Philip N.

Philip N.

Kenzai Body | Day 74
Kenzai Body
Day 74
Program progress:

The easiest part has been the diet. I enjoy eating this way, and I have rarely been hungry. As you say, I now don't miss the junk.

The hardest part has been finding the time every day to do the full workout. I've only failed to do so a small number of times though, and I am feeling much more fit. Jump rope is hard for me, and unpleasant. I have substituted it with morning runs (3 miles daily). At first, no wine was hard...but now, well I just don't miss it.

I believe Kenzai has put me on the right path to good health. More on this later.


Even with days filled with business schedules or fun and recreation, I am now putting fitness time in as a priority. And my diet is also a priority, because it's about good health.


I am glad to hear others have a noticeable decline in energy. My experience has been inconsistent, as some days and at certain times I feel energetic, but at other times, I am whipped!


I am glad to hear others have a noticeable decline in energy. My experience has been inconsistent, as some days and at certain times I feel energetic, but at other times, I am whipped!

Visceral fat

Very informative lesson today. Since starting Kenzai, my weight and blood pressure are now measuring within normal ranges. For me, this is the real value of the program.

Hardest day

Thursday. Find my energy for the workout challenged after Sunday through Wednesday activities, including social and business. Friday is hardest for diet because I've progressed so well, and then I usually find myself out for dinner with friends/clients. But in spite of the challenge, while I am not perfect, I am 100% improved from pre-Kenzai!

Today's lesson

The daily lessons seem to know what I am thinking. They are spot on, and address just what I am wondering about.
Today's lesson was especially instructive. And it is why I need to keep my eye on the 90 day goal. Thanks Kenzai!

Why I'm not quitting

Life has taught me through academics, athletics, marriage and business to set your goal, keep your eye on the prize and never quit. Kenazi has delivered thus far; I am excited to see where the rest of the journey takes me. Keep grinding.

My KB journey has definitely challenged me, but I can not think of any part of it that has me feeling fed up. I'm focused on the results, and they are very beneficial to my health.

Week 5

While we are only one month into the Kenzai program, I'm realizing great results. Sharmali's message this morning was good coaching which really helps with the mindset. Bring it on!

Social changes

Over my adult life, social gatherings have centered around food and alcoholic beverages. With the benefits I am realizing from Kenzai, I've eliminated the need to eat and drink thoughtlessly. The emphasis is more on friendship and activity.

Noticable changes

This week, I am noticing changes not only in my weight loss (good!), but my muscle tone. Also good! I play a lot of championship golf, and I'm striking the ball better. I think it is my strengthening core. And, I am sleeping very well.

As has been suggested, I've noticed a precipitous decline in my interest in alcohol, sweets and even in large portions, as in the past.

I even notice that I'm calmer.

Thought patterns

Today's lesson is certainly on target with me. My biggest challenge are my thought patterns! However, I am pleased with how Kenzai is helping me change my habits and my thoughts, and in only 20 days. Looking back over an extremely busy week, I am celebrating my daily Kenzai achievements, and learning from my stumbles.


The easiest has been following the diet and the exercise. The hardest has been no wine. Although I have had some since while in social situations. It is getting easier to decline the more I progress.

In just two weeks, I am seeing and feeling great benefits from Kenzai and I am committed!

Day 10

Definitely feels like I am on the right track with this!