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Kenzai Body | Day 31 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 31
Program progress:

A good week with the workouts and food. Friday woke up with a cold, armed with a chuckle after reading the lesson went off and worked out. Did all the skips and reduced the reps only for some exercise sets. Managed most of the workouts. Today did 4 sets of 250 skips to hit 1000 skips. Woohoo! PS: the lesson picture shows only 950 skips but the workout says 1000. Just sayin!

This info here might be too much info for some but I need to share it as it impacts my training. As mentioned in a previous lesson the monthly period can get impacted and mine did. Still waiting. What is difficult is that I am very low on energy with some overall body pain for a few days before my period. I also tend to feel extra hungry and on a couple of days I ate a little more than whats on the diet chart. The food was Kenzai Compliant. This is now like a vicious cycle...I keep feeling low on energy and my period is taking its time to happen. Something has to give. The bright side is that I am on the mark (mostly)with my training!!!

The indulgence meal/day was ok. I ate a Tiramisu. Ate about 3/4th of the serving. No aha moments to report. Felt the need to take the sugar out of my body.

The social life is ok. We've moved to our new home so there is a spate of house warming parties and I am working in Kenzai Compliant food on the menu so I can eat. The real test will be end of this month when some very special friends are coming over for a week. I will need all my will power to ensure I put in my workouts and stick with the food.


I want to know how you guys post such on point lessons! Woke up with a cold today and voila a lesson on what to do! Well done Team Kenzai!


And week 3 is done. Not noticed any changes in my body. Weighing scale showed reduction of about 1 and a half kilo since the start of the programme. Mid week it went down another half kilo and then came up a little. No zits or breakouts but skin looked dull. Did well with the exercise and food this week. Had a house warming party at home last night and ate compliant food. Was tempted for a bit but the feeling passed as was too busy entertaining and then just didn't feel like it. In fact I ate very little. We went to bed later than usual, woke up late so today's meal times went some some astray.

So I am feeling really frustrated with the length of the programme. I know what starts shall finish and I hope to finish well. But I am really feeling angsty just now. I am an early riser but the thought of setting my alarm is upsetting me. Perhaps because it is my break and after a very crazy first half of the year I was looking forward to an easier pace. Anyhow...just thought I should pen that down.

So bring on Week 4! I am sure I will find humour in Floor Jumps, Creeps and Chicken Wings and laugh it off!


The picture uploaded with this post is what my mind is focussed on when exercising. Below is a list of some faves and NOT faves!

Jumprope: ok fine I’ll skip its groovy
Squats: hmmm
Downward Row: floats my boat
Rest Leg Raise: am sure there is a good reason for this one.
Standing Ovation: yes thank you!
Davinci: gonna crack the code
Crunch: helps me munch
Otter Kicks: any ott(h)er kicks? Please!!!!!
Negative Pull Up: who thought up this one???
Ring of fire: burns me up.
Leg Circle: dead!
Double Katana: Double dead!!!!

Overall I am loving the feeling after the workouts!!

Overall a good week. Exercises were ok. Those otter kicks are not my fave. With the other exercises like push ups I find myself doing variations which work for me. I can just about go down half way. When I tire I try to hold the plank. Crunches I am crunching through thinking of wash board abs which may perhaps surface! I was not too sure about the 600 skips today but they happened. Food wise about 85% compliant. Looking forward to the next week! A little worried as I am sure the exercises and intensity will go up. Gulp.



So I finally found the base protein chart. It is on top of the weekly diet. Took a while to get it kind of clear in my head. Nice that it can be split up as I can add a lot of variety to my meals. I measured 42gms of almonds based on my lunch protein quantity (6 times 7gms) and that is a lot of almonds to eat at one go!

TIRED :)))

Boy! The exercises sure have ramped up this second week. My body is tired and I need to rest in the afternoons. Sure am glad that I am on break so I can give my old bones and body enough time to recharge.

So first week of training is done. I think I lost some weight and was good to read in today's lesson that it is mostly because of the leave 25% on your plate. I did have a slightly upset tummy too due to my delicatish digestive system. It was a good week food wise. Today was a little off as we went for a champagne brunch with friends from our uni days. Did ok with food but had two glasses of champagne. Funny for a person (me) who hardly drinks and ends up at a champagne brunch first week into training!!!

Exercises were ok. I saw surprised how quick I got my swing with the rope. By the third day I could skip 50 non stop and 5th day onwards 100 at a go. I am sure this is beginner luck. I am hearing my knees creak when climbing up stairs. Will keep an eye on them and if I feel them starting to creak more might have to come back to you guys for other cardio choices.

Looking forward to week two.

I am Priya, married and we have two boys 21 and 18. I am a kindergarten teacher, have taken a break from teaching starting this year. Those kindergarteners are a tough act to follow! We live in Singapore.

I like to learn. I enjoy yoga, cooking and an old desire developed over the last couple of! I have been experimenting with amateur theatre for the past three years, given an exam and signing up for another course.

Why Kenzai Body? Well the husband (Sameer Dev also an alumni on Kenzai) encouraged (pushed!) me to give it a try. I have over the last few years done a few short programmes with Kenzai: 10K Run, Reach and Mind. I am going to give KB my best shot, one day at a time and do however much of the exercises I can. Skipping is going to be challenging. My goals are to develop strength and stamina. Muscle definition and tone will be an added bonus. I absolutely do not to lose weight. Having undergone a few programmes on Kenzai I am in love with the clean eating. As mentioned earlier I am a small eater with some dietary restrictions and I feel I would be in trouble if the portions were reduced!! Ok I am obsessing now. I am very skilled at obsessing!

Not working with injuries but do have a sciatica in my lower back which needs TLC. My knees are extremely creaky! If you heard me walk up the stairs you would think a skeleton was walking up!!! Hence the apprehension about skipping or any other activity which puts pressure on the knees.

There are so many inspiring people all around with super powers. We all have super powers. Mine is that I am a Kindergarten Teacher. Whats yours?

My real life super hero would have to be Sameer Dev!

To the next 12 weeks!

Day 1

Hi! Excited to start the programme and build strength while maintaining my weight! It was a funny first day. I am a very small eater and eat frequent and regular meals. I found myself eating just a little more! Here's to the next 12 weeks!


I did not ever ever think that I could stay seated for 30 minutes! There were 4 times (I think) that I adjusted my legs but overall I did it! For the first time in 6 weeks I may have floated into the 'gap' between thoughts during meditation. As mentioned earlier I feel I was able to be in the gap state when I went walking alone. My answers for the 10 minute meditation and questions stayed pretty much the same. Only difference being my thoughts were less about work yesterday and more of a reflection of how I felt during my meditation practice. After meditating for 20 mins I found it challenging to sit for 10 mins.

Has the meditation helped? I hope it has. During a particularly challenging work meeting I had recently I felt more in control of myself. A slightly funny tale to tell as well! From the 3rd week onwards I have had three people tell me on different occasions that I looked beautiful. This when I had been running after three year olds and generally was grimy after a full day of teaching. Two people of the three were complete strangers! My inner glow perhaps was shining through because of the meditation! :) Or perhaps those people saw me and thought she looks so exhausted that she needs a compliment! Clearly the strangers are on a higher spiritual platform than me.

I hope to keep meditating everyday. I recently read a Warren Buffet tweet and thought it applied so well to the practice of meditation. On that note I would like to thank Team Kenzai and all my meditation team mates for a great session. Look forward to reading your experiences!

I did the meditation in two sittings. It was strange how the after the previous day's 25 min session, the 10 min session seemed to drag. It would have to be one of my most fidgety session! The 25 min session was pretty smooth! I am back to the 20 min block!

Penultimate week

It was a good week. Something I noticed was there were more good mornings and acknowledgements exchanged with other people during my walks. Not sure who initiated it but feels good and will surely continue.

The candle meditation was interesting. I did it with an oil lamp I light every evening at home. I kind of got caught in making the visual of flame change or seem different by opening by eyes to different degrees.

As I observed the flame I thought it was so steady but then what would happen if there was breeze and it grew stronger? Applying it to me I hope I can keep up with the meditation once this ideally created atmosphere changes as it will when the 6th week is done.

The exercise was steady the diet functioning at about 85%. Oh well continues to be work in progress. Looking forward to the last week.

One month done!

Turned up for meditation Everyday! Saturday’s Shavasan meditation was epic. I fell asleep twice and woke up twice but reached only my thighs. The next I woke up when the 15 minute timer alarm rang which I promptly turned off and went back to sleep. This week the diet and exercise (missed two days) were a little off the charts. Hoping to fine tune it. Today’s lesson gave me hope. Here’s to the next two weeks!

My diet plan still shows up as week 2. Actually that’s my excuse for a slightly flippy floppy diet!!! Just kidding!

Meditation blues?

So I have meditated everyday, missed my exercise perhaps only thrice and been 90% compliant with the diet.

The meditation seems to be going ok. I continue to work on coming back to the now with my breathing. Those meandering thoughts! I have had no aha moments but I have had two days when my emotions completely got me. Not sure if this should happen. I have also not felt any change as such.

Anyone else feel a little strange like I do?!


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