Qassim Q.

Qassim Q.

KB2 - T-0!!! 

There it is. All finished. I have to admit on taking certain artistic license with this KB2 programme. But I felt it was either that, or completely drop off. Overall I have made some decent progress and made a good dent in my fat stores, whilst gaining some muscle too. I feel fitter.
I have repeated this a few times on my blogs but I will say it again. For me, living in Asia was perfectly suited to the 3month programmes. The set up is ideal.
In UK, and with my job, it just doesn’t work unless I wake up at 4am every day. So a shorter 2 month programme would suit me perfectly.
I want to thank the trainers and also my fellow team mates, as well as some friends on other programmes for their constant support.
I have been inspired by their awesome results.
I want to continue my journey via the shorter programmes. I’m thinking KettleBells next.
Hope to see you guys on there.

KB2 T-13

One week to go to our family holiday!!! It’s been a long 3 months doing KB2 in London. Weather has been cold and miserable for most. But now finally there are signs that spring is here, and with that comes the final home stretch of KB2.
One final push this next week is all that is on my mind.
It’s been nice getting my holiday clothes sorted. Most fit a lot better but didn’t quite get to the level I wanted to which was my post KB1 wardrobe.
But gonna stay positive and thankful for the results I have got so far, and hopefully the next shorter Kenzai programme will get me there.

KB2 T-20

Man that week just flew by. 20
Days left to go. Definitely in the home straight. Been pushing the strength exercises and getting the desired muscle aches the next couple of days. Stepped on the scales and shows a decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle mass.
Not as much as KB1 though but gonna keep going to the end.
Jumping on a plane on Mar 31st for the family holiday to Mauritius, and the countdown has started.
Hope everyone else doing well. I’m going to cycle through the blogs now.

KB2 T-27

That week just flew by. Short staffed at work so have been tied down to the desk. Managed to get 3 solid strength sessions done mon , wed and Friday but only one cardio session on Tuesday. So i think I “stood still” in terms of progress. Diet wise , I did the best I could given the circumstances.
On days I miss breakfast, the bad food choices are much more likely to come in later in the day. So I promise myself to make sure I have breakfast.
Having boiled eggs in the fridge has been a life saver. A few times this last week breakfast has been cold boiled egg, and some cherry tomatoes and carrots from the fridge. With a semi skimmed latte from the coffee shop. Not great but did the job.
Overall my motivation was strong in the 1st third of KB2, but the slownesss in results caused me to lose that motivation (where ideally it should be the opposite). In KB1, results were more dramatic and there was the novelty in seeing how far I could go.
In KB2 it’s the frustration of not being able to go back to “where I was”.
So it’s all a mental game which hasn’t been strong for me. So once KB2 is over, I need to do shorter burst programmes I think to stay motivated.

KB2 T-41

Hey guys. It’s been a mixed week. On the exercise front , I had 3 personal training sessions (mon, wed, fri) which were full body strengthening sessions. I had planned to start these after KB2 finished. But this changed and I started last week whilst promising myself to keep doing the cardio skipping and diet.
The net result has been mixed, as it has made me slip on the cardio, and on the egg white dinners. An hour of strength training just takes it out of me the next day.
So whilst on muscle training, it’s great, I’ve not made progress on the fat burn as some poor diet choices crept in.
Which is a shame as the 1st 40 days or so of KB2 have me primed to push for better results.
So I’m going to redouble my efforts this week to get the diet nailed down as it’s 80% of the game.

KB2 T - 57 Confession

Ok.. I have to confess and put it out there. I couldnt face my Egg White/Apple/Milk smoothie... So I was naughty and caved into Grok. I had a burger.. Sesame Bun, Beef patty, salad (no mayo and no cheese).... No fries.
But i felt SO guilty afterwards that I didnt have my Late Night Vegetables snack. (ATM thinking creeping in)

Net result, had 5mins of immense pleasure, but ended ruining an otherwise good day.
Instead of consuming some milk, an apple, a banana, egg whites and 200g of veg, i substituted all of that for a sesame bun, some lettuce , tomato and a beef patty. Not good.

KB2 T-63

I love weekends. It’s when I get time in the morning to make my favourite Kenzai breakfast.
Ran out of mushrooms so substituted with extra avocado instead.

KB2 T-77

It’s my birthday today. I can’t promise to be good....


It’s so good to get back on diet. This is going to be my “go to” dinner


Had an all nighter last night in front of the TV awaiting the Mayweather McGregor boxing match. The fight was scheduled for 4am , so just stayed up watching the undercard and nibbling on some fruit.
Fight finished around 6am after which we hit the sack until 10am, waking up feeling very groggy.
But given the previous experience of Kenzai programmes, I knew a workout would be the best "hangover" remedy.
So both my wife and I hit the skipping rope and exercises. Felt SO good afterwards. Had a shower and sat down to a classic Kenzai breakfast of Toast, Avocado, Egg, Mushrooms and Tomatoes.
Despite the lack of sleep, I have actually felt fine.
In the past I would be reaching for heavy oily carbs as comfort food. But not any more.
Kenzai really is empowering.

Reboot 2/28

Mission accomplished. Woke up at 5.30am and completed the work out before leaving for work. Legs still felt tight during Jump rope and also the half burpee took its toll.
But I remember the same at the beginning of previous programmes. So just need to get through the next few days and fingers crossed I will be back in the groove.
Attended a Charity Dinner which was my last off diet meal. Looking forward to getting on Diet from Day 4


This week has simply flown by. The financial markets have been pretty busy with a roller coaster week. Mainly driven by Trump's efforts to repeal Obamacare. I still find it amazing how a healthcare policy in the US can affect financial markets in the U.K., Europe and even the Far East!
It's all about business sentiment and what it signals for prospect of future policy change , whether Trump has the backing to bring about more dramatic policy change or not. So Trump's healthcare not passing signals maybe tax reform won't come either etc etc.

I guess a bit like health and fitness. If you have the backing of your mental willpower to nail diet and exercise, the results will be just fine.
But as soon as you give in to that slice of cake or potato chips, that's a signal for what the future could become. So the choices made here and now affect your future level of fitness.

Which brings me back to KB2. As you know , I have been challenging myself to nail down my diet and get as much exercise in as possible. On the diet front I have been not too bad, but my food timings have been off. So breakfasts, lunches and dinners missed on varying days. But I have been careful to not let bad food choices come into the diet. So if anything, I have under eaten.
Immediate result of that is that I'm tired and therefore got 3 sessions of cardio in rather than 5.
So once again Kenzai proving how important it is to remain fuelled up to achieve our physical goals.

Gonna keep doing the best I can, and looking forward to crawling over the finish line.
Meanwhile continuing to read and comment on all the team blogs. Everyone seems to be doing great with awesome picture results !!

Cumin: One of my "go to" spices for Kenzai food prep. For lunch, i am steaming sliced chicken breast sprinkled with some chilli flakes, pepper and Cumin. It is so flavoursome, and makes up for not having any real seasoning.

Be Wary of Import Fees

Ordered a Kenzai T Shirt from the shop to the UK.
Delivery was halted by the post office, as they demanded £13.76 for import fees!

So a £28 T shirt has ended up costing me £51 including delivery charges....

KB2- Days 1-3

I completed KB1 in 2014, with fantastic results. 36% body fat went down to 26%, with an increased muscle mass. Weight decreased from 95kg to 80kg. Since then I have been fluctuating in a narrow band (80kg-85kg) but recently moved to London, where diet and exercise went totally off track. So body fat is back up to 30%, and I thought it was time to get another training cycle done to target sub 25% body fat.
But Days 1-3 have already shown me how privileged I was to complete KB1 in HK, where I had 1hr30min lunch break everyday to get my workout done, and a live-in helper who prepared all my meals. I couldn't help but get great results, as it was handed to me on a plate.
Roll forward to london, and I am up at 5.30am for the work commute, with no lunch break , and leave work at 6pm to get home for 7pm. So I feel like I am facing the true difficulties of KB1 for the first time. Fitting in the workouts, and preparing the meals myself, after a long tiring day at work.
So I am VERY grateful for the slow gradual run in to the programme. I completed the Day 1 and Day 2 workouts without much trouble, although regaining skipping rhythm hasn't been easy. Feeling pain in the soles of my feet and also hamstrings (similar to starting KB1). But experience tells me that this will get better over the next week,

Day3, I missed the workout as I had pre committed to a work Go-Karting event. It was after work, and was 11.30pm by the time i got home. It was something that was pre booked (no refunds), but it tells me I need to wake up earlier on days I know i will be out in the evening, and get the cardio done early.

I am looking forward to reading all the blogs, and looking for advice on how to get structure and organised, as I feel like a Kenzai newbie!




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