Payal G.

Payal G.

Mez Rebooted... 

A nice sunny wintery start to my bday month. Am feeling fitter n certainly my inner critic is at rest for its content that am active, agile n taking care of my fitness.

Kenzai always leaves me feeling better. I was spared the crazy travel schedules for a change for the first time ever.

Everyday challenges kept popping but someone when on Kenzai - it gives me a meditative edge while skipping! Like I can overcome anything for I've done it on the past!

Thanks to Dhruv who totally motivates and gets me back on board as always!

Thanks n here's to keep the rythym that started going ....🌻🌻🌻✨✨✨

Monomaniacal focus!

It's been a good time of the year in India. Strotting into winter...hence it was just right to jump out of bed and get going with the workouts.

Food I would say 98% compliant.
Am feeling more agile and energized..and certainly everytime Kenzai is on, there's monomaniacal focus! Cuz there's a time driven fitness target.

Only thing this time is my face doesn't seem to have lost any extra pounds.

Going at it and now ready to treat myself to a 🌈 pastry with some strong coffee! ☕☕ Cheers! To feeling for and good 😉🌻🌻🌻✨✨✨

Going strong...

Have been compliant with the diet. Infact can't seem to have as much. Workout first thing in the morning. Which totals it to Kenzai as per plan. It helps and feels good to have a set of stretch exercises. Cheers

Keep on moving...

It's been good morning starts...where without thought I get into motion and nail the workout. Taking each day as it comes.

Come November! The weather is kind - for it's just about getting cold - hence pleasent which makes it probably the best time to workout ( sans the unfortunate pollution levels)

At it and doing fine!

Dribbling on...

I recall playing basketball in my school days. And no qualms to say but was good at it!! Week one seems like a dribble- keeping the intensity and pace going the build up of cover and then the final dunk! It's been a smooth 1 St week. And now gliding into week 2. Am taking 1 day at a time.

Have changed my routine a fair bit for waking up an hour early so can start with the workout. It feels good to nail it right at the start of the day!

Cheers n besties to all! Lets dribble on!!

Atta gurl!

Back in action. Feels good to skip and do mini workouts for you know where it's going. This goal is absolutely worth it! Cheers!!

Happy graduation  

It has been a little challenging to keep my motivation going and the results seem slow as well this time. It’s a new surge of energy to commit, but to sustain is really the challenge. Thank God! For Dhruv being a part of it...just makes it a tad easier. Have my 40 th coming up! So Looking and feeling fit is surely on my list!!
Gratitude once again for this wonderful platform. Though quite missed the nudge and push from our trainers. Cheers all the way! Rebooted for my 40th!

Huff puff...

Kinda running outta steam...half way through the program!! It’s a whole lot of motivation one needs to go through it. Huffing and puffing towards the finishing line! And working and praying for the results to show! Thank God for Dhruv being along...makes it a whole lot possible!
Besties to ya all! Let’s crack this one


Yezzz that’s me.... ! It was sure nice to look like that then...don’t regret it a tad bit!

Now aiming towards a sharp look 😊👍 cheers!!

Food on the move...

It’s been a roller coaster ride. With a hectic work travel schedule and so meal timings and food is a challenge.

Did manage to get this brilliant egg white omlette in Hyderabad with a little gentle nudge to the chef! Promptly got my fruits packed - it’s a cinch missed it as had no time to eat.
Spotted fruit salad bar at the airport and skipped the pre packages meal on the flight and dug into the fruits on a late night flight.
Life truly happens when you busy making plans!!
Cheerios! Hope the coming week is more stable.

Challenge 1

This is the spot where Dhruv, my husband and I do my skipping. Right admist the frangipani trees and the greens below the condo we stay.

Sweating it out for Reboot 2!!

Reboot once again!!

It’s great to be back! And thanks to none other than my husband to give me the nudge and be my workout buddy too!

Every time I took on a program, it was not just the program but all that life hurled my way.
First time I took very ill and completed and was offset by 15 days which I arose like a Phoenix to do it all like a Lone Ranger sans my motivation group.
Second time I lost my grandpa whom I dearly loved. And to top it was neck deep with work related travel and my theatre practice which left only so much time to squeeze in my regime
Third my mum took very ill but with God’s grace and everyone’s support has fought her illness and with her tremendous spirit and determination is on the road to recovery
As I reflect I can say with all my might I have no regrets whatso ever - for Kenzai not only made my dream of fitness and self acceptance come true but also made my mental fortitude come alive!

Am on my fourth program prepping towards my sisters wedding and my 40th this December!

Thanks Patrick and team Kenzai for this amazing program. Thanks to my dear husband for giving me the gift of fitness!


Took this short powerful reboot sprint. And mid way was faced by unexpected challenges. Pacing still. And get back to my workouts when I can catch a breath. Right now Kenzai is a stress reliever and keeps me centred in the myriad of internal strength it garners from me to be able to keep my chin up and just do what it takes with my family - to have my mum slay cancer!
Am accessing my energy with consistency and at times short bursts of Kenzai regime. Hope to complete it like always!
Thanks Kenzai!

Week 3 challenge

Back then....

In and out

It's been a challenging time on personal front. So am a few days behind on the workout regime. Will make up for it. Cause life happens when you are busy making plans.

Doing my best to stick closest to the recommended diet. Despite it all do feel a positive change in my fitness.

Many thanks

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