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Rahul G.

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Reach is coming along well. While I still fight to get the evening ones in but the morning stretches I look forward to. This past week I found the skill full stretches to be just the right ones to do in addition to the post run stretches. Hope everyone is making progress as well

Still coming to terms with the slow pace on this program even though we are 2 weeks in. The morning stretches followed by the skilful movement are a breeze. It’s the evening ones that are challenging more from a time perspective. Hoping it gets a tad bit challenging in the days ahead.

thank you Kenzai

Hey folks I’m happy to say today i accomplished my self target of running a half marathon nearly a year after my knee surgery in July 2018.

The time just before and upto 4 months post surgery was depressing not being able to do any real exercise.

Post the prescribed rehab prog by my doc, I’ve done reboot twice to get back general fitness along with a lot of leg strengthening exercises. Continued this with Skulpt for further strengthening of the posterior chain and legs. Finally started blast 3 weeks ago to burn some fat!!

All through this I substituted the skipping with running as my alternate cardio starting from Kenzai 10 k first and finally ending with the Kenzai half today.

Running is my passion and I am just so happy to sort of back to it. I cannot thank the folks at Kenzai enough who as you can see above were instrumental in getting me back!! And to some of the other trainees who constantly inspire to get workouts done and tread on despite issues that crop at work, family etc etc. Love you guys !! Thanks a tonne !!

I was saving my 2 tickets for my family holiday starting Thursday next week onwards but I’m tired today and will use one of them today.

As far as blast the past week has been good. I’ve been dedicated to the program workout wise. Diet B plus. Going to stay totally to program until Wednesday and as best as I can once the holiday starts.

Take care folks !!

Attached is a post run photo with Ironman and Kenzai veteran Nikhil K.

why blast

Hey Kenzai warriors
Day 5 done and it couldn’t feel any better to be back on a program. I’m not sure why I signed up for this (considering I’m doing the k half from the archives on my owny) other than it being a short program that fits in before the kids summer vacation at the end of the month. That being said I love the change in routine from the other programs.
1. Move away from bands to more body weight exercises for strength.
2. High intensity wo towards the end. Those 8 minutes have been killing me.
The fact that I’m being challenged despite being reasonably fit is what I really needed. The monotony needed to be broken and blast is doing just that so far. Man are those salamanders even possible?
Glad I signed up and look forward to training with you.

heart rate

Folks yesterday’s body blast had me out of breadth. Just for kicks sake I monitored heart rate today during the body blast and found it to be peaking at 110, again out of breadth. In comparison during the 8 km cardio today , the max heart rate was 145 and yet I was in a position to go harder. Don’t understand the logic here!! Any comments ?

Boy what a first day !! Body, K half , kettlebell, Skulpt down ... but this has got to be the toughest first day....simple effective exercises that just humble you!!
Weather forecast for the next 4 weeks looks fine except the last few days from the 30th onwards when the entire family goes to Cape Town to celebrate mother’s 70th birthday.
Look forward to training with all of you.
Cheers !!


Hi guys missed the Wednesday wo due to early morning meeting. Just wondering if I should catch up on that tomorrow or do the scheduled barre wo. What is more apt for posterior chain strengthening. 🤔 just wondering. Thanks

diet issues

hi diet updation is still not ok. I don’t have diet updated for 18/2 onwards. Program otherwise coming along fine other than total lack of energy last 3 days. Workouts are good. Sometimes they get confusing. Can anyone explain the difference between arabesque and touch back?

Morning team before you know it and one week has whizzed by. Loving the new set of exercises. The butt tucks and the v sit ups continue to haunt me. Objective for the program is a solid lower body so I’m going to be a sucker for any strength training challenges. With that The pulses are a welcome addition. So was the x band walk!! I was wondering if I could add ankle weights to exercises like arabesque etc !!

The posture test reveals I have decent posture. Lower back is good. Neck is probably a finger too out than required. No sore points on the body.

Diet glitch : until Sunday the diet showed differently on the app and the web. The app showed the last diet from reboot while the web showed the updated version. I checked again Monday night and while the app and web have the same diet now, the diet I followed yesterday for week 2 is now showing up as the diet for week 3.

Hydroponics : a friend has started farming a variety of salad leaves in his new hydroponics farm in delhi. Was lucky to receive small lots of all of them just in time.

Trust everyone is doing well! Cheers

Jenny please treat this as my final post. Starting skulpt on Monday so request you to graduate me before that.

My only goal is to get back to running. And with the help of reboot in November and now again in January and consistent exercises through December, I am happy to be on track. The knee is feeling so much better with the reboot wo’s and a whole lot of leg strengthening exercises.

Thanks Jenny and all the other trainees on the group for keeping me committed to my fitness goal. Onto building those buns now!!!!


After a moderate winter last year , delhi is witnessing a pretty cold one by its own standards this year. This along with pressure at work and some personal issues made me want to just sleep in yesterday. As much as I wanted to start my exercise I just couldn’t.
Not beating myself over it instead taking solace from the sleep lessons in Kenzai and moving on. Felt all charged up in today’s workout. Otherwise program coming well. Diet by and large on track except a few missed snacks. Hope the rest of the team all heading for a strong finish.


My wife and I went for our anniversary lunch today.

I ordered grilled chicken with veggies on the side. She ordered a tagliatelle pasta with mushrooms cooked in truffle oil. Attached is the picture of the meal!

The chicken without whatever the yummy marinate on the top was boring.

The pasta had a healthy portion of truffle oil and also butter I think which I could not take out.

Overall qty wise compliant but I think failure otherwise.

But hey my wife and I got to spend some good quality time together.

road to recovery

Hi guys
Finally had my surgery 3 days ago. Am glad that’s it’s finally done and i am now on the road to recovery. 2-3 months is what the doctor tell me.
Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t just get it done 2 months ago when the doc on a clinical examination advised it was a ligament tear...something the mri confirmed weeks later. Have realised that any line of treatment has a process which one just has to go through. A physical injury requires rest immediately after a surgery followed by a conservative treatment for a month and finally invasive treatment if all fails. Post all this the recovery time. To put all this in a time perspective, by the time I fully recover it will be 6 months and this is for a relatively small injury !!! pretty frustrating for people who love fitness!!

Is it avoidable? I guess not but I’ve learnt the hard way now that it’s preventable to a great extent. The doc has advised to supplement any strenuous sport by relevant muscle strengthening exercises, pre and post stretching and finally and most importantly a break and change in the exercise regime every few months.

Thought I’d share my experience !!

Have a good weekend!!


down but not out!!

Hello team
Sorry for the delayed blog. I’ve had a good program until Friday last week. All good with the wo and diet. However the knee pain that I mentioned at the beginning of the program bothered me through the weekend. While I did al the wo I just wasn’t present in them.
Saw the doc yesterday who on a clinicial examination tells me I have bruised my tibia and damaged my collateral medial ligament in the process and advised me to refrain from any activity that involves a pounding action (read running, skipping) , pivoting, lunging and squatting for the next 6 weeks.
As foolish as it may sound I have decided against the doctors advise and will complete the program except in a restricted manner. Will give a complete rest thereafter.
In the meantime I’ll continue to cheer you guys from the sidelines !!
Best wishes

diet snafu

Saw the diet yesterday for week 2 and I’m a bit confused. With the exception of the k half program, ive seen trainees blog about a low carb diet through the day and pretty much no carbs after sunset in Kenzai body, chisel and iron programs.

However I find ive never had to struggle with my allotted carb qty be it on kB, run 10, run half and even now on bells. And I don’t have half the lean structure as most other trainees!!

Just wondering !!🤔🤔




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