P P.

P P.


These 3 months have been so exciting, full of positivity, energy and happiness. My self esteem and self confidence has increased. I feel more in control of my life. I am more happy and content than I was 3 months back. My views about food,nutrition and health have completely changed.

Before joining Kenzai, I was trying to lose weight for a few months.I was very depressed and frustrated as every day gymming, avoiding sweets was not helping. I started seeing change in energy and weight/fat lose soon I started jumping rope. When I tried to lose weight on my own, I had noone to be inspired from. If I talked to people around, most people said why do you want to lose weight or something like that. Although they were clearly fitter than me still very few told me to go on. Here in the group, the topics other members wrote about I felt the same way. I was not alone. I was happy to know that everyone goes through the ups and downs emotionally and physically while exercising and losing weight.

My lower abs are almost flat which is like a huge achievement for me as I thought that is near impossible to happen in such a short time and after c section.
Lessons have increased by knowledge and love to discuss them with like minded friends. My son and husband have cheered me all the way. They are both inspired seeing my effort. My 6 year old does push ups and jumps with me. He and I talk about yucky refined sugar.
I am joining the body 2 soon and am very excited to see what new I can learn and higher level of fitness.

Thank you so much to my trainers, Ward and Amanda for your constant encouragement and support. Wishing of my team members and everyone at Kenzai a very happy fit and healthy 2019!!

Doing good

Diet and workout going at per plan. I am not able to jump for 7 minutes continuously. I am still on 3-4 min per set. So I adjust time accordingly. I feel that is helping me maintain but not lose. Start of December I have checked by weight and measurement. Compared to last month. I have lost 1 inch from all over and 3 kgs lost in weight. I have to put belt on all my new trousers I had bought a month before kenzai. I am very happy with my progress. All my friends are so happy for me.


'Howz life? Anything new? ' If anyone will ask me this question then that is the answer "Routine. As usual." Not that I am lying. This kenzai lifestyle is my routine now.

I am losing weight and inches. But to get a lean figure I do realize I need 1 more kenzai course..maybe Kenzai body 2.

My son is nut allergic so he never gets to eat cupcakes at school birthday celebrations. The other day when he was sad, I told him" Son, We have standards. We dont eat just any cupcake or food anyone gives us or just because everyone is eating it. Have you seen me eat just any-thing that any one offers me? Do you know how it was made..who made it...What is in it..or Which place he/she bought from..Just politely say No.Thanks. " That really made a difference. Parents are a child's first rolemodel. and to top it mine annoyingly copies everything I do.

Thanks Kenzai for making me look at food differently. I was never a junk eater but boy, my standards have definitely improved so much. If I am eating less, now I prefer to eat the best available from a place I consider best, otherwise I can wait.

Back on track

I am back on track.. following workout and diet. I like to eat clean. Actually I am in love with my kenzai diet..My skin looks so good, face is radiant and I feel energetic..I sometimes wonder why did I eat those fried and sugary food.
Only I need to control is my monthly period. Those 7-8 days every month are so hard.. full of negative thoughts, irritated, sad, low on energy.
Thanks for your advice, I will be following it.

Lost interest

I have lost interest suddenly. Its my monthy cycle. Around this time, I am so tired and emotional. I have not skipped since last 4 days. No workout. I have been eating a sweet or two everyday. I wish I was more disciplined.

It will be over soon. I will hopefully be on track.

I am getting better at skipping.. sooo happy about that. The pain I felt after skipping has reduced by 80%. I can jump 250/300 without sitting down to rest. The time taken to complete 850 is much lesser than it took to complete 250 jumps at the beginning.
I am feeling very proud of myself.
I will enjoy this small victory which I know is short lived and come back to reality on Sunday when I will have to jump 1k times.

End of week 3

My workout routine is-
I skip at night before or after dinner.Skipping is getting better. Now I can skip 100 times without stopping. I jump for 5 minutes. Sit /relax /catch my breath for 5 minutes. Before or after skipping I do the other exercises. I hope to keep jumping without relaxing in between.

My calves, bones near elbow, shin ache after skipping. After skipping my routine is to put ice packs on them, tie a towel around, stretch and sleep with legs raised on cushion. It takes 1/2 an hour to 1 hour for my legs to be able to walk normally. I hope this stops soon.

I have seen lot of difference in my body. I have lost a lot of fat around my lower abs. Not still there although. It is more toned. I feel more alert and energetic. My face looks slimmer, glows and looks tighter/younger.

I do wonder how sustainable this is if I stop skipping after the program finishes? I did ellipitical /cardio before and it had not done much for my lower abs. Honestly lower stomach is shrinking after child birth. I am seeing it only after Kenzai. So glad I joined this program.

Day 10

My shin has been aching whole day yesterday. I put icepack on it and kept it raised with cushion under it all night. A couple of things I did wrong. jump without shoes on, jump too high or ahem used my child's skipping rope which is short and I tend to jump higher to fit in:)) , and not stretching enough. I did a yoga class in morning and I am feeling lesser pain . I believe my body will get used to jumping with more practice. I got my kenzai kit so I should be fine now.

Food wise I don't like veggies. So eating them is not very easy:) But I am eating them as per the kenzai diet. I either grill them with chicken/fish or steam the chinese vegetables. I wish I knew their names :) I have been drinking tea to keep away from craving. My tea is just water boiled with flowers(we get those in hk markets, not sure what they called
either:)) and little milk.

Positive thing that has come out of diet is that to stay away from cravings, I have started reading books or sketching.

Hi all!! I am Purnima. I live in Hongkong. I am mom to a 6 year old. My son copies everything I do. I realized that if I follow a healthy lifestyle then he will be healthy and active when he is grownup. I was not atall in sports as a child. I don't want this lifestyle for my child and decided to be a good role mode. This year me and my husband made a resolution to commit and invest in a healthy active life. We started our fitness journey by getting a fanastic personal trainer. Then started hiking, yoga, taking public transport, eating salads, less sugar and salt. I have lost 9 kgs so far in the year. My son is also into hiking, copies my yoga poses, crunches/pushups. It is working.
I want to lose 5- 6 kgs more and get toned. I need extra push for that. I cannot do this on my own.
A few days back, I saw a friend who looked very toned. I asked her which gym she went to. She said I workout at home. I was so surprised. She told me about Kenzai. I really liked what I saw and read about Kenzai. I joined it on Day 5.
Skipping is getting better. I am very excited for tomorrow's Kenzai plan.

Day 6

Workout done..Surprisingly it didn't take as long as I thought it would. So I did some more. I am drinking the entire pack of my favourite Soya milk today since I won't be able to drink Soya milk for next 80+ days:)

First day

Today is my first day. I live in HongKong. I want to lose 5kgs but the main focus is to get a toned body. I do yoga and go to the gym 4-5 days in week. We like to hike but I really donot like the hot weather and am waiting for it to cool down a bit so we can start again.
I jumped for 200 times and had a take long breaks in between. I hope I will get better at skipping rope and get the toned body I dream of!!!




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