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Radhika K.

Kenzai Body | Day 22 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 22
Program progress:

Day 16 done n dusted, slowly getting a hang of the daily routine , exercises n diet.
Betwn my husband who is also on a Kenzai prog n me - the amount of food we are cooking n eating is insane. I bet my grocery store will think we hv parties every few days at home 😜.
All in all doing well. Aches n pains are now a happy part of life 😂.

Reliving KB1.

Hi team,
Having moved to another country , I wanted to settle into a routine soon. Kb1 came along the same time. This is my second take on it. I did kb1 almost 3 years back. And am reliving all those memories again. The past year and half I haven’t managed to finish any Kenzai program and really struggled to keep up to the daily routine. I am hoping this time I can break the monotony and stick on. Fingers crossed at it !

Stepping out

Hey Pals,

Need to step out of the Kmind program , hv not hard any energy or time to look into them lately, my family needs me at the moment and I will get back to Kenzai as soon as things settle well.
Until then ,


Mind .... need to learn to be in the moment and to be present for mindfulness , also be it health! Exercise has taken a back seat in my car since a few months and I need it to move to front seat yet again.
Juggling betwn a very busy daily life and a plan to move countries in next 2 months is it self overwhelming, would love to learn to tame my mind for some serenity and peace and yet start working on strength n core of the body.

And it’s done ! 

Finally it’s the end of sculpt, I managed to do it in bits and pics. Enjoyed it while I did it seriously. My bad luck that I fell very ill and couldn’t catch up in the last few days.
A big thanks to the team and Kenzai community for the great support.
Looking forward to the next round of programs .

Arabesque lunge

Hi , have been doing the workouts well this week, diets are still a bit iffy ... deserts 😞!!
Got stuck up on the arabesque lunge!
How do u really do this.
I kept getting cramps on my leg which was on the chair.... and eventually had to stop this ex.
Any alternate to this ?!

Day 18

Thread the needle , oh my this was indeed a challenge ! Could only get to half of this one.
But working out in the 1st position was a nice change n I could feel the diff muscles on my gluteus. Although more of reps did make it take longer n more tiresome than the past 2 weeks.

Looking for a good alternative to thread the needle here !

Day 15 Sculpt

Its day15 and the workouts are ramping up. Had been taking it bit easy 1st 2 weeks. Now I need to start focusing abit more.
Happen to skip a few wkouts last week as was not well either.
But feel energetic this week and want to try hard.
lets hope I can do it all through the week.

Intro time

Here i go,
I am Radhika Kejriwal, Living in Munich, Germany from a year.
I did the beta program of sculpt and did it again as it launched about 2 years back. Loved it then, Wanted to tame my booty once again now after a good laid back workout period.
I will have to really push myself now between kids, and school and the busy busy schedule.
Loved dancing in my younger years ! So lets hope its goes well during the training period as well.

Reboot grad post  

Too late for this post , but still focussed a bit on it n pumped me for a comeback . Looking forward to the next Kenzai program

Day 17 reboot

Had to take a break due to muscular pain . Just couldn’t do much. Doctor adviced to rest it out n stretch.
Hoping to get back on the wkout front by the weekend .

While we are not on a program I like to eat healthy and eat different foods to give ourselves a good options and make it entertaining , happy and to look forward to. My kids sometimes want lots of meat /sea foods and sometimes want just legumes and soya !!

How much protein do we really need ?? This is a question that comes to my mind time and again - whether it’s for us adults or my kids.
Are vegetarian proteins - lentils legumes pulses enough?
Is meat a better protein than vegetarian protein?
Is soya/tofu a healthy protein?
How much is good enough?

Is there a read anybody could direct me towards on this topic please.

Hi team,
Glad to be on board for another round of reboot. This is a very busy month and hoping to stick to the plan as expected. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Signing off...

Hi team,
I have chosen to step out of the kb2 program . I am unable to keep up to the daily exercise regime, diets have been on , but yet not my 100%. I hardly get to understanding the daily lessons n skip them many times.
Majorly I hv been just chugging through but not enjoying it and feeling content. Maybe my timing of doing it is not correct.
Will give it a go again in future when I feel better motivated.

Will be here trying to feel motivated until next time.


A perfect occasion to hv a great indulgence.
It was Mr. A’s birthday and we headed for a dinner date to a very fancy Asian restaurant.
Really enjoyed the food ( tasting menu with a lot of wine).
Surprised to see how I enjoyed the food so differently this time, didn’t need extra soya sauce with my sushi, could enjoy true sweetness is raw avacados.... didn’t need any extra seasonings.
Thanks to Kenzai I figured my sensitive taste buds. N really enjoyed it.

Trying to stick to routine this week.

Good luck to u guys .

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