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I’m afraid reboot has not been a good time for me. Multiple issues with injury and travel back to the uk has put the anchors on it. My full intention is to be back on it from this week though I know I ages missed the boat on this reboot.
Apologies to my team for my absence.

Final week started strong with me going for it in the workouts on Monday and Tuesday and then - labarynthitis struck. Woke up on Weds, turned over in bed and nearly threw up. Couldn’t turn head, bend down, move fast without the room spinning and blurred vision. So boring and not what I needed. Dr told me to look after myself and gave me meds and just have to wait to feel better. Inner ear infection caused by a virus giving you vertigo.

So, not the finish I was hoping for.

Kept the diet clean and I feel better enough to do my final day workout later. Will just have to be careful I don’t jump up and down quickly.

More to come later.....! Frustrating! Feel I could have done so much better.

My Daughter and I were struck down by an awful gastric bug again this week. 2 days flat out in bed with no food, no exercise, just water and a blinding headache. Finally feeling myself this morning but have missed 3 vital Kenzai days of diet and exercise.
Back on it today with a vengeance. Need to finish strong💪.

I’m lying in bed feeling very sorry for myself and have not done my workout today. Have some sort of horrible stomach virus and just made it through my day at work. I could no more exercise than fly. I wish I could and I hate the fact I’m missing my session but need to be in bed. I hope it doesn’t derail all I’ve achieved so far.

Almost 50 indulgence

It was my big girl’s birthday lunch yesterday. I started the day in true Kenzai fashion with my workout and good breakfast and fruit snack and then.......the rest of the day was INDULGENCE! Not quite a restrained as I should have been but you are only nearly 50 once so I reckoned,blow it!
Back on point today with my workout and an exercise class and trying out my new Pilates Reformer which is a present from friends and family.
Photos attached!

pancake success!🥞

Finally success with my egg white and banana pancake. Whisked whites, mixed in mashed banana and baked in oven on baking paper along with an Apple. Lots of cinnamon added. It’s delicious - if a bit insipid looking!

End of week 3

To answer the question at the end of week 4 - can I see any difference? No, not physically visibly, but I feel different. I feel clearer headed, am sleeping better (apart from one night) and can jump out of bed in the morning even after a late
I’m moving better, apart from the knee which is a constant source of annoyance but once it gets going it’s ok. I’m slightly nervous of what the new exercises will bring and if I will be able to embrace them fully.
I don’t think j I have ever spent so much time in Lycra - and it’s not a pretty sight at the moment!
Spent last night at dinner with 3 Kenzai graduates and their achievements make me determined to keep going.
Week 4 here I go!

oh nooooo!

I have exercised every day, not even defeated by the leg circles, though they were agony, and the midday 37 degree heat that I had to do my workout in a couple of days. I’m so so happy with myself. My food has been great and I have stuck to it like glue - until tonight where I ate 4 (little) squares of dark chocolate. I loved every bite but feel so guilty now. Hope I haven’t ruined all my hard work. Extra exercise for me tomorrow. Just needed something sweet! NOT AGAIN!
Feeing very guilty.

Day 1 of Kenzai Body

I’ve signed up to Kenzai as many friends have had great results. I’m 50 in 2 months, horribly overweight and Super unfit and weak after a knee injury that has ruined the last 8 months of my life. I always classed myself as ‘fat and fit’ as I (used to) exercise a lot. I’m back into pilates and building strength in my legs but need to lose weight and feel better about myself. I don’t think I’m going to be able to skip but have my bike set up on the trainer all good to go. As I only was able to sign on at 10pm last night and have work all day I’ll be doing my first workout tonight. Wish me luck!

Oct 8th, 2019





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