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Preeya G.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 88 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 88
Program progress:

Excited to start KB2! Just finished a week of skiing in Whistler with a less strict diet. This week of tightening the diet of my usual last weeks of KB1 has actually felt great. Funny how you can miss eating clean.

Hello from Europe

Thanks for the recs on getting a travel food scale! So far has been great to know what I’m eating while away. Yes I was on the flight weighing my protein! A little shy about it but I think eventually if you weigh things enough you have a good idea of what’s appropriate and what’s not. Fun learning!


Two weeks of travel is starting to catch up with me. This week I have been fairly good with food though it’s hard to be perfect without a scale!

Next week in Spain so while I’m super happy to have kept up with workouts I want to be on point with the diet as it changes weekly. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Prepping works

Today I'm on a 10 hr flight and believe it or not I ate a compliant breakfast, packed my fruit and lunch for the plane so the only wild card will be dinner! Felt a little silly doing all that but now that I have not been tempted by all the junk on the flight it feels really nice to know that I actually enjoy the Kenzai diet. I had been doing a less strict version of this type of diet for the last couple of months and it's amazing how your body doesn't really experience cravings like it used to the further you go along. I actually drink less caffeine (wasn't a big caffeine person to begin with), and I think I'm likely feeling healthier over all.

Now for the fun part--I tried on a bunch of clothes packing for the trip and found that several items that "never fit" actually fit well enough for me to want to wear them. How fun for me and clearly a secondary goal of doing this but I will take it all.

Hope this post gives everyone motivation to power on the next few weeks as I think the harder stuff is on its way :)

Diet question

1. Is it ok to be eating Ezekiel bread as a carb (it’s a sprouted bread)

2. Is eating one avocado daily too many calories or a good one to include in the category of veggies

3. If truly not hungry at night (after eating all the requested food during day) can I skip night time fruit?

Thanks for helping!

Jump rope

I think I finally cut my rope to the right size and it has made all the difference! I went on a work trip and brought my jump rope in my suitcase so that was fun to be able to accomplish the jumping even when away. With the new length I as able to not get tripped up and did several rounds of jumping for one min continuously. Wow, for what appears to be a simple exercise jump rope kicked my butt!

Today’s lesson is something I probably don’t relate to but am open to trying. I normally do more intense exercise like orange theory 2x per week and and the other 3 days cardio like biking or a run. I think the concept of slow and steady is what may have been the missing link though. I think creating a good exercise habit requires it to not feel like “work” but rather a needed thing for our bodies. I definitely thought to myself this week that the exercise wasnt my usual so I still did some of my other activities in addition to the workouts but maybe I shouldn’t! Keeping an open mind and excited to learn a new method.

Day 1 in the books

Excited about the journey! Day one started off great with exercising in the AM. Surprised that jump roping made me sweat as much as it did in this early work out. Hoping to also keep momentum on the diet —have been doing smaller portions and more veggies and fruits lately.