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New Day, New City

Just got back from a good 30 min pre-dinner cardio session. It was a little chilly. Probably should have worn a sweatshirt.


After spending the last day or so on a plane, I made it to Brisbane last nite (Sunday). Got my first workout in this morning and feeling good.

WK1 in the books

Was on a business trip for most of the week but able to get all but one workout in. I’ll be on the road A LOT during this program but always bringing my rope and bands with me.

Feels good to have all the muscle tightness going on again. Progress!

Here’s a nice view from Yuki and my cardio walk this morning.


Yuki and I had a nice 40 minute walk along the beach this morning for our cardio.


On the ropes together.


I missed the evening stretch last night as well as the workout on Sunday. That being said all is good. Continuing to move forward. Hopefully the rain will stop this weekend so I can do a long walk.

Blogless in Seattle

Sorry team for not blogging the last 10 plus day. Bad me. I've had continued travel. That being said, I've been able to keep up with workouts for the most part. Missed a day here and there. Diet is about C+.

I will be better with my updates going forward. I'm home for the next 10 days ;-)

WK1 Reach

One week down, getting ready for diet start tomorrow!!

It's sunday and I'm being lazy, haven't done today's workout yet. Need to get that done and take my assessment pics.

As Usual

As usual, Day One starts with a business trip. This always seems to happen to me ;-)

Looking forward to giving Reach another try. I was unsuccessful last year when I tried due to an injury.

Cough Continues

Well I'm now on my second week of a cold and cough. I did hit the doctors last week and he told me to slow down and rest. I've taken him up on that recommendation for the most part, but still not seeing much improvement.

I've only done a couple workouts in the last week ;-(, but my diet has been pretty good I guess. On top of that I'm going in for some testing tomorrow so I've been on a low fiber diet the last few days and liquid only today.

I want to get past all of this and get back on track. On a positive note, I think all (most) of my concussion issues have gone away, so I can start back up with workouts in full when the cold/cough finishes.

Not the best news, but moving in the direction for sure.

Cold & Cough

Missed today’s workout due to a cold and continued cough ;-(. Taking some cough medicine and going to bed early tonight. Planning an early wake up and workout tomorrow morning.

Program Speed

I just got dung with the dreaded “no blog post in 7 days” note. Things are moving too fast. It felt like I posted two days ago.

I thought I didn’t have any travel this week but, I’ve been out the last two days. I missed my workout yesterday because I was on a plane all day and then right into meetings and dinner. Then collapsed when I hit the hotel room. But woke up this morning and nailed the workout.

Now I’ve got meetings all day and red eye flight home tonight. Diet isn’t going to be perfect but will get as close as possible.

On the road again

Well I've been on and off the road for the past week and KB2 is progressing so far.

Diet was definitely not at 100% but considering I was in a plane, hotel, conference room or restaurant the entire week. I got all workouts in and ate a lot of salad and chicken as well as drinking a lot of water (zero alcohol).

I'm going home this afternoon, so diet should be at 100% starting tonight.

I'll take this week as win either way.

One last time

Had to hit In and Out burger one last time before the strict diet starts;-)


I decided to play some 5v5 full court basketball, which I haven't done in a while.

Good news: I can still handle the ball and shoot as good as ever.
Bad news: My body control and balance isn't what it used to be. Fell and hit my head on the floor and got a minor concussion. But hot a nice bump.

Needless to say I'm not going to be doing my physical activity for the next couple of days. For sure no ropes, might try some of the lighter exercises.


End of Week 7





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