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Randall A.

Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready | Graduating (Member)
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Program progress:

Having taken a couple of days off last week to ease the pain around the neck and shoulder I threw myself back into the workout on Friday, followed by a cycle Saturday morning and another workout. I think I overdid it because the pain is now back with a vengeance - stiff neck, sore upper back, pain in the shoulder and trap muscles. Arghhhh, very frustrating.

I think this program will end in a whimper. Will need rest and physio and I think I'll struggle to lift the dumbells again over the next week . Hopefully can get back into the cardio later in the week with the aim to be on the bike over the weekend. Will try and stay on diet, blog and read the lessons for the remainder of the program. I really liked the results I was getting so I need to figure out what went wrong (weights too heavy, poor technique etc?) as long term I think there are benefits for me doing the upper body workouts.

KTS ouch

Have been a bit sore these last few days. Not from DOMs but seemed to have twinged a couple of muscles - some referred pain in my left arm likely from the shoulder and also I’m a bit tender in the trapezius such that when I turn my head to either side it’s a bit painful. Am taking a self imposed rest day today to see if I can settle things down.

Otherwise all is ok. Diet was a bit over the place on the weekend but back to compliant so far this week. It’s good to be feeling strong in the upper body (as well as legs given the amount of cycling I do, both indoors and outdoors). Just need to knock this niggling pain on the head.

Trucking on

Swapped Days 8 and 9 after I was forced to do Day 6 on Day 7 (didn't want to do two heavy weight days back to back). I'm sore across the pecs and lats today, so am hoping to feel a bit better by tomorrow for the super heavy workout.

Really enjoying the program so far, gradually getting used to using the dumbbells. I decided against buying dumbbells - one of the reasons being I live in a walk up and didn't know how I would get the heavy ones into the apartment! The sports store I went to won't do delivery (and the online store I found understandbly won't deliver to walk up - I can imagine carting 2x20 kg dumbbells up stairs would be a challenge!) So I am trying to find quieter times at the gym (which is thankfully in my office building) and I also find there's wider variety in weights to suit my needs (I have a bad right shoulder so I like the option of being able to use lighter weights for the shoulder exercises).

Of course, the downside to gyms is having to deal with other people! Yesterday I needed to use one of the two benches for the chest exercises. One was being used by someone else also doing dumbbell fly (and putting me to shame with the weight he was using). As I was about to approach the other bench someone beat me to it. She put down her towel and water bottle on the bench and some light dumbbells on the ground and then proceeded to sit on the bench for 5 mins texting. She then walked away from the bench to make a phone call (lasting another 5 mins) leaving her gear on the bench. When she finally returned she did some shoulder exercises standing in front of the bench, finished those and then left. I moved on to the shoulder exercises and came back to the chest later. Thankfully the other bench cleared up by then, but I was ready to ask her to clear her bench while she was on the phone if I had finished my shoulders and needed to start chest. Arrggh, some people are clueless!

Rant over.

Barely alive

Did another cycle this morning, 71km, 3.5 hours, lots of hills, blistering heat and bad pollution. I was well and truly done by the end. Really suffered on the hills, could feel the muscle soreness. No one I have anything left in me to the workout, so will treat this as my “rest” day and do it tomorrow.

Now for some lunch, I need to refuel.

Have a great weekend all


I decided to go for a ride with my cycling group this morning. 5.45 am start, 2hrs, 40km, 4 hills. Then I did my workout. All in all took me 3 hours. Nice to get it all out the way but I’m shattered. Not sure I can do that every day!

I’m still on the bands if doing my workouts at home - need to invest in some dumbbells. Will hit the sports stores this weekend - thanks to Robin and Maria for their recommendations.

Change of Plan?

No, I am not pulling out of KTS. The plan was to do my workouts in the gym (I do 2-3 cycles classes during the week so makes sense to do that as my cardio and the rest of the workout thereafter). Jump rope is out for me because of my back. But I went to the gym around noon today and by the time I got to the dumbbell section of the workout I found it impossible to get hold of the dumbbells I needed or find a space to do the exercise. It was like a zoo in the weights area. So I took myself back to the stretch area and did the exercises with resistance bands.

I either need to find a different time of the day to do the strength workout or buy myself some dumbbells and at least do the strength workout at home in the morning (and the cardio portion at the gym later.)


I'm really looking forward to this program. I've already done KB2 and Beach Ready this year with some great results. Unfortunately, or so after I finished Beach, I had to travel from HK to the Caymans and back in 6 days. All that flying and not enough stretching (followed by an intense workout when I got back) caused my back to freeze up and it took me another 6-8 weeks to get it right again, during which time I lost some of the progress I'd made. Now its time to get it back again! I started chisel 2 weeks ago but it wasn't the right fit for me - the exercises were way too demanding on my back. T-Shirt looks much better - the exercises look much safer for my back.

As my wife and friends know, I'm a t-shirt and shorts/guy, so what better program to get me looking good in my many t-shirts! Here's a shot taken of me not long after KB2 (gratuitous cute koala inserted for extra comments) - here's hoping I can look even better in this t-shirt in 4 weeks.

Good to see a lot of familiar faces in Marin and the program generally. Looking forward to training with old and new friends.

Man Down!

KB2 + Beach Ready and I was in the best shape of my life. Just over a week ago, and 3 days after returning from 60 hours of travel over 6 days, my back goes on me. Too much sitting and not enough stretching. The exercise is severely reduced (just light swimming) until I sort my back , hopefully only another week or so. This is so frustrating as I remained in the zone after these 2 programs and am just itching to keep myself in the shape I maintained. Maybe we need a Kenzai Rehab program to keep us injured souls motivated and on diet when injury strikes. Sigh.

Had a Blast (well, mostly)! 

I really enjoyed this programme. I must admit there were more challenges than expected, with a cold, colonoscopy and of course the passing of my father this week. As such diet wasn’t always on point and missed a few more workouts than expected (4 all up). But life throws you curve balls and you need to deal with them the best you can.

I had been thinking that the final result wasn’t as good as it could have been, but then when I look at where I was at the start of the year, I’m
really proud as to what I have achieved over the past 5 months between KB2 and Beach Ready. I did a collage of my before and after shots for both programs and the results are clear from both. I can even see the difference between the end of KB2 and end of KBR. The daily push ups were great in giving me much more definition in the chest and can also see good changes in the abdominal area.

I’d certainly recommend this to anyone wanting to do it, but one of the biggest takeaways is that it is an advanced programme and can’t be done without a certain level of fitness. If I’d gone into this in the condition I was in back in January I would have suffered and probably injured myself. KB2 (or indeed any of the 90 day programmes) followed by KBR is a great combination. I’ll certainly be coming back to it again.

Thanks to the trainers for their guidance and congrats to all my team members and other KBR graduates for some great results!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes. Unfortunately my father passed away while we were on a flight back to see him. While it’s a shame we could not say goodbye to him, it all happened very quickly so thankfully my father didn’t suffer. It’s been a great help to my mum having me and my wife back to support her.

Naturally Wednesday was a write off re diet and workouts. Yesterday I did the workout and will be doing today’s later on this afternoon (it’s great to burn off the stress and take my mind briefly off the events of the past few days). The diet has been very hit and miss. I’ll see out the programme as best as I can. Kenzai is always here when I need it and I’m sure I’ll be back on another programme in a month or two.

Good and bad

Used up my second ticket on Sunday after a night in Macau with my lovely wife to celebrate my birthday. This also meant an indulgent Saturday night having one of the best meals I’ve eaten. Sorry, but it was worth it! Back on it the last 2 days with intetion of having a fully compliant last week . . .

Unfortunately I received some bad news this morning. My father has been taken gravely ill and I am now rushing back to Australia to be with him and my mother. Obviously the next few days family will be taking priority over KBR. If I can get some workouts in I will (may be a good stress reliever) but it will be lower down the list of my priorities.

Back in the swing

I’ve recovered well from my cold. Usually a cold will drain me of energy for a week or two and with my asthma it always goes to my chest. I’m still got a lingering cough but it hasn’t affected my workouts and I was able to jump right back into them on Tuesday. Very happy with that given I was bedridden on Sunday. I put this down to clean eating and probably the fittest I’ve ever been. Following today’s lesson I’m also convinced the increase in lung capacity has helped fight off the usual issues I have with my asthma post cold.

It’s rare for me to get my workout done first thing in the morning (other than on weekends) but I have a busy day today so I got up at 5.45 am and met a friend for a 26km cycle followed by the workout. An hour more than the 20 min cardio we are supposed to do, thus I was shattered by the end. But cycling is my no. 1 sport and I love being out on the bike (notwithstanding the occasional inevitable idiot drivers!). I’ll mix it up tomorrow with a swim.

Sunday writeoff

Sunday was always going to be a challenge given I was on a clear liquid diet in the lead up to my colonoscopy. I had hoped to get a workout in first thing Sunday morning prior to my energy levels draining but the cold I had on Thursday, which I thought I had kicked, came back with a force Saturday evening and I ended up spending most of Sunday in bed. Needless to say that first ticket has now been used.

Feeling much better today, and got through the colonoscopy with a clean bill of health, which is a relief. And having not eaten solids for 36 hours I’m looking forward to getting back onto diet. I’ll try and do a light workout this afternoon with the aim to be fully ramped up again tomorrow. Onwards and upwards.

PS: I cheekily did my weekly photo this morning after my Sunday “detox”.

Well, it was only 3 nights away, but that was long enough. Singapore was tough on the diet, especially on the last day when I was invited to a work function with a set (unhealthy menu). I didn’t t end up using a ticket like I thought I would and managed to do the workouts all of the days I was away.

Unfortunately I woke up sick this morning - sore throat and a nasty cough coming from the chest. I worked from home and managed to feel somewhat better by the afternoon. Not enough energy to do a full workout - I skipped the cardio and did the pre blast exercises only. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through the blast exercises so instead decided to do a KB1 blast from the past and dug out the cheesy (but effective) 8 minute ab workout (https://youtu.be/pNqrkGnkUWc)! Not sure if what I did is enough to avoid use of the ticket, but in any event it was good to get something done on a sick day while still managing not to overdo it.

See you tomorrow gang!

Blow Out

Why am I doing Beach Ready? As mentioned in my earlier post, I had some great results on KB2 yet I wondered at the end how I could shift the remaining wight around my mid section and also get rid of the love handles. Beach Ready came at the perfect time to try and do that (and of course I'd love to look great for the summer!)

Friday night was a very good mate's 50th birthday (also a Kenzai member!). I signed up for this knowing the party would fall in week one. I managed to eat well, and had good intentions of only having a couple of glasses of wine. Needless to say it was a few more than that! Saturday morning my wife and I dragged ourselves out of bed and walked from Central up to the Peak via Old Peak Road, which is very steep. She then joined me for the workout when we got home.

I'm in Singapore for a conference at the moment. Sticking strictly to the diet has been hard with set dinners and buffet lunches, but I'm managing to do pretty well.

8/8 on the workouts so far. Contemplating use of one of the tickets today as my back has been a bit sore and I feel like my body could do with a rest. I have a 2 hr window this afternoon so will see how I feel and make a decision then. I have to have a colonoscopy on Monday with a strict low fat diet starting Friday and fasting on Sunday, so I'm assuming I may have to skip a workout on Sunday and/or Monday given my energy levels are low. Perhaps a discussion to have with the trainers.

Have a good week all!

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