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KB Done! 

So I am sitting here to write my blog and suddenly I don't know what to write. I guess best to start at the beginning!

Started this journey 3 months ago with a lot of trepidations...will I sustain, how will I manage the skips, will I be able to turn up to work out everyday, how will I manage my sensitive stomach to name a few. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the beginning, the fatigue set in a little after reaching halfway, as is normal I guess. I enjoyed the workouts but was counting down to the end. Now that the programme is done, I am left wondering how I will keep up with my daily workouts. I will think about it after the three days of mandatory rest!

I am so chuffed that I managed the skips: 2 sets of 9 mins, albeit with lots of trips and stops and starts. The resistance band was a friend from the start and the rope I had to work hard to create a good relationship with! Plan on taking the rope with me when I go off to Chicago and NYC with the husband next week.

I am very satisfied that I managed to keep my weight stable and am beginning to see muscle build up. A friend last night commented that I don't look skinny at all, instead I look strong. Mission accomplished! I feel stronger in my body and mind.

Thank you Ward for the continuous support and tweaking the diet plan to relaxed and still keeping it working well. You are a true blue cheer leader. And I loved working along side you my team. You guys are fabulous and always so encouraging of each other. How fun will it be meet up and do a workout together! I am considering joining K Sculpt or a K Reach...which ever starts somewhere mid Oct.

Look forward to Kenzaiing with you all soon. Here's to the new and empowered us!

Day 89

And day 89 of Kenzai is complete! Waiting for the Day 90 lesson and workout to be delivered. Woohooo! I did it!

Thinking about the first few weeks and now...somethings have surely changed...namely stamina, ability and now we are at the other end of the programme! I was not really sure I would be able to sustain but I did. Really excited about the last 4 days of work outs and curious to know what the 90th day surprise is.

Monday to Friday might prove to be a little challenging as am travelling tomorrow (Mon) onwards. Will be back home Saturday morning. Hence swapped Sunday and Monday workouts. I have a Monday morning flight and will do my skips before heading off. Carrying my rope and band with me and will make sure to wake up early morning and the workouts in. Too close to the finish line let it slip.

The super sets were fun to do. I did my best to go to failure. I must say that by the 5th set I seemed to be going through the motions. It was difficult to stop myself from counting the reps. As I reflected on the super set workout I did come away feeling that I might have paced myself to last through the 5.

Look forward to reading your penultimate(ish) blogs!

V sits!

Today's V sits read 5 sets till failure. And I thought yup right from the word go its going to be failure as I have only been able to either lift my legs or my torso. Attempts to lift them towards each other at the same time have ended in, yup... failure. So for the past weeks I kept lifting my legs for the first three sets and then for the 4th and 5th set held the boat pose (with legs bent). I had given up on ever being able to do a V sit, even a pathetically comical one.

This evening was magic! Somehow the V sit came together and I was able to coordinate my legs and torso to move towards each other in sync!!! Barely a few inches off the ground on both sides...but hey its a start!!!! So each set had a max of 6-8 comical reps to failure but it was heaven! Sticking it out pays off!

#stillstanding #ninedaystogo

So you want to know what I plan to do after the programme is done?

I plan to NOT exercise for one week!

If till last week Sunday I was crawling to the finish line, this week I was flat out on my tummy pushing forward with my feet like when a baby learns to move! I will reach the goal post and feeling good about me!

The indulgence meal was ok. Felt a little over full but not too much....shared a salad with the Husband, had a serving of risotto and came back home to a small portion of homemade tiramisu for desert.

Whoop! Whoop! Skipped 3 sets of 7 minutes each with only a 20 second break! With some trips and starts but otherwise non stop!!!!! So am pretty chuffed. Hope my heart muscles are getting stronger.

#stillstanding #willreachthefinishline

Look forward to reading your blogs team!

I am beyond thinking what the hardest and easiest part of the programme is! I am taking it one day at a time and counting down eagerly. Meals have been ok. The deluge of guests has been crazy and it is some some hard to keep the diet 100% clean. Doing my best to eat clean by eating on time, at home preferably and sticking to the portions. Eating out is sometimes unavoidable so working on making the best of it. 85 to 90 % compliant and am Tuesday onwards life should be returning to as normal as normal can be.

Oh and thank you for ramping up the sets! Just when I thought that my body was coping with the workouts it was tired and miserable all over again. :)))) Doing ok with the skips I guess. Skipped the 3 sets of 6 minutes each with the recommended break. There is tripping and stop-starts especially in the first set. I think I have pleasantly surprised myself with my ability to skip. And failures I guess are plenty. Some exercises I can do (perhaps imperfectly) and some I just about reach the minimum reps recommended.

Woke up to the Indulgence Approved lesson and for a split second my heart sang. It stopped singing just as quickly and left me wondering what I got excited about. I am struggling to think what I want to indulge in. The AMAYW with fruits and vegetables is so helpful that I am perfectly fine sticking to the recommended carb grams. I am obsessed with getting definition on my abs so really reluctant to to indulge. And like I mentioned before I am enjoying my Kenzai meals as have worked out ways to make them feel like regular yummy tasty meals.

Looking forward to the next 20 days and tightening the belt (literally and metaphorically). Have a good one team!

One more week done! Three more to go!

One observation about life style is that I get really really upset when my meals go a little off. Like for instance today when I did not get my share of vegetables during lunch! We went for and Indian meal (with predominantly carb loaded food) as we have my parents in town and I ate only some rice. Came home and chomped down on fruit!

On another note...feeling energetic now after the slight low last week. We were at a concert last evening and I got a few comments from friends...gosh you came in like a movie and Sameer (the husband) made a rock star entry!!! I seriously didn't think I behaved any different! The best compliment was from the are looking very fit and strong without looking skinny. Clearly am doing something right! :))))) Fingers crossed that I sustain it till Day 90.

Onwards and upwards to the last three weeks! Feels so good to write that.

Menopausal hot flushes + period + heavy head and possible start of a runny nose = 50% skips and 40% workouts.

I guess today’s lesson worked in getting me going to turn up and get something done. Something is better than nothing. :)

Energy Levels

Woohoo! Week 8 done! Don't know about energy levels but my excitement levels are surely much higher owing to the fact that the programme is 2/3rds done.

I was so not sure how I would cope with the 4min skip sets. Managed to do them with lots of trips and starts and stops, especially in the first two sets. Also felt great to read that end of week 9 the skips stay the same. Relief (sends out a huge thank you)!

I have noticed that I am now beginning to look fresh and observing myself in the mirror my body just felt more put together. Not sure if that makes sense. At this point in time I very possibly maybe hallucinating.

Hope you all are hanging in there better than I am.

Yesterday was a horrible day (exercise wise)! We had a prayer ceremony at home and was burnt out with the preps and actual prayers. Went off to exercise in the evening and was able to walk for about 3km. I really really tried to do the strength training but just could not get through. So listened to my body and stopped, felt much better today. But taking heart in the fact that I stepped up and tried. Something is better than nothing. Day 48 and 54 are not marked as IDid It cause I only went walking on those days! Does not feel right to say I did it. Would love a button for 'I turned up for exercise'!


So good to read today's lesson. I was so tired the past two days and woke this morning cursing me for signing up for the programme. Felt lighter after reading that it is a good sign. Broke up the skips and strength training. Skips done and will do the sets in the evening. At this point I don't know how I am going to make it through but taking it one day at a time will perhaps help keep the anxieties at bay!!! I JUST WANT THE PROGRAMME TO FINISH!!!!! :)))))


Hello! Hello!

So made it through week 7! As mentioned in my earlier post we had friends come and stay with us. These friendships go back to over 30 years so are very special. They carved out time and came to celebrate our new home. It was hard to ensure I kept to the exercises. But I did! Did all the work outs this week except for Saturday (I went for a 4 km walk morning and evening walk instead) when my body was just too tired with waking up early to work out, ensuring everyone had a good breakie, be up and about town late into the night and wake up early again the next day to say I Did It to the workouts. The 2 minute skip sessions were just about doable. This morning the 3 minute skip sessions were some some challenging. I have tripped tons when skipping this week!

The diet took a little hit. Breakfast was to the point as it was at home, lunch and dinner were challenging as we were out with friends so did my best to balance it out. Helped to have the indulgence this week! Had some egg plant parmigiana, a full bowl of pasta, a couple glasses of bubbly and jager bombs for my indulgence meal. I stayed away from desserts of all kinds so that was good.

Hope everyone is doing fab. We are now more than half way into the programme so yay to all of us! Looking forward to more rest and sleep and better work out sessions.

So last week I did not blog Sunday morning as I usually do and instead blogged in the afternoon. Got a reminder!!! Hence will try and ensure I do the weekly blog on Saturdays as Sunday morning can run away from me.

This was an interesting week. I had a day of a really terrible work out session on Tuesday followed by a fabulous session on Friday. Food wise its been 90% good. I can manage only two eggs a day. The third egg did not go down well! Working with the base protein foods. My digestive system has required extra love and attention and care over the past few years so really need to listen to it. I have to be very careful balancing all my food. My tummy has a mind of its own.

Hopefully I am building strength and toning up as I can't identify any change obvious in my body. I understand tummy muscles or abs are the hardest to be visible. My aim is to build muscle and I can see that the journey is going to be long. I'll get there!

Hope you are doing ok team. Look forward to reading about your experiences.

So excited!!!!

Today was pure magic. Last evening my trinner (tea and dinner) at around 6.30 was a little bit of a mish mash. It was K compliant though. Had a decent but very light sleep. However woke up feeling so refreshed and thinking I just want to get my trainers on and skip. And I did...1400 skips in about 16 to 17 mins! The work out was great too! In the 6 weeks of training that I have done, today would have to be the best work out ever!!! Even if I struggle through the next 6 weeks I will keep this morning's work out magic tucked in my heart, put my head down and trudge through the next 6 weeks!

Pistol squats!

Who came up with these?!!!! I could just about get my form in place and hold the stance. Attempted the pull ups today with support from the husband. Learning to identify and work the correct muscle was a work out in itself. The movement was minuscule but it was there.

The lesson on diet this morning was good. I prefer to workout (skips and strength training) first thing in the morning and as such have being doing it on an empty stomach. Last week's diet had a banana before the work out and I just cant get myself to eat anything before my workout at 6.15am. So I am incorporating the banana sometime in the morning. I have my breakie after the work out and it feels so warm in my tummy!!!

Food wise I think I am getting the portions mostly right. I have split up my 7 points base protein for lunch (2 points for almonds and 5 for paneer a non melting farmer cheese). My 5 points base protein for dinner is work in progress as I tend to eat what is left from the 5 points allocation I have for lunch. The mid morning egg white is working out the after workout egg gets lost or merged with the 1 egg during breakfast. I will try and eat the after work out egg with my afternoon fruit. The after workout yoghurt is consumed after dinner the portion though is much less than the recommended grams.

I am rambling so will pause the blogging for now. Be warned I will be back!


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