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Rahul B.

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Kenzai Body
Program progress:
Fabulous Experience 

I signed up for this program at the beginning of the year, hoping to improve on my diet and fitness as a key goal for the year. 3 months later, I am delighted at the results. This has been such an informative, simple, sustainable and useful program, that I can’t stop recommending it to whoever I meet. While this is a graduation post, it’s nowhere near the end, and in fact is the beginning of a long term commitment to diet and exercise. The truly remarkable part is I was very fit at the beginning of the program, but the amount I have learnt about the human body, exercise and food over the course of the program made me realize how ignorant I was. So no Kenzbye from me, just a promise to keep it going for the rest of my life! Cheers!

Final Week

It’s almost time to say Kenzbye!!! It’s been an awesome time - tons of learning, mental and physical and I am grateful for the fixing of my diet and new ideas for exercise. I have loved the simplicity of it all, and the fact that it is so comprehensive in its coverage of all muscle groups and food groups. Still undecided on what to do next - though I definitely need a bit of a break. Am not sure what the membership entitles you to or how long we have access to the exercises we did in KB? Overall though, an a big fan of the program and its inspiring to see so many others make the dedication and commitment to the program despite being on the treadmill of life!

As many of the other blog posts, I have also started to think of my exercise routine after the program is done and dusted. The food plan is ingrained in the DNA now, but the exercise has so far been nicely spoon fed. Any thoughts on how to build on what we have done after Day 90?!

Was wondering when the indulgence would come and when it did, the urge to splurge didn’t happen. Clearly, my brain has been rewired! Am delighted with the results!

On a different note, would be great for the Kenzai masters or dieticians to periodically provide updates to trainees based on the photographs. I know stuff happens behind the scenes, but would be good every 3-4 weeks to hear back on what they feel may be working/tips/improvements etc.

Energetic Shift

Have used these blog posts mostly to document physical changes over the course of the program, I thought I’d spend some time on the mental/spiritual aspects for this one. This program has brought about quite an energetic shift, and by that I don’t mean just physically. Having to work on altering behavioural patterns and mental discipline over a period of 64 days, it has led to a shift in the manner in which I vibrate. For those familiar with the Law of Attraction and Reiki, this may seem familiar. Consequently, I now find myself attracting a different set of life circumstances, people and emotions and it has brought a lot of variety to my life. Even in terms of friendships and what things you appreciate/dislike, it has caused quite a shift and I am trying to digest all of it. This aspect tends not to be mentioned much, but I felt the urge to share.

Day 59

Feel like I have adjusted to the new tougher workout routine - learning which muscle group is stronger and which ones less so based on when I hit failure. Will be interesting to see if this phase produces more results, or if the cumulative effort of the last 59 days will suddenly start showing. Diet seems to be now locked into the DNA, so I guess the real test will come once the program will be over. Caught in two minds as to whether I want to be bound by the program to not indulge or have free will and then not indulge :)

Why 90 days?

Wondering why the program is 90 days along as opposed to 75 or 100? Any scientific reason?

This week’s workouts are really challenging my level of interest because there are fewer muscle groups and more intensive - so it’s a bit of a drag. Enjoyed the varied excercises from the prior weeks. But there is always resistance to change. At this point, am also very keen to see the differences in my internal workings!

In (not so) dull gence!

Had to really rack my brains for how to cash out this treat! Finally settled on 2 glasses of margaritas! I see the point of these indulgences - I didn’t feel like eating anything unhealthy! Looking forward to the next indulgence!


Last night, for the first time since I started the program, I had a dream about food - delicious chocolate cupcakes! I cannot recall if I managed to resist in the dream as I have in real life, but my mind is certainly playing tricks! Is there a Pulse article/blog/podcast on dreams while on Kenzai?! LOL!


Having bravely resisted all junk food, temptation finally struck in an intense way! Fortunately, there was nothing stocked at home that was easily accessible and unhealthy! I tried to acknowledge the feeling hoping it would go away, but it was a pesky little bug. While I resisted the urge, I also have no interest in eating anything healthy! Am hoping hunger in a while will make new eat. I think it’s mental fatigue from eating healthy!

Day 34

Am really enjoying the increased intensity of the workouts - the burn is more apparent now and the exertion is apparent from the welcome slight pain the next day. Will be interesting as this ramps up further.


I know we aren’t supposed to get on the scale and measure weight/fat etc but at what point do we start to look at metrics and evaluate the pace at which we are getting to our goals. I think I have picked up in some of the other blog posts as well. Still going with the flow, but also keen to know if am doing it right and course correct if not.


Looks like my body has adjusted to the new quantities of food, but doesn't seem like I am putting on more weight as a result - improved metabolism thanks to Kenzai? Have definitely lost inches but not sure if that translates to having lost body fat? The exercises seem to be helping with the toning up as well. Ploughing on regardless!

Holiday Ends

Back from vaca. While I couldn’t do the diet to the T, proud for having avoided all alcohol, sugary drinks, fried food and desserts. This week is to get back into the full swing of things!

Trying my best to stay on track while on vacay. Jump rope to 600 I can do by pausing briefly after every 100.
Posted the end of Week 2 photo - is it possible for the nutritionist to tell if I am on track with these photos?