Petrina B.

Petrina B.

Been fudging it...

Week 1 went very well, didn't take the 3 day grace period and started off with the diet because I knew that I would be on a small vacation come the end of the week. Then the last 4 days I've been in the Maldives, exercises got done, suffice to say the diet was pretty shocking. But back in the desert now and nothing like a 4 day slip to renew your commitment.

Looking forward to catching up on your blogs and getting some motivation and inspiration from you guys, hope it's been going well!

Week 3 round up

Diet has been pretty good, making some progress to feeling lighter and more toned for my runs instead of jiggling around.

I did my technical run on Thursday instead of Friday and had to do it indoors, kept messing about with the speed in a bid to distract myself and working on my endurance and trying to figure out a good pace for me. I was somewhat thinking about the technical aspects but more focussed on distraction. Worked well and I enjoyed the run.

Felt a little under the weather and had a sore throat so plan on doing the distance run tomorrow. This ALWAYS happens when I start exercising consistently and clean up my diet - it's so weird, like my body back lashes against the process of being healthier!!

Hope everyone is good and enjoying their weekends xxx

Round up of my week

It's getting really hot over here (40c some days) and with parent duties in the AM I miss any window of opportunity to get out. I have substituted the Fartlek run and the timed run with a treadmill / strength class that is probably good for HIIT but not endurance. So I need to figure out getting my 6.5k done.

I don't have access to a treadmill yet so I can't take myself off inside.

Food was good this week, couple of slips with a glass of wine and biscuits with visiting family. Looking forward to the that clean eating / energy thing kicks in!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

30 minute "free" run

Now I don't know about you but "free" run envokes some kind of sense that it is going to be fun...I don't want to moan here but I found it difficult. I was proud I got out and did it. Finding time when it is not
too hot and I can prioritise it - I went out this evening. Unusual for me and not convenient but I got it done. Plus I stayed out for 30 minutes and I really didn't want to. So I am taking the positives from this. I am glad I have a big goal as to why I want to do this program because I just need to think about that half marathon in September and I will keep on going.

Hope everyone else had a better run!


Technical Run

It wasn't great. I felt dehydrated and tired this morning when I got up to do my run. But I had no choice. I can't leave it until later because by 8am here it's already 30 degrees.

It's was a completely lack lustre effort. I was stopping and starting, barely could focus on the technical aspects and felt like stopping the whole effort completely about twenty times. I stayed out for the full 25 minutes (walked a LOT) but I have to figure out a better running strategy. Mornings with my energy and this heat outside aren't going to work I don't think.

Effort Gauge

With all electronics back and working I did my 25 minute run this morning. It was weird not running to a set distance, to trying to listen to myself around the effort level. Walked a little in parts to get myself back to the correct range. I liked the advice of just run out, get to the halfway point time wise and run back. That meant I had one less thing to worry about in terms of my "outdoor route". A lot of this is getting used to not only running but running outdoors too!

Did the strength when I got home. Hope everyone is having a great day!


The Motherboard

Last night my phone sighed a breathe and gave up on me. No matter how many jabs and attempts at reboot my phone just would not turn on. I went to bed anxious, I got more anxious that I was this concerned - do I have a PROBLEM? An addiction?

This morning I got up and started getting really worried, I hoped by a miracle that it would have had a little snooze and woken up ready to get on with action. But it was still broken. So how much do I rely on this phone? Turns out a lot. I want to tell you that I did up my laces and cracked on with my 25 minutes run with no trackers and NO music but that would be a stinking fat lie. I wish I was that kind of person but it's day 3 people, I'm still at the stage of needing motivation in music and reward by a computer voice telling me how long I've been running for!

Turns out my motherboard has given up, knackered, probably from over charging. I wondered if there was a comparison to be drawn sometimes?!

Something else cropped up today that I already knew about myself - I am an emotional eater. When I am stressed I just reach for crap food, I guess it's the same way people like a drink or a cigarette.

The phone is fixed, it took all day, literally. So I am back in where are those trainers?


Why Not?

This morning I listed to Patrick on the video kicking off proceedings and was good until he got to the part about being able to run 13k in 42 initial reaction was to default to my usual "oh my goodness no way will I be able to do that...that's not me, I'm not a runner" but then I thought, well why not me?

So from this day I am parking all my thoughts about myself and my running ability and just see what happens. Excited to start a completely new program not knowing what to expect from day to's like that old original buzz is creeping back in!


Outdoor Run

I've spent the last few weeks trying to build up my confidence in terms of running and my endurance levels. Pleased to say that for the first time I got outside today, ran 5k and felt good. I'm super excited about starting my new program tomorrow and building on this running and confidence.


You realize how much you learn about nutrition and how far your dietary habits change when Kenzai is ingrained into you.

My son is 3 and has started a new school that requires I pack lunch for him. I basically feed him and cook for him how I would eat, with some modifications, so I haven't been consciously packing "healthy" lunches for him, they are just kind of normal. But I've realized recently it's not normal.

I've been researching ways in which to make his lunches "healthier" and it's dawned on me that he's about as healthy as they get for a 3 year old.

I never even think about packing sandwiches, I just don't get them - they aren't filling and you're always left feeling short changed on the hunger / calorie ratio. Plus who knows what is in that meat??????? That's the real reason he doesn't get them.

I always think of his lunch box as a split between a protein, carb and veg and fruit is his dessert.

He gets yoghurt as a snack. He gets processed crackers / crisps occasionally because it's not frequent and he likes them.

He adores ice cream and would eat morning, noon and night if possible but we always plan when he has his ice cream and it's usually associated with a family meet up and play time with cousins. Inadvertently I've been planning his indulgences so he gets the most out of it. He does not like chocolate - that's a weird one, have no idea where that comes from, certainly not me!

I guess I am sharing this because in googling "healthy packed lunches kids" I've realized what an impact Kenzai has had on me and how much that's setting my son up in a positive way and I just thought it was kind of amazing. Sometimes I think we can be hard on ourselves, when we don't eat perfectly 100pc of the time or our diets veer off course when we are not on the program but I think we have about the best foundation possible to build on thanks to the knowledge we share here.

Off to make a lunch! xxx

Switching Focus

KB3 has definitely been a bit stop start for me and have been happy with where I've landed given everything that has been going on. I've loved the exercise and want to revisit the program properly as several weeks ago a favorite charity of mine asked me to take a place in a half marathon later this year.

So my focus has been and is on running at he moment. I HATE running, because I am not good at it. So I am going to park KB3 and switch over to the Run programs so I can start training.

I apologize for being a less than stellar team mate - definitely not my normal M.O. The energy and commitment as been amazing and you have all really inspired me with your transformations. Enjoy the sweet tasting end of the program - you all deserve it!!!

See you in Run :)


Still here!

So we moved....then we were meant to go away, but husband threw his passport out in the move (by accident???!!) and so I find myself away with a 3 year old. Hmmmmmm not exactly what I was expecting.

Thank goodness that the exercises can all be done at home because that is what is saving me as I obviously have no childcare and my son is jet lagged so staying up as late as me at the moment.

It's still tough because he wants to join in on everything! trying not to whip him in the face as he comes close, anything involving me lying down he jumps on me, circle runs he runs around and bumps into me. It's actually funny but I would love to just catch a break on this program and get it done! ha.

Food ok, no junk but not on point with regards to grams and snacks. It is what it is. I'm still in it. Will get a picture up.

Hope everyone is good! x

Moving House

In the process of moving house, complete nightmare combination with a training program and a 3 year old. Getting the exercise done, food is what can be grabbed and eating out given all stuff is being packed away.

It's not where I would like to be during this point in the program but it was either keep going and do my best or say it wasn't the right time and I just decided to keep on going and see where I end up.

Sorry all for not being active on blogs. I think I'm going to be in the wind for a bit longer too.

Have a good week all! x


No joke today. My Abs are on FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 Happy Valentine's Day gift from Kenzai - sent with love I guess! ❤❤❤

Day 36

Finally plodding along in a pattern. Workouts done and under my belt eating on point. Lesson was spot on today about looking forward, I love to remember how amazing I feel when my eating is on point and that feeling helps me manage cravings because I have a bigger objective to work to rather than satisfying an immediate fix.

I'm loving the workouts, super hard, the reps, the sets but I love it.

Hoping that this is my turn around week.

Enjoy the week guys! x

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