Paul S.

Paul S.

Kenzai Run 

Signed up for Kenzai run starting in Jan. Looking forward to the next challenge.

I'm alive.....

Had a busy week on the road with work but managed to keep the diet on track for the most part although have struggled to fit in time to exercise.

In Singapore and no further distractions until the finish so looking forward to becoming better mates with the gym again.

Good news though as seem to have dropped 2kg and now weighing in at 113.1kg.


It feels good to be back. It's over 3 years since I did the initial 90 day programme and that was evident in my skipping this evening during the day 1 work out. A lot of the mechanics are there just the shoulders and arms felt the burn early. I got through the 3 sets but had to take the odd break to give the shoulders and arms a shake out.

Weighed in this afternoon at 115.2kg after 4 indulgent days in Krabi! This reboot is not only about weight loss but learning that discipline of moderation around diet and exercise.

Good luck everyone on the shortened journey.

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Firstly thanks to Ben Hartwell & Paul Redbourn for giving me the motivation to sign up to the programme in the first place. Their results and positive outlook towards it inspired me.
Although I haven't finished as strong as I would have liked, I am really plased with the results.
Key Figures:
Start Weight: 117.9 kg
End Weight: 106.8 kg (Down 11.1kg)

At Christmas I weighed myself whilst back in the UK and I was at my heaviest in some time at a whooping have actually dropped 12.4kgs since the beginning of the year.
Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to get closer to the 100kg barrier and will be looking to shift the last 5kg and a smidge over the next month.
Annoyingly I've lost my book with my initial measurements. I will update this as soon as I track them down. I've moved several holes on my belt which measures 4 inches and need an addition hole added as its already a little loose. Also what were my favourite shorts are now ridiculously big. 
For those of you thinking about doing this programme....DO IT.....this has to be the hardest and easiest thing I've done to achieve what I've been mucking about with over the last 10 yrs, losing weight! I've probably spent thousands over the years messing around with personal trainers but being given the road map by Patrick & Sarah on fitness and diet, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail. Yes you might have to let your social life take a bit of a back seat for a month or so...but man the results speak for themselves.

Thanks to Patrick and Sarah for your advise and support.  Also to Team Orion, our PCP IB chat room and the fantastic motivating blogs across all the teams.

Best of luck to everyone going forward.

Day 87

Been on holiday in China for the last week. Diet definitely not compliant whilst away as just impossible to over there!

Fallen off the wagon really ever since the 7's too much going on in work and out of work. Still steady at about 9 kg's weight loss which I'm happy with but another 5 kgs would really be good.

PCP doesn't end at day 90 and is just the start of things going forward. Going to retrace day 60 on-wards at the finish of this and keep on track.

Certainly been a great experience and some of the groups results are utterly fantastic. Room for improvement from me though.

Day 79

Back from a fantastic break in the Maldives with the duchess!

Managed to get a few workouts in and also was out diving and snorkeling each day.  

Day 72

Well I knew the 7's was going to be thank god that is out of the way now.

Off to Maldives tomorrow. Trainers packed and a great week ahead of me.

Day 66

Oh dear what's the on the horizon.....that's right it's the 7's! A Few seriously non-pcp compliant days ahead of me.

Heading to Maldives next week so will be back on track in no time and plenty of time to exercise and chill.

Great pics everyone some fantastic weight loss. I'm stable at around 107.5 at the moment so around 10kgs down, Would love to lose a few more and get the right side of 105 before we hit the finishing line.

Stay strong team Orion!

Day 60

1 month to go and time for another big push.

Last few blogs haven't been that positive but with 30 days to go and one minor speed bump ahead of me.....ok well the 7's! Looking for a strong finish and dropping more kg's.

Great motivation seeing the pics some serious weight loss across the group. Have a few days back to back with my personal trainer. Still struggling with the diet a little. If anything I'm not eating enough just too much of it and too often. Need a little fridge under my desk to try and cater for it all.

Onwards and upwards......

Day 52

Motivation taken a bit of a dip. Last week had a lot on and a trip to Singapore.

Diet wasn't always PCP compliant but certainly not as bad as pre-pcp life! Exercise was the main issue...just no time to fit it in at all. Weight stable but still got another 5kg I want to attack......I'm coming for you!!

Back on track this week. Need to focus and not let team Orion down.

Week 8 pics looks fantastic for the group. Keep it up everyone.

Day 44

Well well that was a pleasant surprise......AMAYW.....boom my new friend! Don't beat me up on any comments but I'm very happy with the diet and there seems a lot of it. Sunday's preparation was on the money so well positioned for the start of this week which is often where I get blind sided if I'm not careful.

Met Jason and did a good workout yesterday. Nice to do that every now and again just mixes it up a little and gives you that extra motivation to push through the reps. As with a lot of blogs the press ups are a little tricky after the chest dips but certainly gets the burn going.

Loaded up week 7 photo and definitely seeing a change in my face.

Great work everyone the half way mark is on the horizon and all down hill from then.

p.s lets gloss over the rugby result!

Plodding along.....

Not much to report but getting on with things.

Some of the new exercises are a little challenging but managing to get through everything. Will have to take today's note on board as not sure my form is 100% correct throughout all the reps. Skipping has come good......not sure how I did it or how I'll ever do it again but even managed the boxers shuffle! Ditching the counting and giving it my best for 15/20 mins has been the key.

With the diet still no complaints with breakfast or lunch but dinner is quite restricting. This isn't forever and know that these few weeks are crucial in powering on through to the end. Still not missing alcohol although social life with clients and colleagues has nose dived. We had some friends round for dinner the other day and did treat myself to a glass or two of wine but felt sluggish for it the next day and don't want to feel like that again.

Weight still coming off and getting more compliments from people in the office or friends I haven't seen for a few months. Always helps keep the motivation going.


Stay strong team Orion and all the PCP'ers!

My suits are starting to feel slightly more spacious than before. Also on the way to the morning meeting yesterday someone commented that my toursers were almost falling off me.....these same trousers left little to the imagination 5 weeks ago!

Dinner has been extremely boring but good suggestion on chat at work to blend up dinner and consume as a smoothy. Thankfully the wife is back from Aus after 4 weeks so can help me preparing lunches going forward. Am far too reliant on a couple of dishes and finding them a little dull.

First night of trying out the new exercises. Had 4 days straight with the personal trainer so didn't do PCP workouts. I incorporate most of the PCP moves in the circuits anyway plus boxing on top.

Will report back tomo but expecting to be sore given the other blogs.


6 nations and no booze...still a strange feeling!


Day 28
Dragonfly20130312 2 e2yiid

Where do I start....well I think I don't and just put last week behind me and start this week with a fresh outlook. Lots on at work, late nights, lack of exercise/pcp compliant food.....

Anyway locked in 4 PT sessions friday thru to mon so 6 hrs all up which will hopefully get me back on track. Amazingly I seem to have lost weight and am now 110kg's. 

So today has been a great day. Had a PT session and got organised for the week with a huge food shop. I made an industrial amount of roast ratatouille following the waitrose website which will last me the majority of the week -(

Looking forward to cracking on with the exercises this week.

Keep Going Team Orion!!

Note to self: No more indulgences fatty!

Final Photo





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