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Phil M.

Kenzai Body | Day 51
Kenzai Body
Day 51
Program progress:

Went on a few days of binge last week, but back on track this week.

It’s amazing how good yogurt, banana, apples and cinnamon can taste.

Kenzai Update

Cafeteria Kenzai continues.

1 month sober, 9 pounds thinner. Son turned 4 today, so going out for pizza and maybe a beer.

Cafeteria Kenzai

There’s a term for people who consider themselves Catholics, but don’t subscribe to all the teachings of the Church: Cafeteria Catholics.

This last week or so, we’ve been Cafeteria Kenzai.

I’ve kept to the portions pretty religiously, But it’s hard for me to cook an egg (or spinach) without oil or salt. Definitely learning the benefit of moderation though.

Have tried to keep the scheduled workouts, but it’s been pretty tough with the job and the kid. When I DO work out, I like the feeling of sore muscles the next day. If feels like progress.

Even with the Cafeteria approach, definitely starting to see results, and I know that I’m kicking it into overdrive when I have the discipline to do the whole program.

Kenzai, Kenzai, Kenzai...

I feel like this week has been work, sleep and Kenzai.

I’m learning that this can’t be done half assed. Need to set the meal plan the day before and schedule the time for the workout, or else it won’t get done.

Wifey and I have cut down the salt and oils significantly, but we’re not off them completely. Not drinking has definitely been a struggle as well.

Last week I was annoyed not to get out to a fast start on the diet, but now I understand why they ease you in.

But, I definitely am starting to feel a little of the weight come off so that keeps me going.

Heading to the grocery store shortly to stock up on veggies and start planning for the next week.

Day 3

3 days into this thing, so I guess I need to post.

Wifey and I started exercising on Sunday just to see how tough it would be, and it was tough. On Monday I could barely walk! I think part of the problem is that my jump roping form is bad. Jumping too high and flailing my arms like the guy in the “bad form” example. I need to either get better, or switch to another cardio exercise

Tuesday morning I had to travel to Boston from SF for work and I returned tonight. Poor planning on my part and the time change didn’t give me enough time to work out yesterday, but I learned my lesson, so I was up at 6:15 in the hotel doing my workout (that’s 3:15AM on the West Coast for those keeping score). Totally out of character for me, but I didn’t want to start my program missing 2 out of 3 work outs.

I usually use the travel as an excuse to binge out, so it was definitely a different trip leaving food on the plate, not eating junk food, and not hitting up the local bars.

The workout program is not my usual jam, but both the wife and I needed to get in shape, so we decided to do this one together. I was on the HCG diet last year, but I gained it all back, so maybe time for something new.