Rainer H.

Rainer H.

Back on track 

Reboot was a great reminder that regular exercise and a conscious diet are basic ingredients for a life were your body is support and not burden. I'm feeling great after one month of Reboot and I will continue with my daily exercise (and an occasional beer).

Smooth Sailing

Kenzai is again working great for me. Smooth sailing through the last week.

A lousy food blogger ...

I am a lousy food blogger. Forgot to take the photo before starting the meal. The tilapia topped with herbs and onion was great. I kept the sauce at the bottom of the plate.


Week 1 worked out fine for me. Rope jumping hurts though. Unfortunately my favorite place for jumping has turned white overnight and its cold!!

Rebooting the ship

Almost exactly 4 years after PCP and after learning a lot about diet, exercise and life, I am back for a fresh-up. Let's see how it goes.

Greetings to all fellow Rebooters!

Quality of Life 

Thanks to Patrick, Sarah and the PCP team for guiding me to some key principles to achieve a higher quality of life. I learned so much in getting the ship back in shape and how to hopefully keep it that way. Congratulations on a very impressive personal training model. Stay virtual, and beware of the food and health industry.  Some stats: weight down 10 % to 90 kg, no change in height! All the best to the fellow PCPer. Stay fit forever.

Le Finale

The final days of PCP are here. And I am prepared: vacation on a small island with lots of fresh air (no warm air though), fresh fish, no cars (only walking and bicycling) and time for Le Finale. I am so grateful that I started this program. It changed a lot for me for the better. And now ready for the final sprint.

Which I did not. The Czech pilsener was too tempting. And it hit me hard. Eventually I lost 2 days of workout. Back on track now and looking forward to 2 more weeks of compliance. 

Out again

As the days have turned warmer now, I took my first trips with the mountain bike. What a difference! Things are going much easier and there is plenty of power. PCP really shows. I am looking forward to some real climbs now.

Back home

Had a good week with great workouts on a sunny roof top. I followed Patrick's tip on ordering vegetarian food for long flights and it made a big difference: good sleep on the plane and arriving relaxed. Looking forward to the last third of PCP.

Week 8 Travel

Off for a week to sunny Brazil. Looking forward to fresh fruits, vegetable and good protein. Hope to get the workouts under control despite long flights.

More eggs!
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I love them. In particular the colored ones.

Have not blogged for a week - I was busy working out, preparing food and eating. No just kidding! Things are going really well. I lost some 4-5 kgs and feel so much better overall. I just found out that so far I only missed a single day of work-out (after my indulgence/birthday). I have been doing the rope skipping and workout early morning before breakfast during the whole program. Together with the 'all-inclusive' breakfast a great start for the day. 
Despite harder work-outs I have not had any sore muscles at any time. Joints are fine too; knee joints are making some noise during the squats, but they have been doing hard work for a combined 100 years now. Not such a bad design!

Day 28 - What a day

What a day: Rope jumping only - indulgence(s) - birthday. Ready for week 5 with lots of energy. (s) is for small!

Pull-up oops!

Got my pull-up bar mounted on Saturday. Long way to go to catch up with the target numbers. Will work on it daily.

Final Photo





Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body