Raquel G.

Raquel G.

that is a wrap folks

All the best!

last days

I truly enjoyed this journey. And will certainly integrate in my routine forever. Not to the same degree, but more than I have before. Thanks again Kenzai and Kenzai Family. All the best to all.

total bomb

This week from 90% to nada! nothing! zero!


I still can finish strong, will keep it this week.

oh no!

10 days with no post. That is what the email said. Cripes. How did that happen? Oh yeah, still traveling and doing ok. But so tired all. The. Time.

Hips remain sore and evening stretches still hard. I assumed they would get easier, but I am still aiming for that minimum time. ☺️

This week i expect should work well including diet, since i get to stay home all week. Wish me luck cause all i wanna do is sleep.


all good and ya all?

My non stop travel is hurting my eating but not so bad on stretching. i was having a bit of N issue with my hips last week but a hot tub and massage seemed to have settled that. Thx all for that.

What I feel is better about how I move, wish I could also drop some kilos so my belly will let me go even deeper, but the push only causes acid reflux! Oh well, one step at a time.

Good news is that I get 600 skips in 5 min and going for 800 before this is over. For me this is good as I have not skipped since probably January!

I also need to get back to drinking my share of water.

dang it

I wrote a post and lost it!!

Will make this one short now.

I feel my hips are more flexible to the point of weakness. Meaning, it now hurts to go up the stairs. Anyone else encounter this?

week 3 already?

This week i am traveling and thought it would a clean diet (uncheck) and easy to keep program (check, only missed one evening stretch!!).

This week is where am noticing little things. Like my arms going further or less pain or hold longer, etc. They are small but noticeable. I feel good and very positive that i am spending my time wisely.

I travel nxt week too, and for the next 3, so need to get my act straight on the food. Ugh.

week 2

Alright, mid-way thru week two. Not bad but ouch those evening stretches are hard even harder to breath deeply and relax!! I think I have “frozen” hips, is that even a thing? i have had frozen shoulder years ago, seems similar. Hips locked and cannot really go beyond a certain point.

Diet wise not bad, first week always seems a little easier.

Pix two attached.

Stay true all!!

hello from hong kong

Hi. I wanted to say a warm welcome to all and I am looking forward to this Reach program. It is the first time I take Reach. Motivation for this is simply tired of not being as flexible as I used too, my hips are uber tight and I am hoping I can force the time to do the right thing by joining.

I little about me: i am 50, yes I reached (no pun intended) that milestone this year, i have two boys, along with my hubby we all live in Hong Kong. We have been in Asia for almost 12 years. I am originally from the East Coast of the States, my husband from the Basque Country in Spain. We both work full time jobs, mine requires 80% travel, making time for stretching/exercising a challenge.

And i posted the tight hips pose!!

Look forward to hearing from all.

ATB, Raquel


Well, for some reason the app does not let me post my last picture, so I will post it here.

Similar to my post from yesterday. You won’t see much change in my body, just a little tighter here and there. But a short program as Reboot, is such a great way to get my mind back in the game of health and my confidence.

Thanks agin Kenzai.

happy and sad end  

I loved this short program and sad to see it end. I did not get the big results I was hoping but that is all on me, with too many outside work meals and events the food was a big challenge; but I certainly got the full routine of getting back to the gym in and healthier choices about 80% of the time. Better than the other way around, which is where I started before reboot. So another big thanks Kenzai!!

i am still here!

Hello! I did not realize how quickly the week went. But i am still here. With one week to ago, i can summarize the last few as pretty good. Stayed on work outs (missed two cause I was sick; no food that day either). Diet has been ok. Had lots of work lunch and dinners so probably a 70/30. This week, no work lunches and dinners scheduled so hope to finish strong.

I love the morning routine- i hope I can keep it when not on a program.

eating out

I had to do that more than I expected this week. Not too too bad. Loads of veggies, at least.

hang time full body

I see in day 12 the hang time set coming, could not do that before and still cannot - any alternatives? I can replace with another full body exercise, otherwise.


I was already challenged with the challenge! I work out so early there normally isn’t any daylight. But today, yes today, I got to sleep in and hit the gym later. I saw the sun.




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