Paul S.

Paul S.

Day 90 - Final 

This is it , I cleared day 90 and cleared my PCP.

It has been a very interesting 90days.
I've achieved my goal to lose weight and improve my general fitness level.
Today I just feel great.

What I've learned
- Proper food is key to having a healthy life.
- A good diet does not equate to a boring or difficult diet. I enjoyed every day of the diet and (re) discovered some foods. Vegetables, fruits, milk and even the egg whites !
- Jumprope is fun and is a very effective way of improving fitness and getting rid of fat.
- Working out at home or away is easy. I 'll be travelling with my resistance bands going forward.
- Group training and sharing makes training easier.
- Anyone can do PCP.
- Hotels are quite accommodating when it comes to food room service and facilities for skipping ( some exceptions in japan )
- Cost of new clothes is nothing compared to the well being. ( 2 sizes down for shirts, 1.5 down for pants )
- There is no such thing as a free lunch ....

How I've managed to go through the 90 days
- It requires commitment, but once you get in a routine, you can cruise through the program.
- There are clearly some sacrifices to make.
- Finding support among the group on those difficult days is key
- Seeing and feeling the changes is almost instantaneous and that keeps motivation high.
- First half was all about weight loss, second half was toning.
- I had way more than the 3 indulgence days in terms of booze, but NEVER blew up as far as the food goes.
- Having a decent social life is tough when you have to get up every morning at 5:30

- Charlotte, my wife that coped with my PCP stories for 90 days, but that was supportive all the way ! ( but for those 5:30 am alarms )
- Chloe, Alex, Chiara and Anae ( the kids ) that backed me and admired my dedication. ( Alex, get those pull ups right, you can't have your dad kick your ass ! Chloe, I will teach you how to skip, you just have to want it ! )
- Mom , for that great first indulgence meal in France
- Lennie (our helper) that consistently prepared my food every day I spent in HK
- Virg S, Greg B and Nagisa Y, office colleagues with whom I shared this PCP adventure.
- Lorenzo, Quentin, Thomas, Stephane, Landy, Alice, Emmanuelle, Sebastien, Xavier, Doug, David etc... that had to cope with stories about reps, jumprope, grams and all !
- Friends and family that were not shy of the "Wow !" "Doing great!" " Look good!" " OMG"
- The PCP coaches. Your program rocks, your notes were timely ! A+
- And to all the Gemini buddies, having you by my side enduring the same stuff made me stronger.
- To all the Adamite PCPers. ( Some of which I'm sure I'll meet shortly )

The future
- I signed up for Phuket Tri in november. I might add Taiwan 70.3 as well.
- I heard of an after PCP and will consider that post summer.
- I will pay attention to food.
- I'll soon be back to training in the pool with the Tritons.
- I have a few good bottles of wine to drink.
- A week of holidays with my wife.

Well , that's it.
I deserve the "COMPLETE" stamp.
Good luck to the Blaze and Cerite.
Keep it up, it's worth it

Dragonfly20130312 2 1iran3k

I shot a few pics prior to day 1 and I did mention in one of my posts about a pair of jeans that I had in my closet.
Here are 3 photos of where I come from and how PCP has changed my body shape.
I'm posting these for all those that ( like I did ) will be browsing through the "Complete" section of the Peak Condition Project wondering what you can get out of the 90 days...

Good luck to all

Day 88
Dragonfly20130312 2 ke6sh9

I had a great few days in Bali but now, back to the office and back to 5:30 AM routine.
The finale of today's superset really killed me.
When I read some of you fail the V sits at the count of 30+, I'm full of admiration.
I just collapse after less than 20 and then I roll to the side and the plank kicks in and I end up lying face down for just 15 seconds of rest...and I start over. Needless to say rep #5 was pathetic.
Eager to get day 89 done now.

Was wondering what the surprise was for day 90 ?
Maybe it's just an indulgence day with no workout at all...hehe

Day 86 In Bali

Weather is great.

I have been putting a bit more upper body work with the morning surf sessions.
25 pounds less and trust me the take off is a lot easier !

I kindda like the supersets but i had to improvise with the pull ups as there was no pull up bar at my hotel.
Just did some inclined pull ups by holding onto the sensor bar of the treadmill, followed by the dips on the same treadmill.
I've been skipping with Dire Straits' Telegraph Road and Money for Nothing these past days.
Was thinking to change the lyrics to "I want my PCP" insead of "MTV"
For my last day in Bali I found a nice spot facing the beach for tmr morning. That's where I intend to skip at sunrise !

A few days left and though my weight is no longer dropping , and I still have a bit of a tummy, I feel good !!

Final photo will show a amazing " red neck surfer's " tan. Hahaha !

Day 83

Been in Japan the last 2 days. 
No problem with the diet except maybe the drinks post work with the team here.
Did my workouts in the shangri la gym yesterday and I was amazed by the other hotel residents. 
2 of them were done with their entire workout before I had finished skipping ...

This morning, I started skipping like yesterday and apparently I was breaking some rule.
The staff told me it was forbidden. ! I probably did something rude to Japanese standards by just ignoring the order and went on with my jumprope. Just wanted to get it done before I took off. Apologies to my Japanese friends.
But if you can't skip in a gym, where can you ?
Will do the WO tonight when I get to Bali

Looking forward to a 4 day WE with the family under the sun. Rest, surf and PCP

Forgot to mention I saw some PCP buddies in Tokyo and you all look great !

One last week ! The last 3k of our marathon ! Let's finish hard !

Day 80

I've not felt so full in the past 80 days.
With the new diet, I have the feeling I'm eating all the time.
Morning workouts and the snacks make me stretch my lunch out until 2PM when I'm not even that hungry !
Traveling to Japan for work tmr and then Bali for a long WE.
Hope the wave conditions are fine so I can catch a few with my son.
In any case, lots of rest and plenty of time to do the workouts.

10 days till completion and still kicking ...

Day 79
Dragonfly20130312 2 1wy96bu

Went to Big Wave beach on Sunday with the kids.
I bought some new board shorts
I do not remember the last time I bought anything in size 32" for myself...

Bike day
Dragonfly20130312 2 1qpra4v

Eventually I got on my bike and went for a quick 25k ride from Stanley to Shek'O. It was my first time back on the saddle since I started PCP and I had high expectations.
The bad news is that I still need to work my cardio ( i'm probably skipping too slowly at 85/90 jumps per mn), but the good news is that I felt no soreness in the legs and just went up those hills with no pain at all. I shaved about 3 minutes off the time it would take me to complete and given the windy conditions, that's not bad. Even went up the short 15% steep leg back home easily...
PCP builds strong legs !

Indulgence yesterday.
I had 2 pralines (Leonidas ) after lunch.
Then went for dinner to Aqua with friends that are visiting.
Salmon and Tuna Sashimi
Roasted Seabass with celeri puree, marinated tomatoes and pan fried zucchini
Crozes Hermitage White ( Jaboulet )
Crozes Hermitage Red ( Jaboulet )
No dessert
Expresso and a truffle.

77 days into PCP and feeling good.

Day 76

I must confess it's not really been a PCP compliant week.
Started with the workouts on monday and crashed during the second 90s plank.
Continued with outside dinners every night and though the food I ate was PCP labeled, I took some red wine that clearly wasn't...
Ditched the workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday morning but I was feeling like I was missing something on Wednesday so did the workouts in the evening. I'm addicted !
Managed to get up on thursday and this morning so that was better.
I'm having indulgence tonight ( though I feel I've had it every day this week... ) with friends , but I am not even that keen.
I'm not really craving for a big fat meal anymore, but will have some chocolate I've been saving at home ...haha !

WE is around the corner and we are entering the last 2 weeks of PCP.
Take care Gemini buddies

Day 71

One more Seven's experience...
Friday night I had a Charity event and had a couple of glasses of Champagne. Money was for a good cause so I had to pay my bottle. Saturday and Sunday were ok with a few beers. Nothing terrible but clearly not PCP compliant.
At least I did my workouts and was compliant on the food. I might have missed a few fruit snacks but didn't fall for all the crap food that you get in those kind of events. I even resisted the evil temptation of the cheese platter in our box !
Failed on the DaVinci's 25/13/9/8/7. Just couldn't lift my arms anymore.

Changed the batteries on my scale and it looks like I lost another kilo.
Still have a little tummy but don't want to focus on that.
All the people that I saw at the HK Stadium told me I looked fit.
I just replied that I felt fit...

19 days to go and we are complete.
speak soon

Day 67

Yesterday, I was thinking of taking a day off. Just felt a bit down and didn't really want to get up at 5:30. Plus it was leg day, my Nemesis...
Well this morning, I just woke up without the alarm and was feeling ok so decided to give it a go. Surprisingly it wasn't that boring ! The shoulder drills killed me but went through them and eventually I was done in way less than an hour.

Bought 3 new shirts this week, 2 sizes down. It's cool to be wearing a slim fit cut that actually fits !

As for today's video... there is just no free lunch in real life.

Take care Gemini and all.

Day 64
Dragonfly20130312 2 t50qs7

I find the workouts getting increasingly hard ... I had to take a smaller band for the da vinci's and even with the smaller one, I felt the burn.
I have almost nothing left in my wardrobe that fits and I urgently need to get a few shirts with an inch less neck size.
Sticking to the diet as much as possible, though I did have a glass of wine with my "Beef Bourguignon" saturday night.
Beautiful weather in HK this WE and spent some time on water with friends near Sai Kung today.
The kids loved it ! and I bet you can imagine why ...

26 days to go and I'm going to complete this PCP !
Keep it up Gemini fellas.

DAY 61

I always get a low day during the week. It just hit me this morning.
Dragged myself out of bed, tripped many times while skipping, counted every single rep as if it was the last one, wanted to give up at least 20 times. I even counted every second of the 5 x 60" planks ! Nearly an hour of pain and agony...but I did em all. No glory there as the entire house was sleeping and I had nothing better to do.
Feeling a bit drained, but I'll take it one day at the time.

I'm definitely going to order some of David's maple syrup after PCP !

Day 58

I really don't like the workout days when the focus is on the legs. Weak knees, and boredom are probably the reason. Chest and back drills are my friends.
Lost 10 kgs to date.
Rest heart rate is in the low 50's bpm,
I hit about 145 bpm max during the jump rope ( 16 minutes strait ).
Need to get back on my bike as soon as the weather gets nicer to see the progress on a hilly ride.
I've achieved my weight loss goal but will push till the end and get rid of that remaining belly fat.

There is light in sight !

Dragonfly20130312 2 s4lcs9

Went to Otto Y Mezzo  and had great pasta with a glass of wine and a bit a chocolate with coffee. I believe I saw a PCP peer but will not name him here.
After the market close we celebrated Virg's Birthday in the office ( btw , HAPPY BIRTHDAY as today is the real day ). Yummy cake from Agnes B. Check out the Virg's PCP version of cake in the lower right hand side of the photo...
After work drinks at Alfie's where I has a Pastis ( that the bartender clearly didn't know how to prepare ).
Continued with a buddy's Birthday celebration at Tivo where one of our mates was mixing music, not cocktails, though some friends had their share of the latter...
Had tidbits appetizers , mostly fresh stuff, and a pizza. ( San Daniele cured ham and roquette, see pic below)
A few glasses of wine and champagne, with some soda water gulps in between.
That all lasted till very late and given I had been up for 24 hours, it was time to call it a ( indulgence ) day !
I clearly hit the extra 800 calories mark, but like the first time, there was absolutely no processed food during the day, except the 2 crisps at Alfies, but that doesn't really count.

I really enjoyed it and had no trouble getting back to PCP today.
15 minutes jump rope and 8 minutes abs were on the menu this afternoon.

Have a great WE.

Final Photo

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