Pramit M.

Pramit M.

We made it!  

My apologies to everyone for being away. Works been a killer these past few weeks. But kudos to all of us for finishing the program. Although I’m not happy about the last month, which was peppered with travel, work, family etc, I’m glad I was able to finish. I’m reasonably happy with my body and the results, but I keep wondering what if..

Cheers everyone , hope to see you soon!

Back with a bang!

After a 3 week hiatus, finally got back to the full workout today. Felt good so I’m putting up a feel good picture :)

Was feeling quite down having not been able to follow the program for almost 3 weeks. I reached out to Jess and she rightly advised that I just get back to the program and finish strong on a positive note. I got back to mumbai over the weekend and I’m still battling jetlag, did cardio on Monday and did the full workout today on Tuesday. Plan to put in a 100% on each remaining day!

Let’s do this guys.. just a few more days to go!!

Checking in

Hi everyone!

I have been very shoddy with the entire program all of August. It all started with a bout of flu towards the end of July leading up to a two week holiday to visit my brother and his family in Toronto. We are back in India this weekend. We’ve been terrible with following the program this entire time and I don’t even want to get into all the kenzai sins that have been committed.

Both Karu and I would regardless like to see the program through. We intend to very much get back with 100% compliance the last two weeks of August. Feel bad for losing the entire momentum but we couldn’t have planned it any other way. It was a hectic trip with lot of family bonding, so we just weren’t in the mind space to focus on kenzai.

Hope you guys are doing spectacularly.


Down but not out

Had a terrible last 5 days.. had a drinking night on Friday and missed workout, caught a terrible flu the next day which I’m still recovering from. So have been unable to workout and stick to the diet very much these past few days. We’re also going on holiday to visit my brother in Toronto for a couple of weeks starting this coming Saturday, so overall situation looks bleak. If I recover in time this week, plan to put in a couple of days of workout before our trip begins. Travelling with a toddler, so expect to have hands very full the next two weeks. Will see how strictly we can follow the diet and workout schedule - both Karu and I are a bit upset that this holiday falls right at the beginning of month 3, where things are getting properly amped up, and we don’t want to lose the progress and hard work and sacrifices we’ve made these past two months. Anyway, such is life and we’re just gonna try to keep it simple and try and do our best while on holiday.

Good luck to everyone else though! Just one more month and we’ll have scaled this mighty kenzai summit. Cheers!

Going strong!

Week 7 workouts are getting tougher.. but I’m enjoying them. Have been consistent so far, hope to get through the week without any trip ups. Having my wife do the program with me is a big driver for me.. just sticking to the diet day after day and motivating each other to do the workouts. Seeing the body change is a big motivator too. Hope you guys are doing well too. Cheers!


This week I’ve been a bit off track. Diet was mostly on track but missed a couple of days of workout during the week but made up for it on the weekend, happy about that. There was some drinking this weekend and couple of indiscretions with food, but I’m finishing off the week with a big salad bowl and pesto fish for dinner :) fought the temptation to order in Chinese.

The bland food and overdose of veggies does get to me every once in a while, otherwise I find the diet pretty manageable. Had a bit of a busy week at work so have been truant with blogs. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the progress till now.. I just want to keep my head down the rest of this month and plot through! Hope everyone else is doing well.. cheers!!

Good start to the week

I slipped up again this weekend, just couldn’t get myself to do the workout on Saturday. Did a run on Sunday for cardio. I find the weekends more difficult to manoeuvre because there isn’t a set pattern like the weekdays, and somehow the mood is more relaxed and forgiving :) Have been decent with the food though.. but my wife and I got sick of home food all week so we ordered in a couple of times over the weekend, but we chose healthy options... that’s a big change in itself for us because on a typical weekend we would order in lots of greasy yummy food and overeat big time! We’ve both noted our appetites are smaller now compared to earlier for dinner, which is a very welcome change.

I feel a lot fitter and I see some of my old t shirts fitting smoothly, without any embarrassing bulges. Pants are looser around the waist and I’m having to wear my belt on the last hole. So yeah I’m quite happy with the body changes and I hope I continue to make progress this week!

Cheers everyone!


Found today’s workout tough! Especially the abs and triceps. Had difficulty with the negative pull up yesterday as well. Struggled through it but feel good after the workout. Been pretty decent with the food, except I almost never get to have the night fruit snack as were invariably eating dinner late (around 9:30 or 10 pm) after we finish our workout and put our daughter to sleep. Have also been getting these mild headaches for the last two days, anyone else getting these? I suspect it’s cos I’m not drinking enough water.

Third time lucky?

I’ve attempted KB1 twice before, failing to complete the programme both times. The first time I ended up having a serious ankle injury 2 months into the programme, and more importantly towards the end of my wife’s third trimester!! Karu was heavily pregnant when I landed up with a broken ankle, needing some serious surgery, implants et al. It was a tough few early months with my leg in a plaster and a newborn to take care of. Second time around, I attempted it again, and again gave up owing to work and other family pressures, a few weeks in.

My third time however, I’m determined. I’ve read most of the lessons before, so it’s all very familiar. But this time around, I have my lovely wife doing the programme with me.. and I can already see that making all the difference. We motivate each other through the ups and downs and are determined to remain on track throughout then 12 weeks.

This weekend was a bit tough, with a lot of social commitments for both of us. There was some drinking involved and a bit of indiscretions on the food front, but we held it together without too much damage (hopefully!). From my previous learnings I know that a blip or two along the way doesn’t unhinge the whole plan. The best thing to do is to shrug it off and get back to business. Happy to report that come Monday we’re both on track with our meals and workouts done, and now this post. Feeling positive, cheers all!

Week 1

Hi everyone! Glad to see everyone’s doing well on week 1. I’ve been finding it difficult to leave the quarter off my plate every meal.. but I’ve mostly tried to avoid a second serving, which I usually end up having for dinner. My breakfast and lunch are fairly measured.. so I felt I’d be left hungry if I left out a quarter for those meals. Happy with the workouts this week and consistency.. and looking forward to the full kenzai diet starting Monday and the workouts getting amped up! Cheers all

Let’s do this!!

Big shout out to everyone starting today! Let’s do this together guys.. day 1 went flawlessly!

chugging along

Sorry, have been negligent with the blog posts for a while. Have been going about the workout and diet.. couple of blips here and there but mostly on track. Experienced the Kenzai valley first hand for a couple of days, where I had some real trouble motivating myself for the workouts. But I think I’m over that phase now.. feeling happy after Saturday workout and feeling motivated.

The coming week is gonna be busy as were shifting homes and this is also an especially busy period at work because of our financial year end. Hope to get through it without any major setbacks.. how’s everyone else doing!?

bad two days

Haven’t been able to find time to workout th se last two days. Doing my best to stick to the diet though.. and I try to at least fit in my cardio. Not looking too good with the weekend coming up.. have to really be on top of my game this weekend. How’s everyone else faring

The exercises have definitely gotten more difficult from this week. More challenging for sure and I do feel more spent by the end of it compared to earlier weeks. It’s a good feeling though :)

Finding the ab exercises especially challenging.. now that they come in sets of two! I’m literally whimpering by the end of the last set. Hope it gets better as we go along.

Hey trainers - can you tell me an alternative for the floor jumps. I have a bad ankle (had surgery last year) and I’ve been told by my physio to avoid jumps. Let me know if I can substitute this with something else! Cheers

poor weekend

Have been a bit off diet this weekend and also missed workout on Friday and Saturday. Weekends are a bit tough to manage because there’s no fixed routine. One would think it’ll be easier to fit in the workout through the day but sometimes the day just goes by in a jiffy. Feeling a bit better now that I’ve done my workout.. did saturdays workout today instead of just the 1000 skips. Hope everyone else fared much better than me.

One tip I’ve found really useful is to just get started on the workout .. it’s simply amazing the number of excuses your mind throws at you for delaying the workout, especially early in the morning. It’s such a simple tip but really works wonders.




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