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Rana R.'s Kenzai Sculpt program, Sculpt | Oct 14 2019, starts in 54 days.

I can’t stop touching my legs when I walk. I look like a pervert. :)

All good

Doing all the exercises and loving it. Have stiffness in legs all the time. Not much to report.

I don’t think I deserve a graduation badge for this one. Life has been unusually busy with house refurbishment, husband travelling and no help with the kids and illnesses so I missed about half of my workouts.


We are going through a seven month house rebuilding project which means I don’t have access to our back garden where I usually skip.

For a while I thought I had to stop doing Kenzai programs because I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of skipping in the front garden, facing the traffic and passers by.

But Kenzai is irresistible. I signed up for reboot and here I am. Skipping next to the skip, on muddy grounds.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Car crash

I was in a car crash two weeks ago in which I was whiplashed and my neck was sore for a few days.

I thought I was better when I started Sculpt last week and all was fine until Friday. My neck and shoulder blade was in excruciating pain.

My chiropractor says that my spine has been injured in the accident and I need to rest for four weeks which is very annoying.

Is there another sculpt program that I can do in 4 week?

Was a busy week

My husband was away and I missed a few runs this week. Problem with running is that unlike Kenzai Body, that can be done at home, those of us with kids need someone to look after them so we can go for a run.

Good news is that husband is back and I can go for the 9.5K run. Last week’s 8K wasn’t enjoyable, I hope it gets better this week.

Sorry guys

Been away with family and been suffering from bad knee.

Been ill

Sorry I have been quiet. Been fighting a stomach bug which is making me dizzy. Not a great week!

On holidays

With limited access to the internet! Staying at an all inclusive hotel, which makes staying on diet difficult. But there is a nice gym. Have done all the exercises.

KB2 Again

I’ve already done KB2 and 3 once, tried Kenzai Reach but it wasn’t suitable for my hectic life so decided to repeat KB2.

KB3 Done and Dusted

I'm not sure whether I'm happy that KB3 is over or not. On one ha and it is nice not to have to do so much exercise every day, on the other I lack a sense of purpose and structure in my life.
I wish there were infinite numbers of Kenzai Body programs. I know I can always redo this one but it won't be the same. I feel nervous and already worried about what will happen to me after this. I'm not self-deciplined enough to do regular exercise unless it is for a certain period of time therefore Kenzai Body worked perfectly for me.

The final two weeks weren't as strong as I wished because of a foot injury but nevertheless I come out stronger and fitter than I have ever been.

I'm glad that my results have encouraged several of my friends to join Kenzai. They are all happier and fitter people as a result. We all agree that Kenzai has changed our lives. We love you Kenzai

Next program

I'm abroad and away from my exercise outfit. I will post a final photo as soon as I get back. In the meantime can someone please guide me as how to sign up for the next Kenzai Reach program?

Off excersice

Right calf and consequently right foot are soar... my Physio has asked me to rest a bit for the inflammation to calm down... very annoying!


Deep in the valley! Had two very hectic weeks and the fatigue is kicking in!

My weakest point

Is cheese...the only thing I struggle when on Kenzai diet.

The sets are getting too long... sometime it takes me 1.5 hour to finish them which is tricky given how hectic my life with two small kids is... feeling drained.




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