Rahul B.

Rahul B.

Kenzai Iron | Day 42 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 42
Program progress:

Over the course of the week, it dawned to me that I seem to be enjoying the daily process of sticking to the diet and exercises, rather than fretting over whether the results are showing or not. This was quite a refreshing thought and removed the burden of constant fretting and getting impatient with progress. While I would still like to see results, it will probably just be an assessment at the end of the program, because small wins are hard to tell anyway. So the focus is solely now on the daily lesson and exercise, and trusting the system works!
On the exercise front, still trying to develop strength on the shoulders and biceps, and legs are the most challenging for sure!
Hope everyone else is going well!


It’s been steady so far, and am finally getting comfortable with the array of exercises and the requisite form for each of them. Still unable to up the weight on several of them because I tend to surrender reps if I do. The balance on the squats and lunges with the barbell are still a challenge and am iffy if the form is perfectly right.
But am enjoying the mental challenge of the Iron program and gradually seeing results. Not looking to overly bulk up, so lean muscle definition is what I am after.
The grunting towards the end of reps and sets has certainly caught the attention of my fellow gymers, and I get a mix of annoyed looks and looks of admiration :)

Happy mid-program, Ironers!

Stretched out!!

The mirror tells me I am developing several stretch marks, and I was so very pleased to see them! Some are quite angry white ones!

Almost at the 3 week mark, still find the legs and shoulders quite challenging. The biceps/triceps/chest are where the changes are most evident. I particularly like the pre workout stretches (which didn’t feature in KB1), as I can hear quite a few creaks in the joints. Need to get a little inventive with the diet and power on for the rest of the program.

Happy Week 4 everyone!


I am trying to find the balance between "too heavy" and "too light" in terms of loading up on weights! Because DOMS only sets in a day later, it's hard to know if you're pushing yourself too much or too little on the day itself. Especially for the legs! Hopefully there will be an app soon to solve this problem!
Otherwise, am settling well into the program and am more comfortable with the form on most of these exercises. May be a good idea to take weekly photos of the legs given how much effort we are putting into these! The front-on image just doesn't capture it :)

Balance and soreness

The leg squats and lunges are absolute killers! I found it difficult getting the balance for these especially towards the latter reps of a set. Also getting used to these workouts - awkward as heck in the beginning as you manage the weights, posture and balance. But after the Mon-Wed coverage of all body groups, am super sore which provides validation that the form is correct. And the pain is equally all over the body - sweetness!!!

Day 7

So far so good - a couple of basic/amateur questions:
I am doing the reps and sets as advised, but no pain the next day in the relevant body group. Is that a good thing, or should I be doing more reps to allow the muscle to “tear” and rebuild? Is protein shake a no-no on the program or permissible?


Q. Who are you?
A. Formerly, only a squash player, now also a Kenzai Die Hard

Q. How do you spend your time?
A. With my 9 year old daughter, wife, tennis, squash, golf, yoga

Q. Where are you?
A. Sunny Sungapore

Q. Why Kenzai Iron?
A. Put some meat on those bones and keep going with Kenzai

Q. What will be your biggest Kenzai Challenge? Exercise, nutrition, or communication? Maybe it is something else? Maybe you are a pro and you are going to ace it. If so, shout it out loud!
A. Before KB1, I would have said nutrition, but for me, it will be putting on muscle (I suspect I am an endomorph) and progressively motivating myself to lift heavier weights

Q. Are you working with an injury?
A. Nope

Q. We are living in an era of super hero films, so, who is your real life super hero?
A. No individual in particular, but anyone who is able to perfectly balance, work, family, health, and social life

Focus on Form

Day 3 and I am trying real hard to bed down the form and basics of each exercise with the irons - and this is taking a lot of concentration and mindfulness, without the benefit of anyone looking on and fixing incorrect form for you. Hoping I have it right before the program really gets going. Is there any way to confirm correct form, or do you just grow into it?
I particularly like the fact that we haven't abandoned the ab exercises! Diet is carryover from KB1. So all in all, things are looking good.

Ready to Rumble

Following a 2 week break from KB1, am ready to dive into Iron. Have a little better idea of what to expect over the course of the next 90 days, but interested in seeing how my body responds to all the weights. Looking forward to getting to know the new cohort and ready for lift off!

Fabulous Experience 

I signed up for this program at the beginning of the year, hoping to improve on my diet and fitness as a key goal for the year. 3 months later, I am delighted at the results. This has been such an informative, simple, sustainable and useful program, that I can’t stop recommending it to whoever I meet. While this is a graduation post, it’s nowhere near the end, and in fact is the beginning of a long term commitment to diet and exercise. The truly remarkable part is I was very fit at the beginning of the program, but the amount I have learnt about the human body, exercise and food over the course of the program made me realize how ignorant I was. So no Kenzbye from me, just a promise to keep it going for the rest of my life! Cheers!

Final Week

It’s almost time to say Kenzbye!!! It’s been an awesome time - tons of learning, mental and physical and I am grateful for the fixing of my diet and new ideas for exercise. I have loved the simplicity of it all, and the fact that it is so comprehensive in its coverage of all muscle groups and food groups. Still undecided on what to do next - though I definitely need a bit of a break. Am not sure what the membership entitles you to or how long we have access to the exercises we did in KB? Overall though, an a big fan of the program and its inspiring to see so many others make the dedication and commitment to the program despite being on the treadmill of life!

As many of the other blog posts, I have also started to think of my exercise routine after the program is done and dusted. The food plan is ingrained in the DNA now, but the exercise has so far been nicely spoon fed. Any thoughts on how to build on what we have done after Day 90?!

Was wondering when the indulgence would come and when it did, the urge to splurge didn’t happen. Clearly, my brain has been rewired! Am delighted with the results!

On a different note, would be great for the Kenzai masters or dieticians to periodically provide updates to trainees based on the photographs. I know stuff happens behind the scenes, but would be good every 3-4 weeks to hear back on what they feel may be working/tips/improvements etc.

Energetic Shift

Have used these blog posts mostly to document physical changes over the course of the program, I thought I’d spend some time on the mental/spiritual aspects for this one. This program has brought about quite an energetic shift, and by that I don’t mean just physically. Having to work on altering behavioural patterns and mental discipline over a period of 64 days, it has led to a shift in the manner in which I vibrate. For those familiar with the Law of Attraction and Reiki, this may seem familiar. Consequently, I now find myself attracting a different set of life circumstances, people and emotions and it has brought a lot of variety to my life. Even in terms of friendships and what things you appreciate/dislike, it has caused quite a shift and I am trying to digest all of it. This aspect tends not to be mentioned much, but I felt the urge to share.

Day 59

Feel like I have adjusted to the new tougher workout routine - learning which muscle group is stronger and which ones less so based on when I hit failure. Will be interesting to see if this phase produces more results, or if the cumulative effort of the last 59 days will suddenly start showing. Diet seems to be now locked into the DNA, so I guess the real test will come once the program will be over. Caught in two minds as to whether I want to be bound by the program to not indulge or have free will and then not indulge :)