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Randall A.

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I'm still here!

I must admit in hindsight this wasn't the best time for me to be doing this program. I only just finished KB2 in September, my mother is visiting for a month (which means a lot of eating out or her wanting to cook for us!) and work has gone a bit crazy. I really haven't had the motivation to immerse myself in this and as a result my diet and blogging is suffering. I'm doing a better job on the workouts but even then I am missing the odd portion (usually the yoga routine) here and there.

I'm not the one to quit so I am going to stick this out, knowing it won't be close to perfect. But the exercises are doing me good. The aim is to get my back in a position where I can properly do KB3 sometime in the first half of next year.

Lazy Toes!

Yesterday's lesson was an eye opener! My last weekly pic is a clear indicator of tight hamstrings- curved back and not tilting the pelvis properly. I also have the lazy toes!! Some great pointers to focus on for my next pic. And I'll now be using my standing desk at work a lot more to activate my hamstrings.

Week 2

This week was a bit of a disaster. Work was crazy - with colleagues visiting from New York and an arbitration in the back half of the week, my diet was not great at all and I have not been blogging. On the positive side I only missed one workout. I have had back problems this year and am finding that the morning stretches and workout is really helping me to get rid of some of the stiffness in my back that I usually experience in the morning.

Anyway, tomorrow is the start of a new week. The grocery shopping has been done and the fridge is full of fresh food. Time to tighten (and loosen!) things up! Onwards and upwards.

Reach Day 1 & 2

I'm really pleased to be part of the inaugural KBR! I finished KB2 a little over a month ago with mixed feelings. I injured my back in week one, but continued on, with focus on diet and some strength workouts (and little cardio). The results were ok given the circumstances. Reach comes at a good time for me as I think the workouts will help in getting my back problems sorted (together with the physio and pilates I am doing). I've just come back from 10 days in Bali and way too much indulging, so tightening up the diet also comes at a good time

I am about the world's most inflexible person (I mean physically!) so the initial assessment was tough. Nevertheless, this provides a great benchmark against which I can measure my progress and hopefully achieve a more flexible body (and one that's capable of getting back into the cardio sooner rather than later).

I look forward to taking this new journey together with everyone. All the best for the next 8 weeks!


Its great to be done with another Kenzai program. I have mixed feelings about this one. Given my bad back I have not been able to embrace it as much as KB1 and the results are not as good as I was hoping for. I was really hoping to get fit and to use this as a platform for getting back into some events (running, cycling etc). I think I've done a good job in the circumstances, I've lost a lot of weight, have been able to build some muscle (the back didn't stop me from doing some of the strength workouts) and have got back into the routine of eating healthier. I'm actually lighter than I at the end of KB1 so that's a positive.

Its been great doing this program with my wife, who really nailed Kenzai Body 1. I'm very proud of her and the results she achieved. It was good to have someone motivating me and vice versa.

The goal moving forward is to get my back sorted (maybe a couple of weeks without any strength workouts and just focusing on my back stretches and exercises). Once it is better I can ease myself back into the cardio with the aim of being able to cycle and run again (I have a goal of completing the China Coast half marathon in January in under 2 hours so Kenzai Run 2 is on the cards if I can get the back sorted). I'd also like to have a crack at Kenzai Body 3 sometime next year.

Well done to all my team for their great results and many thanks to Brett for being an excellent trainer and guiding me through my back issues. Most importantly thanks to my wife for motivating me and putting up with my moodiness when the going got tough.

Final Push

Looking forward to a strong finish. The back has not improved enough to get on the jump rope but managed to get some good alternate cardio in over the weekend, including a good hike.

Enjoyed this mornings workout. Had to sub in the abs with some ab exercises my physio had given me, which I think will be the norm for the remainder of the week.

All the best to all for a great last week!

My brother

Having come off a weekend of 2 indulgences, the diet has been on point this week. Last week was the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my brother. He died from a brain tumour which he had been bravely living and battling with for 12 years. He was a large motivator in me deciding to do Kenzai and get healthy, and he was very proud of what I achieved. Above is once of my favourite photos of the 2 of us together, taken almost 3 years ago, just after I had completed Kenzai Body. I organized a memorial dinner amongst friends last Friday night to remember him. Needless to say, I drank a bit too much and also succumbed to a dessert.

I really should have treated that as my indulgence, but I also got stuck into the cheese at lunch on Sunday.

Although the diet has been good since the weekend, I haven't been so great on the exercise - still not able to do jump rope but work has gotten in the way of a couple of strength workouts. The aim is to get back on track for the final push. Hope everyone else is doing ok, will try and get around to posting some comments over the weekend.

A month to go

Not much to report. Diet has been good except for a lunch on Saturday and Sunday which was a bit over on grams.

My back is no better, am able to do some strength workouts but jump rope is still a long way off. Cardio is limited to hiking/walking and some stationary bike. All very frustrating but definitely have benefitted from the diet so not regretting having done KB2.

Trucking along

Been a busy week at work with the boss in from out of town. A couple of meals with the team not quite on point, but did the best I could and didn't go crazy. Also missed a couple of workouts due to long days. That said, the weight has been coming off still so not too much damage done.

Had a great indulgence meal with some friends last Saturday night, needless to say was feeling very sluggish the next day.

In Bangkok this weekend so need to do my best to not go overboard with all the yummy food!

Apple Dinners!

With both me and my wife doing Kenzai and on apple dinners, this is what our fruit basket currently looks like! Anyone seeing me load up on that many apples at the supermarket must think I am making an apple pie. I wish!

With my back still on the mend I have taken to walking repeatedly up and down a steep set of stairs (350 steps x 3 sets, soon to be 4) for my cardio. Given the leg exercises of the last 2 weeks, this has caused some very painful calf and quad muscles. They have settled down now. Its not jump rope, but I do get a good sweat up. I am able to do most of the strength workouts, aside from a few (mostly the abs) which put too much strain on my back. My physio has given me some core (inner abs) exercises to do, so I substitute the KB2 ab exercises for those (although I did manage to do the turbine this morning and might give the plank a go when it next appears.

Brett asked us to blog about positives. While the back has been a negative, there have still been a lot of positives. Despite not being up to doing a full workout at all since the program began, I am still seeing a lot of progress, in both my pictures and with clothes fitting much better - one suit which was quite tight when I started is now actually quite loose! I guess it really is 80% diet!

The other positive has been doing this with my wife, Sheila. We are only recently married and the last 6 months have been one long indulgence (which affected me more than her given she has a great metabolism). Its great we have been able to support each other throughout the program, which has made things easier for both of us - we know what the other is going through. I had not even met Sheila when I first did Kenzai, so it has been an easier experience for me this time (also, I guess I know what to expect now!) That said, when one of us slips we both slip (case in point, a glass of wine and some oysters last Friday night just so we could feel normal for half an hour!)

My resolution for the remaining 45 days - blog and comment more often! Lets go team and nail the remaining 45 days!!!

Ay Caramba!

Wanting to avoid another blog where I say my back is still not 100%, I can't jump rope and I'm frustrated (all of which are true!) I thought I'd talk about something else.

With my wife also doing Kenzai, we are making an effort to be creative with our food (who says eating healthy needs to be boring!). We had guests over yesterday for lunch and treated them to some healthy Mexican - corn salsa, guacamole, corn tortillas, tomato and lettuce and then grilled fish, prawns and chicken (all using kenzai friendly spices, including the spicy chicken sausage blend from the recipes section). It was yummy and all compliant. Then we had fruit for dessert. Another favourite of ours is to make lamb kebabs with a 2% yoghurt and mint sauce.

We were a bit naughty last night as we decided to go for a nightcap after dinner and had 2 drinks each.

It was nice to get out this morning for a back friendly cardio - brisk hill walk. Hopefully I'll be back on the rope soon.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Week 4

Nothing much to report. The back is still not 100% which is really frustrating as I can't get back into the workouts yet. I'm just focusing on sticking to the diet, which is undoubtedly working, so I can't complain, but really itching to get some exercise in. I see I'm on banana, apple and egg white dinners next week, so hopefully the weight loss will continue.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Week 3

My back is still sore but slowly getting there. My physio has allowed me to do some of the strengthening exercises but jump rope still not allowed, which is frustrating. My diet has been modified to take into account the reduced exercise, so gone are the carbs in the evening. The diet is on point, except for a few wines over the weekend. I can feel my clothes getting looser, so that is a positive, but frankly I'd rather be doing a full kenzai. Hopefully I'll be back on track soon.

Shaky Start

After an average first week due to traveling from the Caymans and US back to Hong Kong, week 2 started off well. Diet has been on point and I was getting the workouts done. Things derailed a bit yesterday when I woke up with my back screaming in pain (I suspect caused by the long hours on the plane and then jumping straight into the exercise when I got back). My physio has asked me to stay off the exercise until I see her again on Saturday (and I was in even more pain this morning, so things aren't looking great). While my wife did her KB workout this morning I stretched out the back, which has helped a bit. Given my goal is weight loss and then fitness, I am not quitting KB2 - I'll stick to the diet, get my back better and then hopefully in a week I'll be back to the workouts. Fingers crossed.

KB2 here we go!

I'm psyched to be back for another 90 days. One big long indulgence during the first half of the year and I have let myself go a bit. I'm nowhere near the condition I was in prior to KB1, but I'm also along way from where where I was at the end of KB1. My "thin" clothes still fit but they are tight in a lot of places.

I am excited to see where I can get to come the end of KB2. I'm looking forward to getting back to a good level of fitness and feeling good about my body again. My lovely wife is also doing KB for the first time and I'm excited to take this journey with her. For her it is less about the weight loss (because she doesn't need to lose any weight!) and more about tightening the diet up and getting fitter, whereas I certainly need to drop a lot of weight. It should be fun encouraging each other and working out together (including mixing it up on the free cardio days!)

I'm travelling in the US at the moment, but day 1 has been good, have eaten well and got my workout in. Looking forward to getting back to Hong Kong at the end of the week as its definitely hard doing Kenzai when travelling (thankfully we ease into things during week one).

Here's to a great 90 days - I look forward to meeting my team soon.

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