Philip N.

Philip N.

Kenzai Body | Day 21
Kenzai Body
Day 21
Program progress:
Noticable changes

This week, I am noticing changes not only in my weight loss (good!), but my muscle tone. Also good! I play a lot of championship golf, and I'm striking the ball better. I think it is my strengthening core. And, I am sleeping very well.

As has been suggested, I've noticed a precipitous decline in my interest in alcohol, sweets and even in large portions, as in the past.

I even notice that I'm calmer.

Today's lesson is certainly on target with me. My biggest challenge are my thought patterns! However, I am pleased with how Kenzai is helping me change my habits and my thoughts, and in only 20 days. Looking back over an extremely busy week, I am celebrating my daily Kenzai achievements, and learning from my stumbles.


The easiest has been following the diet and the exercise. The hardest has been no wine. Although I have had some since while in social situations. It is getting easier to decline the more I progress.

In just two weeks, I am seeing and feeling great benefits from Kenzai and I am committed!

Day 10

Definitely feels like I am on the right track with this!

Day 3

Appreciated your video greeting Sharmali. Yesterday was a long day professionally that included dinner out with clients, and then another dinner meeting (I passed on the 2nd dinner) adjourning at 11:00 PM. Throughout, I tried to remain mindful and focused, leaving a quarter on my plate and in the bottom of my wine glass. Turns out, it wasn't so hard, but very different than my usual behavior! An early business start today, but I forced myself to get my workout in at 4:00, even with very little gas in the tank. Feeling good.

Day one.

I know this is going to help me reach my fitness and health goals. What used to work is not what will serve me best going forward, so I'm open to new variations.