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Hanging in ...

Trying the best to stay on course with the program :) I am unable to get a full 7 on 7 for my weekly workouts. Do tend to miss one here and there. But it seems that i am coping reasonably well. Probably could hit a better level of performance if i am a little more diligent.

After a two weeks of gap in the middle, my come back for the last two weeks has been smoother than expected, with strong runs and workout :) Enjoying every bit of it. Still need to clean the diet a little :))

Back in action

Having put all my back to back international travel behind, i am back with full resolve to complete the rest of the program with strong resolve :)

Due to my constant travel, I have not been able to keep up with my workouts. However, ran an half marathon yesterday - the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. As it was with no preparation, it was my worst timing ever, and struggled in the last 6 kilometers.

Hi Everyone,
Apologies for the long silence. My first week was spot on with each workout. However travelled to east Africa last week. Managed to run only twice. One being a 10k rum.
This week will be a bit dodgy too as I have back to back travel to Europe. However, will be working out at the gym.
Plan to still run the marathon. Will catch up :)

4 weeks can be enough ! 

I realised that if one keeps full 100% compliance to diet in a Kenzai program then results are almost guaranteed.

During this program I was able to maintain 100% compliance to diet and about 80% in workouts. Still managed to loose about 4 kilograms in 4 weeks and tone the body in a good way.

Was able to keep the diet completely on track for the entire duration. No exception or deviation :)
This is the first time for me to have this level of diet compliance. Am about 3-4 kilograms off on the scale since I started.
I did the workouts everyday, but then there were days that I did not complete due o shortage of time. Cardio was on all days though.

I am really enjoying this workout format. The combination of Cardio, Strength and Full Body, all in moderate proportions, seem to work well for me. It takes the monotony away from a daily routine. Many times I reach the end of strength and am tempted to skip the full body (Blast) for obvious reasons :) But then I push myself of just doing a few (if not all of it).... the thing is that once you get started, you finish it :)

Within 7 days of being into the program, I am already experiencing the Kenzai Magic! Feel more energetic, body feels much more toned, probably lost a kilo and something - not sure if it is true or it is just excess fluids .... But the thing is I am feeling fitter, more energetic, and more confident of my body :)

Had an injury about 3 months ago and decided to slow it down for a few months before restarting. Gained more than 5 kilos in the process!
Saw this Beach program, and thought what could be a better way to lose some quick kilos and get back :)
Love these short programs, as they are easy to adhere to, considering my insane travel schedules :)

A great end to 2018 

There was no better way to get back to fitness in 45 days than Chisel.

Hanging in there :)

Apologies for the long silence. Has been a bit of challenge remaining on track due to work, but still managing to remain on track to 90% compliance. Experiencing gains, but weighing scale still not reflecting much :) but I guess as long as one feels that they are losing a few inches, fitter and healthier, then all is in good space :)

End of week 3

After a perfect week 2, lost a bit of consistency in week 3. A couple missed workout days, and some days with minor diet deviations. Still continue to feel the gains overall !
Though I feel the visible gains significantly, the gains on the weighing scale seem slow to come :(
Can't believe we are almost midway !!!! Hope to remain on course this week to maximise on the gains!

End of Week 1

The first week coincided with Diwali and birthday celebrations. Was able to comply with the workout but diet got compromised :)
The second week start has been good with full compliance !!!
I am amazed to see that within this 1 week (despite going off on diet on first week), i can already feel the difference !!!
This program is simply amazing !!!! If I am able to comply even 90% (given my travel) I am sure it will completely transform the body!

Day 2

My second go at Chisel. Nothing like KC to get back in shape in 40 days :)
look forward to this most amazing program.

End of Week 5





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