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Jumping back into things has been pretty tough, especially the jump ropes! I still can’t get through more than 150 skips or about a minute without tripping or having to stop! More power to all of you that can! I’ll be going on vacation next week and I already plan to pack my jump rope and bands, but I’m hoping I can stick to our diet given all the delicious food I’ll be having. Here’s to another great week!

Still here

I’ve been pretty sick and have been out of the loop recently, but after talking with our trainers I decided to jump back into it and try my best! So here’s to the beginning of the week and a fresh start!


Determined to have a better week than last week, I went to the grocery store determined to pick up veggies I don’t typically pick up. For lunch I used spiralized zucchini, yellow bell peppers, red onion and a pinch of black pepper. Topped it off with some grilled chicken breast and a side of whole wheat sourdough bread and I must say it was delicious!

Tough week...

This week was pretty tough for me. I struggled to keep up with the workouts and diet considering I worked overtime and extra shifts in addition to traveling this weekend. I was able to fit in my workout this weekend at the hotel! Hoping to have a better week this week!

Meals and exercises are starting to be a routine, I woke up and subconsciously started putting on my workout clothes without even realizing what I was doing! The workouts are definitely getting harder and I really felt that extra 50 Jumpropes. Question for all of you, anyone else getting bored already with food? Specifically fruit. I’m one of those odd people that really love veggies and I’m struggling with the fruit part of it. I can only eat berries and apples so many times before they get repetitive! One day I had tomatoes for my fruit snack because I couldn’t think of anything else! Any ideas on what fruits you guys are eating for your snacks between meals?? Would love the suggestions and I hope you’re all doing well fighting through these workouts with me!


I unfortunately wasn’t feeling well on Monday and had to miss my workout. I was feeling pretty bad about myself so I woke up early, spent a few hours meal prepping and got my workout in! Who knew just chopping and measuring fruits and veggies would take so much time?! Even though I didn’t have a good start to the week, I’m not going to hold it against myself, it’s a marathon not a race!


I’ve discovered a deep deep love for red onions! Anytime I think a dish could use more salt, I just add red onions and it tastes infinitely better! I also discovered my favorite breakfast so far. I just toasted some naan bread, roasted some garlic and mixed it with mashed avocado, added red onion, cherry tomatoes, and scrambled some eggs and it is DELICIOUS. Will probably add some spinach or arugula and use half as much avocado to get those greens in next time, but boy was that satisfying!

My body was getting used to those 20 to 30 minute workouts, so when I did today’s workout I didn’t give myself as much time as I thought I needed. I still got through the whole thing and did better than I expected! I’m really starting to love the jump rope, hopefully I still fell that way by day 90! The diet includes way more food than I thought it would. 190 grams of fruit is a lot! I actually didn’t have enough fruit to meet the requirement and didn’t have time to go grocery shopping. I was actually about 50 g short. Lesson learned, do more grocery shopping! I started with my favorite veggies, so asparagus and broccoli, and hope I can find a way to add some variety to my diet by the end of this. Either way, let’s go week 2!!

Days 1 and 2

Getting used to throwing away a fourth of my food has turned out to be harder than usual! I’m so accustomed to finishing everything on my plate it feels wrong. Working night shift makes it a little harder to stick to this as well because I’m so hungry when it gets to my breaks. But I am determined to stick to it and follow this program through!