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Patsy N.'s Kenzai Iron program, Iron | Sep 9 2019, starts in 17 days.

Need to bow out

Hi everyone, It's been a bit of a disaster for me in this program. First of all, I had a rocky start. Then as I got into it, I strained my back from my Thai Boxing class which set me back around 4 days. As a result of this, I have not been able to find the mojo to continue as I've lost so much time already.

I've never done this before but I'm afraid I will bow out of this program for now. I will take stock and come back in again with another program. Apologies but I wish everyone well.


Hello all,

Bit late but here's my intro -

1. Tell us a little about yourself! Who, what, where . . .
Finally moved back to London in end June after 10.5 years in HK. It's great to be back and I'm looking forward to spreading Kenzai to my circle of friends and colleagues here.

2. What was your favorite Beach vacation ever?!
That's a tough one as I don't do much beach vacations but I would love having a Beach body all of the time (if I can).

3. What would be your dream job? Or if you do your dream job (awesome!) what is it?
If I can work only 5-6 hours a day, I will have my dream job. At this point in my life (age 47) , I am less bothered about the work but more concerned about my work life balance.

Overall the workouts are OK. Toughest exercise are the pushups ... doing 50 full proper push ups is hard. I've been going up to about 23-25 when I have to stop and then move on to "sets". My arms and chest ache for days after and I'm contemplating doing knee push ups instead just to ease the pain.

Apart from that, it's all good.

Run Complete 

I am so glad that I have finished the program. It's been very challenging in the month with my relocation back to London. The first couple of weeks of the move was fine but unfortunately I derailed on my diet in the last two.

Nevertheless I knew that this program wouldn't be easy, not because of the running but because of the move but I still signed up to have some constant in life to keep my sanity. I am glad I stuck with it. Was I 100%? No way at all but I managed to hold on and that fulfilled my original objective.

Things are still in flux for another 2 weeks before I head back to London permanently on the 30th Jun. I will look for another program to sign up ASAP. Great news is that Steven (my better half) will do his first ever Kenzai Body program starting July!! I'm so excited !!!

Until next time, teammates, it's been a pleasure. Apologies for my recent lack of blogging. Hope to share another Kenzai program with you in future.

THANK YOU Matt!!! You rock and hope to have you as trainer in another program, when my life is not as crazy.


I realise i have been a pretty useless team mate in the past couple of weeks. Even though I am silently running in the background, I have to admit it has been real challenging to keep both diet and exercise without slip ups. This week, unfortunately I have pretty much slipped on the diet. I’ve been catching up with old friends in the latter part of the week and no one eats like me .... 😭😭😭 too much carbs, stoggy fried foods, crisps and desserts; not enough veggies. Except for carbs, the rest have never been part of my diet even before kenzai so this is bad .... at least I don’t touch the fizzy drinks. Things like having elderflower fizz with dinner is revolting to me but I just politely say “no thanks”.

I get keys to my appt tomorrow but I’m flying off to Oslo to Steven on Tuesday and we fly back to HK on Friday to sort out the shipping. My diet should be back on track at the latest by Wednesday.

On a more positive note, I had been running 10k already since mid last week. I’m doing 8-10k on average now when I get out there. 2 more days of Regent’s Park running then over to Norway lakes (if I don’t get lost).

I will finish the final run in HK probably a day or two late. One thing I look forward to is the dripping in sweat in HK ... LOL!! Something so satisfying about that.

P.S. Spotted the double humped camel while running through the park which contains the London Zoo. I had stopped to take so many photos. 😁 Runkeeper did a fairly good job of pausing and resuming; and it seems to track my run route fairly well. Still trialling.

Still running

Checking in to say I am still here and running. Apologies, I've been bogged down. Will write a proper blog in the next day or two.


I must say my legs feel tired. My calves are feeling it. There's a lot of walking (which I love) in London. We seem to cover on average 10-12 kms walking per day (prob about 5km / day in HK) Ran 8km last night and my legs are achy this morning.

Matt, it seems my Nike app tracks my runs better. It doesn't show I'm running in the lake or on the roads like the way Strava does ... hmm ... I'm feeling conflicted. I want to love Strava but the Nike app (comes with apple watch) seems to draw my route better ... noticed this in HK and did a comparison yesterday .....

Checking In

Hi all, apologies for the radio silence. It's been super busy since I arrived in London. It's just coming up to a week and I feel like it's longer because of what's been accomplished. Really pleased things have got off to a real good start here.

Unfortunately I have not been able to do all my runs but the two that I did were amazing!! The weather has been glorious and I currently run in Regent's Park which is literally at my door step. What more can I ask for (photos are from Monday evening).

I don't really have cooking facilities right now but I have found it fairly easy to eat healthy in London. Not terribly precise in portions but not the end of the world. My kenzai way of eating is pretty well embedded in my life.

I'll have a breather at the weekend and can finally lie in a bit. Woo hoo!!!

Hill Run

I had one of my best runs last night. I’ve been wanting to run up some of the steep hills around me for a while. I finally did last night and it was amazing!! I can never tire of the views in HK. It was nearly 1.3km entirely uphill and it took me up an elevation of 167m. Some parts were really steep and it was a very slow jog / walk up. It was a wonderful way of finishing my last run in HK before I fly out tomorrow. I took various stops to take photos of the route; thankfully the weather held up and I remained dry.

I fly out tomorrow morning to Oslo, arriving tomorrow evening; then Steven (he’s in Norway) and I fly to London on Sunday. If the weather holds, we will go running in Norway tomorrow and in London on Sunday 

Have a great weekend, y’all!!

My week 1 challenge: “Just Jog! No need to break records.”

Week 4 Move

Heads up - I fly to London this weekend initially for 4 weeks before I move back permanently at the end of June. There’s a fair amount to organise before I fly so I’ve decided not to stress out to tick all boxes and drive myself insane in the process (workouts are up to date for now). I’ll be located by a park and gym in London and will have no trouble getting back on track from next Monday onwards should this week be a total washout.

Side note - I have learnt (about myself) that making big life changes at this age (47) is mentally more challenging than I anticipated even though it's absolutely the right / exciting next step!

Have a great week all!


Hello Team, very happy to report that the weather has turned for the better in the past 2 days. After a week long dreadmill experience, I finally found my running legs outside. Yeah baby!! I did a bit of swapping and did my technical run last night as I have kickboxing this morning.

I have been using the standard Nike exercise app that comes with my Apple watch for a while as my previously trusted running app of many years (no name shaming here) have been playing up big time so I just ditched it. I guess this is what happens when the companies don't keep up with the necessary upgrades. Nike app is ok for the basics but I thought I'd try out Strava last night and my ... where have {Strava] you been all my life!! Love it. The stats are tremendous, almost too much. It was even able to rank me against all their other Strava users who run in the Racecourse - pretty cool indeed. Of course it's very humbling to see how fast some of the other runners are. Something I can only look up to coz it's not like I will suddenly start flying! One can hope though.

Must be a result of being couped up indoors, I had a very run good last night! Yippy!! But I'm going to slow it down for the next couple of runs. I read a while ago that 80% of our runs should be "easy".

First World Rant

I can’t help but have a small rant. The weather this week is bad – rain and tons of it. To make matters worse, it starts raining in the afternoon and it goes on for hours and hours and when I need to get my run in. I’ve officially hit the treadmill wall. One more day on the treadmill and my head will explode. Sadly I’m not a morning exercise person (tried, tested, struggled and accepted); I’m an early morning person as far as the brain is concerned but not the body - so one hopes the weather holds out for tomorrow when we run again.

Back Home

It was a great week in Singapore. Squeezed in all my workouts which is great - had to do a little swapping which is no biggie. My dilemma of what to do with my cross training was solved when a good friend / ex-colleague invited me to join him (orange t-shirt on my left) in his early morning 45 min Tabata boot camp (run by ex-military man, next to my friend) on Sunday. Whoa! We worked on our abs so much that they were screaming mercy in our 5th set. Once it was over and I caught my breath, I wondered what that fuss was all about. LOL! I'm really happy about the cross training as it was a total departure to what I would have chosen in HK and it was a great way to train with my friend on his home turf.

Weather not looking great this week in HK right now so will have to rely on treadmill (shoot me) when pouring. Too much treadmill running already. Ho hum.

Taking Stock

I'm caught up with my missed workout early this week. Not at all difficult to claw back at this stage but I suspect that doubling up might be less doable from next week onwards. I would have loved to run outdoors here in Singapore but sadly I've been using the treadmill as I like to finish Kenzai before the boys come home from school. Like HK, I find it way too hot during the day to be getting out there for a run without risking a heat stroke.

I need to get creative with cross training as I'm not on home turf ...

Singapore hello

Hello from Singapore. I didn’t manage to do my run yesterday as my flight was slightly delayed and I got “distracted” by my little nephew 😜 Haven’t see him in months. But I will make up for it in my workout later - double up yday and today together.

Week 1 Done

This week has flown by and it was a great start to the program. Twice a week (Wed and Sat), I do 1:1 kickboxing; hence it's fortunate that cross training day was on Sat as I didn't have to do double. 1 hour of intense kickboxing, as per usual on Saturdays. I do it mainly for fitness but I love the stress relief I get from it; my trainer used to be a champion fighter and is now an excellent teacher. Will greatly miss my classes when I leave in a couple of weeks.

Off to Singapore (work/pleasure) on Tuesday for the rest of the week to visit my sis and family. Have a great week all.

Oct 23rd, 2015





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