Philip N.

Philip N.

Kenzai Silver | Day 30 (Member)
Kenzai Silver
Day 30
Program progress:

I'm appreciating the ideal temperatures for morning runs these past several weeks. And the fall colors are peaking. As I move into the second half of Silver, I feel strong and motivated!

Kenzai focus

Looking forward to a renewed focus this week! Feeling good and intending to build on it.

Trainee type

While I enjoy exercise and the feeling of a good workout, while I embrace outdoor activity and recreation, my business has a tendency to consume me. And then I miss a day or two. After beginning Kenzai early this year, I am so much better at staying on track, but I still have those days where business takes 100% of me. All in all, it is a struggle to get the balance, and I think I am winning. But it is not perfect. Here is a snapshot of my recent day at Royal Dornoch, Scotland.

Kenzai Lifestyle

Kenzai has turned it all around for me this year. Last winter, my eating and drinking indulgence was beginning to catch up with me, putting my health at risk. My nephew, a physician, introduced me to Kenzai and shared his results with me, which were very impressive. Now, since early March, Kenzai is a daily focus, and I am so grateful that my comprehensive physical exam I just had demonstrated excellent numbers in my measurements. It's a relief to know you look as good on the outside as you do on the inside!

Off to do my 3.5 mile run, then Kenzai exercises. Walked two rounds of golf this weekend, averaging 17,000 steps a day.

My results from Kenzai Body were so impressive, I’m glad to be doing Silver now. I approach each day as never ending improvement. Embrace the diet, let go of the bad habits and focus on each exercise to get the most out of it.

Rest Day

When I did Kenzai Body, I noticed that by Thursday, I needed the rest day, but had to wait until Sunday. Today's lesson is a good one and good to know.

My name is Philip, and I live in Toledo, Ohio and in Naples, Florida. I've spent my entire career (42 years) in private wealth management and continuing. We have a beautiful family. Golf is my passion, along with cycling, especially in northern Michigan. My lifetime dessert would be chocolate chip ice cream. I have many inspirational people in my life, but certainly my wife is high on the list. Since I don't have any limitations in my ability to access the program, I am ready to be challenged! Glad to get to know you Kenzai community!

Kenzai Silver

Nice introductory message this morning Patrick....looking forward to Kenzai Silver to experience your approach for my peer group. Kenzai Body guided me to fantastic results! And in the last 1.5 months, I have maintained. I have no big goals with this other than to learn more about maintaining good health and well being.


My Kenzai Body 1 training ended a few weeks ago and I was on vacation for most of it. Post training, I knew it would be challenging to maintain the awesome results I had achieved. However, on vacation with daily 20 mile bike rides, 5 mile walks and some Kenzai workouts, I felt strong. And even though I indulged some, my weight is still at my ideal level. Continuing for now with daily Kenzai workouts and the standard diet for maintenance. A lot to be said for consistency and a healthy lifestyle.


I knew I needed a well thought out program to improve my overall health. I am so glad Kenzai was introduced to me. Many thanks to Sharmali, Patrick and everyone at Kenzai. I look forward to continuing to be part of your community and building upon all the success from these past 90 days!

90 Day completion

Your health is your wealth! These past 90 days turned it all around for me. It’s not the end; it’s the beginning of maintaining a fit and healthy life. Thank you Sharmali, Patrick and everyone at Kenzai!

What has changed

Much has changed. My goals have been exceeded, and I am thrilled. Kenzai Body has helped me lose 23 lbs., get my blood pressure consistently well within normal range and I am feeling energized. The diet and exercise are well organized and intelligently presented. So what has changed is my health, my body and the way I will live going forward!

What's next?

Something I have been thinking about. Definitely, I will begin my day with and hour or so of rigorous exercise. Biking, running, jumping and weights. Additionally, my diet will stay in harmony with Kenzai eating; lots of vegetables and fruit.

I learned something about my weight through this experience. A lot more came of, naturally, than what I thought my goal was. My ideal, natural weight is at least 6 lbs. less than I realized. And I intend to stay here.

Any suggestions beyond this plan?


The easiest part has been the diet. I enjoy eating this way, and I have rarely been hungry. As you say, I now don't miss the junk.

The hardest part has been finding the time every day to do the full workout. I've only failed to do so a small number of times though, and I am feeling much more fit. Jump rope is hard for me, and unpleasant. I have substituted it with morning runs (3 miles daily). At first, no wine was hard...but now, well I just don't miss it.

I believe Kenzai has put me on the right path to good health. More on this later.


Even with days filled with business schedules or fun and recreation, I am now putting fitness time in as a priority. And my diet is also a priority, because it's about good health.