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13k, all the way ! 

I’m really, really happy with the outcome on Kenzai Run. My goal here was to get back in to running as another form of exercise, and do it in an injury-free way. I had a bit of a scare with my calf muscles early on, but with good guidance from Ward, it didn’t linger for long and I moved on quickly.

The 13k run felt really good. I ran an hour+ or so after breakfast, and didn’t feel the wall. It was a slightly lower pace than I’d been running, so maybe that helped.

The big challenge now, as always, is keeping up a good routine of exercise for the long haul. I’m happy to have running back in that toolbox. It seems a natural fit with the frequent hiking my wife and I enjoy. Three runs a week sounds very comfortable,

Good Luck All !

Indoor Marathon...?

Came across this article, for anyone looking for a race as part of a future goal...he he he

NYT Now: Three Post Record Times in a Race Rarely Run: The Indoor Marathon


Gratuitous Cherry Blossoms

Along a section of my technical run this morning

Creaks and Squeaks

I really felt great doing the 9.5 k the other day. I was very relaxed, kept attention on my form, and felt strong at the end. Afterwards, I had a sense of accomplishment.

Yesterday was the 40 minute free run. Generally it went OK, but at various points along the way (especially the first 15 minutes) I kept noticing "funny" things in different parts of my legs. For example, a little soreness in my knee, some tension in one muscle or another, etc. Each time, I momentarily thought “uh-oh, am I getting an injury?” I think I’m more sensitive after having a calf (soleus) problem earlier in this program. I tried to respond by thinking about my form, and waiting to see what developed. Luckily, nothing ever came of it, and I ended up feeling good about the run.

Does anybody else get these types of input from their legs while running? How do you handle them?


This is where I've done most of my running for this program. I'm lucky to live nearby a park with a 2km loop at the core, and also has many variations to adjust the distance.

The cherry blossoms are coming into bloom now. In this photo, it's too early in the morning for the normal crowds who come for the blossoms.

This morning I did a walk as cross training, and took this photo with the moon in view. It's also inspiring to see many other runners (that's not me in the photo). There's even a guy who practices tap dancing regularly!

Distance Run: check!

I did the distance run this morning-- decided to aim for the 6.5km that I couldn't finish last week. In reality I ran 6.8, and I'm sure I could have gone 8km no problem.

I framed my mind to just take it easy, focus on technique, and just let it flow. Feeling really good.


On this morning's technical run, I got through the whole way with no calf cramp. I was almost getting a bit worried.

I did notice a little tightness creeping in around the 20 minute mark, so stopped and did a light stretch for about 10 seconds each leg. Felt fine after that and could enjoy the sunshine on a chilly March morning!

Got me again

Had another cramp in the calf today, 18 minutes into the fartlek. Luckily it wasn't nearly as bad, and after a stretch, was able to "finish the distance" walking briskly to get a full 30 minutes. I'll "rest" it tomorrow during strength training, and hopefully be OK for next run Friday.

Was feeling pretty good on the run up to that point. It's nice and cool in the mornings here in Tokyo - around 8 deg C - and really comfortable for running in a light windbreaker and pants.

Today's lesson was about lacing up and getting out even when you think you don't want to. I thought to myself I didn't feel the need to push myself at all today- I was looking forward to the run.

About 10 minutes in to my run, my right calf cramped up, but I a really unusual way. My calves have bee tight, especially up near the knees, since the strength training Thursday. But this hit at the point where the muscle meets the Achilles' tendon (I think). Anyway, I had to abort the run and walk back. I was really jealous of the other runners in the park. Gonna nurse this today and tomorrow and let it rest.

Fartlek Fun

I enjoyed the fartlek running today. It took my a few minutes to program "run keeper", and I wasn't sure it we working until after the first speed section. And I think I have a good route to feel more relaxed next time.

I liked the sense of changing speed. I kept the fast parts at 20 seconds for the sake of being conversative.

The quad stretches felt unusually great today for some reason. Was like a dream...

Somehow, I couldn't get a good feel for "the column" while running today. I got the concept, but never sensed it had it. Occasionally I tried to deliberately be unaligned, and then go back. But somehow I didn't get a sense of it physically.

Anyway, I also focused on keeping the shoulders down, and some of the other points like stride and had motion. I could feel more differences when making adjustments with those movements, so I enjoyed that way of thinking while running.

Wow, I was comically surprised how wobbly I was during the hot foot exercise. Good thing there were no surveillance cameras around. I'll be looking forward to improving my coordination on this exercise over the course of this program...

On a better path 

All in all I'm happy with the results of this program. The fundamental point is eating well makes a huge difference, and adding a regular exercise routine helps. It was a good reminder to see the results of steering eating back to a more healthy track. Good luck!

Challenge #4

Often, especially for lunch, I'm not sure what to get for lunch, either going out, or grabbing take out (or in the grocery store next to my office). If shopping in the store, I found I tend to grab many things, and even though they're in small portions, I get too much, or an item of "junk" food slips in. Fried pork cutlet or baked fish? Local restaurants tend to have free upgrades at lunch -- rice AND naan, or large pasta for the price of a regular plate.

So my rule is when I get in that situation, simply opt for taking fewer calories.


This is a crop of me at age 12, posing with my sister at her high school graduation (she doesn't know it, but she is thankful for discreetly omitting her from this challenge).

Digg the pants!

End of Week 5





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