Pia V.

Pia V.

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Another good programme is done even though I'm not going to ski.
Appreciate the different excises so it never gets boring.
Didn't pass with flying colours dietwise, but still satisfied.
Now going enjoy x-mas temptations and see you again in January.

Lack of motivation

Struggling with both diet and excises,
I'm not staying on track with the diet - giving too much in for cravings.
Excises aren't being done to the letter, burpees are just a no go for me, so just doing then in my on way, but I'm not giving in and confident that I'll find the motivation again.

Hang in there !

Could be better..

Almost stick to the diet, but struggling in the evening where I am so hungry.
Had to skip a couple of workouts as we are loading firewood from a nearby forrest and unloading/stacking it at home - still a kind of workout.


I'm from Denmark, where the landscape isn't for skiing, but did try it years ago in Norway, but isn't my thing.
The structure on Kenzai is though what I need, so here I am.

Crossed the finish line 

I can hardly believe it - we did it.
It has been an amazing journey, where my muscles, bad habits and willpower have been on the ultimate challenge.
Even though I could eat what ever I want to this morning, I choose my new usual breakfast, because I like it 👍

I'll without any doubt continue the journey and make choices according to the kenzai principles. Time will show if I can stay on course without a program to follow , but hope to be a member and maybe see you again.

Thanks for good blogs with inspiration, good spirit and encouraging words.
Also a thanks to our great trainers.

Take care you all 😉

End of week 11

Find it very hard to stay focused at the moment and didn't get my exercises done yesterday. Also sinned and had some icecream. Trouble keeping up the motivation and getting through 5 and 6 sets of this and that. Still not able to do regular push ups and still pretty hopeless doing the plank.

I'm pleased to see protein on next week's dinermenu.

My plan is to keep up kenzai after we're done. Exercise every other day and going for longer walks with my dog on non-fitness days. He is been neglected on this journey 🐕.
About food I'll continue with one of the afterward plans and looking forward to what suggestions comes up.
I also hope in the beginning of 2020 to join another program as I like following a plan, want to get more results as I haven't reach my present goal.


First about the final indulgence - to be honest I don't really want/need it - I guess I'm concerned that I'll get a bad conscience or not being able to stay on track.

The easiest part has actually been getting rid of my sugar addiction- still get cravings from to time, but overall easier than I feared.
The hardest part is figuring out what to eat and especially variated enough and still struggling with it.
I know I'm repeating myself but all those eggwhites are really a drag 😉


Been through some changes in my private life, but I still stick to both diet and workout
( did though have one day without exercises). Actually it has been and still is a big help to have something to hold on to, that is important to me.
I have some groin problems so is biking every day instead of jump rope.
It is getting cold here (autumn) and just had our first night with frost, but as long that it isn't icy, it is fine.

No doubt that I will continue with part of this lifestyle after we are through. Kenzai is definitely getting under my skin.

My husband and I went for brunch yesterday and enjoyed a wonderful sunny autumn day.

I had eggs,bread, veggies and fruit but also had butter, cheese and a pancake. Very nice, but at the same time feeling guilty about what I ate. Defendly very conscious about what and how much I put on my plate.
When that is said, I'm a bit tired of all the veggies, probably because I mostly eat the same kind. I'm choosy and do not like cold cooked veggies. Others -like cabbage (which I like) just gets boring without dressing. Any ideas are more than welcome.

I wasn't too happy seeing that we are having another weekend with the evening egg whites.

Friday evening without the usual G&T and snacks with my husband (he is only home weekends), is the most difficult time of the week.

I really like having a plan to stick to and hope there will be a one to hold on to, when we finish this programme.

Keep going

I´m still struggling every day with the exercises. Was getting the hang of the jump robe, but the change today with minutes instead of numbers, gave me the feeling of a major setback as I (again) isn´t able to do more than 50 seconds at the time.
I do though feel more healthy and even if it doesn´t show in the pictures - I feel it in my clothes.
I tried to boil eggs as mentioned in a todays lesson. That didn´t turn out well and had to throw them all out.
I do like eggs, but the so called diner-menu is really boring and I´m fed up with it - seeing another week with this - made me briefly think of quitting - but no, I really want to do this in spite of the dull diners, still not being able to do the plank to the full and the setback with the jump robe.

War of workout

Every day I struggle with the workout, I find it very hard to do most of the exercises to the full. By that I mean: have to have small breaks every 100 jump rope, I can only do the minimal number of the exercises and the doing the abs is a disaster. I'm not able to do more than 15 seconds at the time fx. plank or otter kicks.
Some of the stretchs are impossible for me to make as I'm simply not flexible enough.
I do the best I can and I sweat so much, that I have to have a towel on the mat. I do remember to breath and push myself till I'm nauseous. I don't mind sore muscles at all - no pain no gain.
Those who say age is just a number, I'm sure hasn't turned 50 😉

Am I really the only one feeling this way ?

End of week 4

Sometimes feel that is 80% workout and 20% diet as I find the exercises hard and still struggling with cramps under my feet during all that jumping robes, but I can though slowing feel that I´m not out of breath as in the beginning. Yes !

I found it difficult to treat myself this weekend as it almost seemed like cheating, but I did have one cookie, a diet coke and some cashewnuts.

I still find it hard to eat so much at lunch and don´t succeed every day.
Haven´t got a clue what to do about next weeks dinner - 2 eggwhites, fruit and milk/yougurt.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Great week to you all !

End of week 3

Just did my 800 jump ropes and is exhausted. I did have some backproblems while jumping, but they are slowly disappearing (YES) - but still hurts under my feet - like a cramp.

Doesn´t feel or see any positive change - guess I´m impatient.

Had my first night out yesterday - a barbeque - at some friends. Thought it would be fine not bringing my own food, but unfortunately there wasn´t enough vegetables - the one salat that was there - was literally swimming in dressing, so I chose not to take so much. I actually went hungry to bed, but I didn´t have any alcohol, feeling rather boring.

I don´t enjoy cooking and therefore eating pretty such the same the day in and day out -hope it doesn´t affect the result.

I´m hanging it there.

End of week 2

This week question : what was harder/easier than expected ?

It has been easier is doing without sugar than expected 👍(so far)

The hard part is eating so much and must admit that I didn't quite make it every day.
The jump robe is still a challenge and working on not having pain in my back and under my feet.
I did my 600 jump rope today but not without small breaks. I've already seen that we are doing 600 again tomorrow and thinking - are you out of your mind ? 😉
My latest uploaded photo doesn't show any change and I know we aren't suppose to step up on the scale, but I did it anyway. Lost 2,8 kg so I'm more than pleased.

I am here too

Very inspiring to read your blogs 👍

I am from Denmark and lived here all my life. My 2 children have left home years ago and I am also a grandmother. Guess I'm the senior on this team.
I'm living with my 2nd husband and our little dog (lots of walks ❤🐕)

I've been working as a caseworker most of my life - both in the private and the public sector, but have been out of work the past year because of disease, but finally in a place where I feel ready for this challenge and hopefully loose some ( read: a lot) of weight , get in shape, live more healthy (get out of my sugar-addiction) and as a bonus get more balance in both body and soul.

My brother (currently living in Laos) has recommended Kensai, as it has been life-changing experience for him.

End of Week 3





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