Pramit M.

Pramit M.

Kenzai Body | Day 14
Kenzai Body
Day 14
Program progress:
Week 1

Hi everyone! Glad to see everyone’s doing well on week 1. I’ve been finding it difficult to leave the quarter off my plate every meal.. but I’ve mostly tried to avoid a second serving, which I usually end up having for dinner. My breakfast and lunch are fairly measured.. so I felt I’d be left hungry if I left out a quarter for those meals. Happy with the workouts this week and consistency.. and looking forward to the full kenzai diet starting Monday and the workouts getting amped up! Cheers all

Big shout out to everyone starting today! Let’s do this together guys.. day 1 went flawlessly!

chugging along

Sorry, have been negligent with the blog posts for a while. Have been going about the workout and diet.. couple of blips here and there but mostly on track. Experienced the Kenzai valley first hand for a couple of days, where I had some real trouble motivating myself for the workouts. But I think I’m over that phase now.. feeling happy after Saturday workout and feeling motivated.

The coming week is gonna be busy as were shifting homes and this is also an especially busy period at work because of our financial year end. Hope to get through it without any major setbacks.. how’s everyone else doing!?

bad two days

Haven’t been able to find time to workout th se last two days. Doing my best to stick to the diet though.. and I try to at least fit in my cardio. Not looking too good with the weekend coming up.. have to really be on top of my game this weekend. How’s everyone else faring

The exercises have definitely gotten more difficult from this week. More challenging for sure and I do feel more spent by the end of it compared to earlier weeks. It’s a good feeling though :)

Finding the ab exercises especially challenging.. now that they come in sets of two! I’m literally whimpering by the end of the last set. Hope it gets better as we go along.

Hey trainers - can you tell me an alternative for the floor jumps. I have a bad ankle (had surgery last year) and I’ve been told by my physio to avoid jumps. Let me know if I can substitute this with something else! Cheers

poor weekend

Have been a bit off diet this weekend and also missed workout on Friday and Saturday. Weekends are a bit tough to manage because there’s no fixed routine. One would think it’ll be easier to fit in the workout through the day but sometimes the day just goes by in a jiffy. Feeling a bit better now that I’ve done my workout.. did saturdays workout today instead of just the 1000 skips. Hope everyone else fared much better than me.

One tip I’ve found really useful is to just get started on the workout .. it’s simply amazing the number of excuses your mind throws at you for delaying the workout, especially early in the morning. It’s such a simple tip but really works wonders.

Valentine’s Day

Ended up having a cheat meal on Valentine’s Day, even though it was a day in advance of the Kenzai approved indulgence! We ordered in and opened a bottle of wine. Really enjoyed that meal and the wife was over the moon, because she wasn’t expecting it. Have been regular with diet and workouts otherwise and it’s really beginning to show. Seeing your body change is the biggest motivation to keep going I guess. Here’s a pic from V day, that I keep looking at for motivation.

Workouts are getting harder, really feeling the burn at the end of some of the exercises. The ab exercises are especially killing. I don’t know which one I dread more - the otter kicks or the metronome!


Hello everyone! Finally managed to catch up with everyone's blog updates.. it's actually therapeutic taking the time and reading through everyone's experience. All the struggles and small victories, really does motivate me. Here's a quick update from me. Work's been killing this week.. had 3 days of very little sleep. As a result.. ended up missing workout on two days. But I'm happy that I did the full workout yesterday and didn't let it become 3 days of misses in a row, despite having slept only 2-3 hours. Have been mostly on point with the food, but I'm finding it really difficult to fit in the fruit portions.. I usually feel rather full after breakfast and lunch.. so can easily keep going till the next meal time. On a good day, I'll end up having a portion of fruit as an evening snack (before dinner). Any tips for me to fix this?

Have been getting compliments on looking leaner at work from a few people. Yesterday was a big deal because the wife said that I'm definitely looking leaner (she's very stingy with Kenzai compliments usually). So Yay! It's such a refreshing change to see a leaner body after the shower.. it's a huge motivation to keep going. Onward and upward!

veggies and crunches

The veggie potions in the diet are so massive.. feel really full after the meals. Was also wondering if everyone’s able to pack in three fruits snacks in the day.. I barely manage to fit one serving of fruits (which I have as a snack in the evening before dinner).

Also on the workout front, find aB crunches the most difficult. What are other people struggling with?

mostly on track

Hi guys! sorry i've been off the radar for a bit. Had some family commitments and generally been swamped at work. But happy to report that have been mostly on track on the diet front. Have been finding it difficult to fit in the workouts in my schedule, missed a couple of days in the process. Really need to work on managing my time better. I'm hopeful that the rest of the week will go by without any further blemishes. Thinking of taking this one week at a time.


let's do this!

This is my second attempt at the KB1 programme. I had to give it up (at about the 2 month mark) the last time because of a bad ankle injury, coupled with some medical problems at home. Been almost a year since I was fighting fit and I'm raring to go again. Really excited to start the programme this time and nail it!

difficult week

Hello everyone.. been a bit off the program for a bit. Trying to get my cardio in through misc sports but finding it a bit hard to follow the diet and workout regime. Had an office retreat and some home stuff to take care of so really been struggling to be disciplined. Back home on Tuesday night and hoping to get back into the groove and give my best to the last month of Kenzai.


most difficult workout?

I find the ab and core exercises really challenging. The metronome and planks really bust my gut. What are other people finding challenging!?

Jump rope

The jump rope routine has been a source of worry for me the past few weeks. Somehow I've been tripping way more than expected and I've been quite disappointed with my progress generally. Things got to a point where the 1200-1300 skips would take me a while 30 mins to complete. It was a really frustrating experience. I had a leather jump rope and despite going with the recommended length, somehow th fluidity with the skips never really happened.

My pal Megha who is doing the programme with me suggested changing the rope and voila! She bought me this fancy new rope which is made of stretchy soft rubber / plastic and has a built in counter. My first attempt with it led me to 200 skips without any trouble and no fumbles. I'm very happy with the new rope and hope that this will vastly improve my skipping experience.

I'm back!

Hi guys!

I've been off the radar for a bit. Had a big family event and my wife and I were hosting a whole bunch of people at home as well. Catching up now on some of the daily lessons I missed and everyone's blog posts. Last 10 days have been a bit erratic. Have mostly stuck to the diet and workouts during the weekdays but the weekends have been bad. Anyway, with the last of the family heading back yesterday, we finally have the home to ourselves and I feel good having gotten back to the training routine.

The workouts are taking much longer now so I've taken the advice to do the cardio in the morning.. working out well for me I think. Anyways, I'm glad to be back on the Kenzai regimen and really want to make the next few weeks count. Will take it one week at a time and keep reporting progress.

I've noticed it's easy to fall off the radar - thanks to my trainers for following up on me and encouraging me to get back to the blogging.

Cheers and happy valentine's day everyone!