Phuong T.

Phuong T.

Check in

Short note to check in. Not doing that great but grinding out. Be back with more updates later.

Still alive

Last two weeks has been going nut with work and also personal stuff.

WO is going ok but diet was very blehhhh, I am going clean slate starting this week.

Will try to blog more this weekend when I have a bit more time.

Check check

I wrote a post lat week but it did not go through ... arghhh.

Just checking in so i won’t get kick out of the program, :p. Will post a longer note later.

Great first day

Great first day. I dragged my better half to do workout with me and it was a lot of fun and even though it was not a competition, i did kick his behind.

I just had a very good summer vacation with a lot of good food, cheese and sweets so it’s time to get back to form until holiday season at least.

Look forward to the next 89 days.


I really underestimate workload impacts on the program. It has been non stop of trips, meetings, entertainment.

Been trying my best to keep up with both excercises and diet but things do creep up here and there and it does show on the pic.

I can either be disappointed and give up or keep on going and make the best our of the program. I am sticking around.

Travel again for the next 10 days, keep my head down and roll along.

Still here

Sorry about being MIA.

I have been treading along ... slowly. It has not been great last fee days health wise. I got really bad motion sickness on the last biz trip and it left marks for a few days. On top of that, i got a bad case of infection on my eye lid which i am still treating.

Other than that, wos are fine even though i missed one last week due to the biz trip. I am trying to be good for this and next week before another 14 days straight of travelling consists of biz, team building, friend’s wedding and more biz.

Have a good week everybody.

Long time no blog

Last 10 days has been quite busy both with travel, work and fam.

I was in Hong Kong last week for annual team meeting. Both diet and exercise took a nose dive. I was so happy to be home and got back to eating clean and trying to catch up with workout.

I am just back home for Lunar New Year, I already know it’s gonna be a lot of food but I will definitely try my best to stay in lane.

I just got my WOD rope delivered and i was so happy. I missed its lightness and speed. It definitely helps revive my enthusiasm for skipping. I just managed to get 20 mins down without tripping. It has been a very long time since i did that.

Wanky week

The week started out looking ordinarily busy. I had orientation for colleague visting from hong kong coupling with a business trip.

A few things popped up and increased the work load but still manageable.

And thing exploded when we had a family medical emergency. My partner had to get his appendix removed. We have been camping out of the hospital for the last few days.

I am not exhausted but pretty tired. Just managed to go home for a few hours and hit the gym and tried to do some catch up.

Luckily, i have not fallen down the stress induce eating rabit hole and have been sticking to the diet well.

One day at the time.


Last couple days of this week was a bit rough. Bangkok pollution was off the chart so we got free sore throat and watery eyes. In addition, Cramp was bad. I barely got exercises done but at least they were done.

Diet was ok, i really enjoyed eating at home. I was a bit hungry around 5pm but pretty manageable.

Regardless, it has been a pleasant experience. Next 4 weeks will be interesting with extensive travelling and Tet (vietnamese new year). It’s gonna be some heavy mental challenges coming. Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend guys.

Week one - tick

Round up first week with 30 mins of skipping (legs on fire), a short walk and a farewell meal (nothing too cray cray).

Meal prep is on the way, scale is dusted.

I realized that there are quite a few fellow kenzai members I did other programs with is also doing KB3. This is awesome.

Look forward to week2.

Sleeping bug

I am still getting holiday sleeping bug. All good intention of setting alarm to do get up early for the wo but .... so has been late night wo. Will continue setting the alarm though, I will get it one day.

First 2 days of conditioning has been good and sore. My rope has past its retirement age probably 6 months ago. I shamelessly taped the exposed cable everywhere. I finally got my cc out and ordered three sets of speed ropes. I am very excited about it. I do miss those WOD rope, so light and fast.

Three things i am looking to get out of the programs:
1. Setting the right wellness tone for the year. Last year was my most challenging one professionally so I really appreciate well balanced mental health. A body that matches it does not hurt neither.
2. 10 full pull-ups and getting a crack at double-under.
3. Getting to know more people.

Hope everyone have a good week.

Finally there 

6am workout on a Sunday is a HUGE struggle. I had to travel for work today so morning is the only time I can get it done. And I am glad i did.

I did not cruise through it (quite a bit of huffing, puffing and some swear words) but it felt so accomplished).

I have not had the best relationship with Kenzai for the last 2 years. The intention was there but motivation was not so I started a number of programs but have not really finished them. This time around, it was not like KB or KB2 or 10k but it felt good to stick out and stick around.

Thanks a lot to all teammate, trainers. Wish you a great holiday season. I definitely will be back for more challenges next year.


Day 41 - DONE

sore, sore and sore but motivated.

One more day to go - look forward to that strong finish.

Go team.

Last week

Sorry for being MIA. Has been a crazy week with everything just crashing all in once ... travel, deadline, works going sideway, family visit and health.

I was so stressed my body went for a bit of shut down and diet did take a dive too. I managed to recover toward the end of the week and things are better now.

One more week of hard work and the year will wrap up. Same goes for the program. I am looking forward to finishing strong.

Have a great week folks.

The magic 3

So it escalates fast eh?

I consider myself fit and this is the second try for me at Chisel but oh boy, the huffing puffing was definitely a guarantee.

I’ve gotta say this time around i am getting a lot better at hang time. The first time i was so scared of breaking my neck (still scared btw).

I am stil not successful with getting myself out of bed for morning workout but discipline is there to get workout of the day done.

Hope everyone have sweatt third week.

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