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Official Grad Post 

I was still gasping for air after Day 42 workout- put up a grad blog on the standard blog. All good, good people. March on in strength!


Deeply satisfied and relieved to be done with this round of Chiz. This was one of the best groups to train with- high energy, a ton of familiar faces and dedicated teammates throughout. Scott was a great conductor and all the encouragement is greatly appreciated.

This was also the hardest round of training I've taken on. Combined with raising a 2 year old, a stressful season at work, an invasive home reno that I've tackled largely myself as well as 6 weeks of griding through Chiz- I was dusted. It was just too much.

I was unable to give any of these facets of my life the attention that they deserve and I was often ridden with guilt- Not spending enough time with my family, missing a workout, spacing a deadline, cutting a corner on the reno cuz it was midnight and my tanks were empty..............

I got the result I deserve- I'd call it a solid B. I know I can do better, but under the circumstances, it was the best I could muster. This is one of my favorite programs and I'll surely be back when I've got less on the home front and can really get after it.

A highlight for sure was an impromptu group workout with a lot of the PWM gang on the penultimate day of the program. Thanks to @TuckO for organizing. This was just the boost I needed to get over the finish line. To my cyber teammates- It's been great to train with you all. I wish you the best and hope summer (or winter for any of you southern hemi's ) treats you well.

I'm going to take some time to recover then spend as much time on the mountain bike as I can for the next several months. Plan to incorporate a lot of KB ME over that time and might give REACH a spin, sans strict diet. I plan to be back on program for September- what are ya'll planning??

Solid Work Team!


Sweat, Sweat, Sweat..........outdoor shower. Repeat.


What a week. It’s been hard finding enough hours in a day to get all that needs doing done. This house reno, combined with a full time job and the CHIZ has been tough on every front. Stress levels are peaking and sleep is just not happening. Workouts and diet are going as well as they can. Missed the 2nd cycle B this week and diet was erratic on account of 16 hour work days followed by long nights of house work. I’ll have a more in depth retrospective on all of this in my grad post. I’m looking forward to being on the other side of the project and the program. Need to get back to neutral!

Wow was The Wall lesson timely- I just hit it face first. I don’t remember my first foray into chisel being this challenging!

I’ve had to have 10 minute motivational speaches with myself at 4:45am to get up and smash the workouts. I’m largely listening to them/ completing all but 1 to date. The 3rd cycle has been intense. I found myself yesterday just a bouncing blob of jello through it. I’ve got to add two long days of home reno this weekend in hopes we can move back in on Sunday afternoon- no rest for the weary!

Diet has been pretty good. Solid B plus, largely due to living with friends NOT on Kenzai and not wanting to turn down meals they have prepared. Good news is Breakie and Lunch are 100% and dinners are def healthy, but grams may be slightly off and there has been some cheese/pork in some dishes served. I’m working on eating mostly poached chicken and raw veggies this program to reduce oil consumption as much as possible- I’m digging it.

Let’s get through this wall together team. Getting close!

Feeling the Flow

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there! So impressed with all you do to keep the trains on time AND carve out space to keep in shape!

Unintentionally found some Flow State of mind this weekend. I’m building a new mantle for our fireplace as part of our reno (also a gift for wifey for MDAY). It’s been a few years since I was a professional woodworker and I had forgotten just how much I love it. There is a lot of stress around this project (cost, timeline, doing most of the work myself “nights and weekends”) but I’ve found so much joy in getting back in the shop and making some saw dust. Crank the music, get an efficient set up going and whittle away. Had a helper for a bit too, which always helps.

Half way there team. Let’s keep the intensity high.

I’ve sounded the alarm- it’s time to abandon ship, that is our house under construction. We are headed to our life raft- some great friends with a ton of generosity and a guest room and fully functioning kitchen, to boot.
It just got too hard, complicated and exceedingly messy living in a construction zone. I’ve packed a bag- complete with rope, sneaks, bands, bellz and foam roller.
Workouts have all been hit and diet is largely on point. Goal is to keep my head above water and continue to grind. Thankfully our buddies are Kenzai familiar, though the (2) forearm size burritos I left the house with this morning got some funny looks........................
Week 3- here goes! Have a great on team!

No Kitchen, No problem!

We are officially underway on our home renovation and I took most of the kitchen offline this weekend. The fridge was moved to the garage, the sink will stay in tact and the grill is charged and ready to roll. I’m setting up a camp stove to boil water. It’s certainly adding a pain-in-the-ass factor to an already time consuming food prep/clean up process. I’m confident body, mind and reno will prevail. My eggs were great and tasted campy this morning!

Workouts are TOUGH and I’m working on calibrating a lot of kettlebell into my strength days. Think I nailed it this morning. Hittin the foam roller this fine Saturday night.


Had an amazing final non compliant dinner last weekend with Hugh B and Bryan P- unbelievable Sichuan feast with ticki cocktails. I kept it to a dull roar, mostly eating spicy veg and chicken. Then we were delivered a 3 Dots and a Dash, complete with pyrotechnics. It’s all steamed food and egg whites going forward!

Red Sky At Morning

I probably should have mentioned that we are undertaking a semi major renovation at the house during the month of May. In classic fashion, I figured what could go wrong? Turns out we are taking our kitchen offline for a week or two and will be couch surfing. As I was skipping to this sunrise this morning it occurred to me the level of challenge that's I've added to this program by timing it with a reno. Well, BRING IT!

Also, the neighbor and his dog got a good fright as they walked by my yard this morning as I was crab walking in a big circle. The dog went nuts and woke up the whole street. Happy Friday!

Chisel Intro

HEYO! I'm Peter tuning in from Portland, Maine. Chisel will be the first program that I've repeated. It's a blessing and a curse that I know what to expect. I know what a grind this is but also know the result that can be achieved if you put your head down for 6 weeks. That's why I'm back- I like the short, intense HIIT style of training and think it's a great way for me to get one last burst of Kenzai training in before I break for the summer. I've spent most of the last 2 years on program from September through May then spend the summer's riding the mountain bike and relaxing with family and friends. I'm psyched to train with a lot of buddies this go round and looking forward to getting to know all of you these next 6 weeks. Dig in, it's gonna be fun! The last time I tried something new was last Thursday, when my dermatologist used South American Blister Beetle Juice to try and remove a wart from my hand. This was prefaced with a warning that the treatment was not USDA approved and the side effects could be gnarly. I rolled the dice. Absolutely nothing happened.........

Such a great program. Bells 2 was the perfect winter challenge I was looking for. I’m really pleased with the level of power obtained as realized through skiing these last several weeks. I feel stronger and dig the end results after 6 weeks.

Now a solid two years into Kenzai life, I feel like I’m hitting a balance that works well (and seems to work for a lot of the group)- Working out regularly and maintaining a 80-90% diet year round. I took this into Bells 2 and would grade the workouts at 95% and diet at 85%. My food intake was really good but did let some drinks and some less compliant ski trip meals sneak in.

So, the ALMOST complete is that we flew down to Mexico yesterday and there are NO bells here to hit day 42. I’m really bummed as I wanted to make it 42 in 42 days, but the finale will have to wait until I’m back in a week. I did bring my rope and will be skipping pool side and riding bikes everywhere. Tacos and cervesas will also be had.

Thanks to a great training team this go around and to Matt B for guiding us through. Really appreciated your attention to all of the details, Matt! I will definitely be back to the Bells at some point. Next up is Chisel in a few weeks.

Be well!

Final Push

Some how the final week is upon us!? Feeling good going into it. We leave for a week on the Yucatan coast on Saturday- very much looking forward to some R&R on a beach as this wraps up. This morning, my 2 yr old daughter requested and voluntarily ate 3 egg whites. Her face in the photo describes exactly how I feel about egg whites. Dig deep,squad- nearly there!


Just had a great 24 hour trip to New Hampshire with Doug K to explore some back country zones we’d not been to. While the snow wasn’t awesome, we found some decent turns and the weather was perfect. It was a great opportunity to clear my head of some work stress and catch up with a good buddy. First afternoon we did a quick 2.5 mile tour that got us back to the truck just before dark. There may have been a couple of barley pops consumed that evening. I’m certain I burned any caloric overages on the following days tour- 3000 vertical feet up and down in 8 miles. This trip got me thinking much more seriously about performance metrics and mission specific calorie requirements. Day of the bigger tour I had a compliant breakfast and fruit but definitely required more calories than currently prescribed. Anyone have any advice for how to supplement a Kenzai diet while pursuing more endurance based fitness?? I noticed the affects of Bellz 2 through out the day and this morning- I’m not too sore! The foam roller is coming to the rescue. On to week 5.

I'm deep in the VALLEY, team. Having a solid, clean week but cravings are coming on strong, program food is painfully boring and I'm feeling sore. I'm headed to the mountains with Doug K for 24 hours tomorrow for some backcountry skiing. Looking forward to some scenic alt cardio and busting up the routine.........




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