brrr. Trip to Singapore was super. The last couple of days were a little assault on the diet but I am glad to report that when I weighed myself after I got back, nothing changed. Phew!

It's my BIRTHDAY today!!! Whoppy!! 48 today. Yikes!!! How did I manage to get here?! But with all of life's ups and downs, I am in a good place and can't complain. Last day of celebration and diet shall get back to normal after. It's not totally off as I am still making very conscious choices.

Singapore R and R

Hello from Singapore! Arrived late Saturday evening (no time to workout) and successfully surprised my boys (14 and soon to be 11) - absolutely love them to bits. My sister has full time help here in her household - just this week, my food prep will be taken care of - I don’t want to sound spoilt but I am enjoying the brief respite from our normal hectic lives.

With only a month to go, I am going to make everyday count. Yes, I have been working out but I realise that I have just been reacting and responding to life in the past month. I’m going to be more present and less like a zombie going through the motions.

Steven and I are getting our kits on to go workout now. Gym is upstairs on the 22nd floor. More later. Have a great week y’all!!

Another mad week

It's been hard these 2 weeks to keep up with the schedules. Work picked up and I am having to cover 4 regions ... I need to figure this out before my working hours spiral out of control.

Glad to be flying to Singapore tomorrow. Really excited to see my nephews and spend time with the family. It's a work/holiday but I'm going to make the best of it. I'm also looking forward to dripping in sweat working out in SG (LOL!) I have missed that level of detoxing.

I've been a shitty team mate recently - I will really try to change that in the coming week.

Back in Town

Hallo team. Being back in town means I can get back to my normal routines. I was out for a couple of days because of a dreadful cold which I have pretty much fully recovered from (rest and clean eating helped). Raring to go and keen to get back to full form asap.

Hope all are doing well.

28 Kilos

Hello all! Can't believe so much time has already gone by. I am beavering away here in the background.

Really chuffed with my kickboxing session today. We carved out time to do weights (seems to be the norm these days) and I shoulder pressed 28kgs. 3 clean sets of 3 reps only ... not quite a super woman but wowza (!) Mind you I will only press such weights with supervision and never on my own so I'm really glad I have an amazing trainer. He really pushes me forward each time. I love the way my upper body looks right now. I'm getting addicted to the definitions ... :)

Travelling to Norway this Thursday to be with my beau for the weekend. I'll be resorting to free weights for 5 days before I get back to the gym next week. Then trip to Singapore in early Nov. It's going to be busy in the run up to year end.

Happy Monday everyone! It was a lovely weekend but for once, I am glad the week has started - I may have had one indulgence too much. It wasn't overly bad but enough for the body to "feel heavy".

Glad to be back on track food wise!

I am so excited to see the lesson today! I completely forgot that I had an indulgence to look forward to. This one will be a special one.

My man, Steven, aka better half, partner in crime, love of my life, bestest friend in the whole world, finishes his Kenzai Body this Saturday! I am so excited and proud of him!! He stuck with it, didn't miss a single day, lost around 6.5kgs and many inches around his waist. He feels healthy and strong - I am so happy for him as we get ready to celebrate his BIG SIX O in Jan 2020. I fully expect an Oscar dedication ... a girl can dream ... but I have to accept that he will just want to celebrate this quietly with Yours Truly!

Ok, hysterics over ...


Hello all. Did a double workout yesterday. Kenzai Iron first and then Thai Boxing. My trainer decided that we should do more cardio as I did weights before the class. Cardio activity = Rowing!

Rowing is something that I had not done much of in the past and I get winded (literally) very easily. Given that was my second cardio activity for the day, I wasn't sure how rowing was going to go down. We did intervals - 100m then 200m then 300m ... up to 500m then back down 400m, 300m ... 100m. My legs were pretty jellied by that point but I'm now definitely interested to learn and know more about rowing. It got my heart rate up pretty fast - average 160-164 but it hit 170 as I finished 500m.

Right - off for my workout. See you on the blogs soon!

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Hello all, back from being on a hiatus means you will see a lot more of me now on the blogs ... Ha.

I was [perversely] looking forward to Leg Month and here it already is - woo hoo - and I am a week late to it Doh!! Clearly missing days last week meant I had missed many memos. Finally caught up.

I loved it last time round and I am pretty sure I will love it again, so I'm going to give this my best; and this time I will do my best to increase the weights 2.5kg each side every week - see where this takes me!

Hi team, apologies for my hiatus in the blog space. It's been a super busy week. My shipment [finally] arrived from Hong Kong late Monday evening. I had tuesday off week to get organised. My partner Steven and I spent nearly 20 hours unpacking on Tuesday, then about 3-4 hours on Wednesday and a bit on Thursday. My home was transformed into an oasis of calm.

I have missed 4 days this week but I am BACK!!! Double workout yesterday and I hope to squeeze many more double workouts to catch up.

Posture corrections

One of the first things I got sorted when I moved was to find a serious Thai Boxing studio and thankfully I did within the first couple of weeks. I train 2 sessions per week just as I have in the past couple of years. Scott - you know all about this ... my double workouts?

When I started to feel a sore back within the first week last weekend, I realised that there had to be something that I was not doing right. So yesterday I used my thai boxing session to find out what that was and sure enough we did as we worked through the different body parts.

The problems were mostly on the biceps and shoulders. A bit of fine tuning made a major difference. I shoulder pressed 18kgs yesterday with no trouble with the correct posture - minor adjustmemts amd big results.

Good Progress

Hello team, off to a good start except that I hadn't managed to blog. I did have a bit of a sore back on Saturday - it happened after the standing barbell curls. Perhaps I didn't stablise my back enough. I recall that this happened in my last week of the last Kenzai Iron but I just soldiered on then as I was too close to finish. It eventually recovered but I don't wish to be in that place again. My back is alright now but I need to be mindful.

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