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Puneet M.'s Kenzai Marathon program, Marathon | Sep 30, starts in 11 days.

4 weeks can be enough ! 

I realised that if one keeps full 100% compliance to diet in a Kenzai program then results are almost guaranteed.

During this program I was able to maintain 100% compliance to diet and about 80% in workouts. Still managed to loose about 4 kilograms in 4 weeks and tone the body in a good way.

Was able to keep the diet completely on track for the entire duration. No exception or deviation :)
This is the first time for me to have this level of diet compliance. Am about 3-4 kilograms off on the scale since I started.
I did the workouts everyday, but then there were days that I did not complete due o shortage of time. Cardio was on all days though.

I am really enjoying this workout format. The combination of Cardio, Strength and Full Body, all in moderate proportions, seem to work well for me. It takes the monotony away from a daily routine. Many times I reach the end of strength and am tempted to skip the full body (Blast) for obvious reasons :) But then I push myself of just doing a few (if not all of it).... the thing is that once you get started, you finish it :)

Within 7 days of being into the program, I am already experiencing the Kenzai Magic! Feel more energetic, body feels much more toned, probably lost a kilo and something - not sure if it is true or it is just excess fluids .... But the thing is I am feeling fitter, more energetic, and more confident of my body :)

Had an injury about 3 months ago and decided to slow it down for a few months before restarting. Gained more than 5 kilos in the process!
Saw this Beach program, and thought what could be a better way to lose some quick kilos and get back :)
Love these short programs, as they are easy to adhere to, considering my insane travel schedules :)

A great end to 2018 

There was no better way to get back to fitness in 45 days than Chisel.

Apologies for the long silence. Has been a bit of challenge remaining on track due to work, but still managing to remain on track to 90% compliance. Experiencing gains, but weighing scale still not reflecting much :) but I guess as long as one feels that they are losing a few inches, fitter and healthier, then all is in good space :)

End of week 3

After a perfect week 2, lost a bit of consistency in week 3. A couple missed workout days, and some days with minor diet deviations. Still continue to feel the gains overall !
Though I feel the visible gains significantly, the gains on the weighing scale seem slow to come :(
Can't believe we are almost midway !!!! Hope to remain on course this week to maximise on the gains!

End of Week 1

The first week coincided with Diwali and birthday celebrations. Was able to comply with the workout but diet got compromised :)
The second week start has been good with full compliance !!!
I am amazed to see that within this 1 week (despite going off on diet on first week), i can already feel the difference !!!
This program is simply amazing !!!! If I am able to comply even 90% (given my travel) I am sure it will completely transform the body!

Day 2

My second go at Chisel. Nothing like KC to get back in shape in 40 days :)
look forward to this most amazing program.

KB3 - Intro

Who are you?
I am Puneet. I live in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi. I started my fashion brand called Perona this year. Check us out on Instagram @weareperona. perona.com only in India for now. I started Kenzai 3 years ago and have been through KB, KB2, KB3, Chisel. My work life is intense and enrolling in a program helps in keep my fitness balance. On personal - married - wife works with me - backbone of our business. Two sons 21 and 18. Older a senior in Columbia, New York. Younger left this year for UC Berkley, California, as Freshman. So empty nesters since last month :)
Where are you?
Gurgaon (New Delhi), India
How do you spend your time?
Work :) or thinking. Lot of new expansions since last 3 years. Exciting times.
How did you get here? Seriously. Who told you about Kenzai? Why do you keep coming back for more?
Kenzai helps me keep the right fitness balance in life. With my work schedule it is easy to fall off. Enrolling in a program keep me clued on. The team really helps keep the motivation level. When you see some of the teammates crushing it, you can feel the kick on the but to get in right there. I have a very challenging September as I travel out multiple times to different parts of the wold on intense business travel. But then I have realised that once you enrol you end up following the program to atleast 80%. So though September might suffer a bit, I plan to finish with strong October and November :)
You finish Day 90 in the best shape of your life? You strut down the street in triumph. What song is playing in the background as your theme music?

Hi !

Hello Everyone !

This is my second go at KB3. Nothing like this program to get back in shape. Looking for a strong finish for 2018 :)


Hi Everyone,
Sorry being silent for so long. Have been traveling constantly but been following the program to about 80% compliance.
This is my second shot a Chisel. The most amazing program !
Will be completely active from now on !

Want to exit Kettle

I was going to sign in for June 11 ketttle, but dont have the Kettlebell equipment yet. So I want to sign out of this and join some other program. But I am unable to do this. Can you please advise how to reset this ?

My journey with Kenzai started just short of 3 years ago .... when I was about to turn 50 !

I had then set some challenging goals for myself professionally ...... my second chapter of the next 30+ years of work ... I love my work which was going quite well, but had some unfulfilled dreams and desires. I realised at that time that to achieve those goals I needed to bring my fitness and energy levels to that of a 25 year old. Though I have always been a passionate runner, I did not feel that my energy levels and fitness was there.

These last three years have probably been some of the most my rigourous years. Long work hours, constant international travel, handling multiple projects. But with Kenzai I managed to increase my fitness level constantly through these three years. My energy levels always high. The feeling of being tired completely vanished. Don't remember when I last felt lethargic ! I felt stronger and more energetic while working harder and traveling through time zones etc. Kenzai gave me the ability to work effectively towards my goal.

These last 3 months have seen some of my goals being achieved or coming to fruition to set clear my path forward for the next 30 years :)

We expanded our existing business - commissioned a new last month factory, and the second large dream factory well under way to be commissioned by next year. Opened Europe marketing office. And then the biggest goal launched our own brand, Perona, with it's first store at one of the most prestigious malls in India - The Chanakya.

I dont think I would have been able to handle so much on my plate at one time if I had not set fitness goals along with the professional goals. And without Kenzai I dont think I could have achieved the holistic fitness. Kenzai made it all too easy .... to work out from home or hotel room ..... with a full time trainer and a dietician and a coach, all thrown in with the click of a button.

I have not always been able to cope up fully with all the programs I enrolled in. But I knew if I did whatever I could, I would still be much better, and it worked very well with me.

During this Chisel, I had this brand launch, which took me off for the last one week, but I am still much better from when I started :) Teamates like Nikhil, Ed, and others continue to inspire to reach out for the higher level that they have achieved !

End of Week 5





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