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Ray S.

Reboot | Day 11 (Member)
Day 11
Program progress:
Day 11

The workouts are going great! I have been subbing outdoor cycling and indoor stationery bike for jump rope due to knee issues. Diet has been good and compliant. I did "taste" a bite of a brownie last night. Cravings have been seemingly worse than even KB1, but trying to muscle through them.

Looking forward to moving through the program.


Week one was definitely a light week. I am looking forward to the more challenging workouts. It was a great week on the bike and my alternate cardio was a brisk walk of 30 minutes. I am struggling with a knee issue (since last fall) so I try to minimize impact. I have an MRI scheduled in a couple weeks to see what’s going on there.

Just being more mindful of food intake this past week has resulted in the easy 3-4 lbs weight loss. I only want to go down no more than 5 more.

I hope the team is having great successes and I look forward to reading your blogs.

Have an awesome week!


Hello, My name is Ray. I live in Franklin, TN (near Nashville). I started this year with KB 1, with really great success, then followed up this spring with Beach Ready, with marginal success. We vacationed for two weeks throwing most diet and exercise out the window. Now it is time to Reboot!

I am not enamored with jumping rope. I am cycling about 90-100 miles per week, so I am hopeful that works well enough. Also, energized by the #TDF!

Below is a photo from tonights ride. I am crossing over a 200 ft high bridge on The Natchez Trace Parkway.


Starting Reboot tomorrow. It's been a great summer with regards to weight control and workouts. I went on a two week vacation and threw caution to the wind with regards to food and drink. I got in about 3-4 "workouts", but did 5+ miles walking almost everyday on the sightseeing circuit. I somehow did not gain any weight.

I am looking forward to reboot to get back in a more regimented diet and workout routine before fall starts.


Final Day-28 

Well, it's been a fun 28 days. I believe I could have done better. I believe the results I achieved were in the good but not great category. This had nothing to do with the program, which I thought was an excellent balance b/w exercise and diet. It was all me. I didn't commit like I did with KB1. All in all, I am happy about where I am versus where I was on January 1 starting KB 1.

I don't have a swim suit to add to pictures, but I am out to get one soon. I am leaving on a two week vacation to Europe in about 10 days and I feel good about where I am weight and health wise.

Thanks for this experience and I look forward to the next Kenzai challenge when I get back.

Day 21 Beach Ready

Not much to report on this end. Have had really good successes recently with diet and exercise as they each relate to business travel. I have actually lost about 5 lbs in the past week which is where my target weight was so that is great. May have given a pound or two back this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend), but I feel confident going in to the last week of the program. Unless this is a miracle week, I will still have a bit of lingering gut.

Remember those that sacrificed everything so that we all can enjoy the freedoms we have not just in the USA, but around the world!

Day 12

I was traveling for business this week which I did not have to do during KB1. I have come to admire those who can travel and maintain diet and exercise discipline. I did well with the workouts, but not so well on the diet. Wednesday was a complete bust. It is amazing how my body and mind feel abused with just one bad day of eating.

I don’t see much travel over the coming next couple of weeks so I’ll reset today and push through to get a good-great outcome by the end of the program.

Tomorrow is supposed to be wonderful weather so 40+ miles on the bike is just what the doctor ordered.

Have a great weekend.

Beach Ready Day 5

Why??? I am headed on a two week vacation (not near a beach but on a river) and I want to look and feel my best. Also, I know there will be food and drink indulgences that I don't want to worry about. I'll pick up another program when I get back.

These first few days have been hard. I have added almost 50 miles on the bike this week, too, so doubling up in some cases. Next week will be a big challenge. I will be traveling on business with many, many opportunities to eat and drink things that are not Kenzai food compliant. I did it on KB 1, so hopefully I can do well here too. I will likely use one of my "tickets" on Sunday and I will be traveling and not in any place where I can get the work done.

The workouts are harder than KB 1 by a long shot. I have modified a few due to "old man syndrome", but generally, I am on top of them. I look forward to sharing results over the next three weeks or so.

Have a great weekend!

Beach Bound Day 1

Hi, everybody! I just perused through everyone's blog post and it seems we have quite a diverse group of folks. That's great and encouraging in and of itself. I finished KB1 in early April. Most of my KB 1 partners jumped right in to another program. I chose to take some time off, try to to over do it and pick up this program, which should finish, right before I go on a two week vacation (holiday). When I finished KB 1 I was really excited about my outcome, but was bothered that I still had the mid-riff, so when I read the program description of Beach Bound, it sounded perfect for what I was looking to do.

Finished Day 1 workout without too much trouble. I have to be careful of hoping around too much b/c of knee issues. I am looking forward to going through this program with all of you. It is very encouraging to have folks going through the same ups and downs as you.

See you at the finish line! (Photo-my wife and I right after KB1 celebrating in Asheville, NC.)


So finished KB1 a month or so ago. Feeling like I need me some Kenzai something. Going on a two week vacation in mid-June where I don't intend to exercise or eat well. Still dealing with some waistline residual. What pops up but Beach Ready 28 day program. Fat burn and work outs. That's what I need. I am confessing that I, a 58 year old dude, have not intention of flaunting my physic at a beach, BUT, the program seems to be the perfect length (ends right before my vacation begins), targeted for fat loss, and will get my head right again.

I just wanted to throw that out there for now. Go easy on me. Start date May 6!


First, I want to thank all of you, the trainers and team mates, for being in this group. I received encouragement along the way from each of you at just the right time throughout this lifestyle changing challenge. I can not express what this has meant to me from a growth perspective to accept the challenge, commit to it, painstakingly endure it, grow from it, and finish successfully. A big shout out to Matt L. for introducing me to KB1 last year, as well as, his and his lovely wife's encouragement these last 90 days. Thanks Matt and Amy!

Now, what I really feel. I FEEL GREAT! My wife and I were just giddy this morning as we both finished our respective workouts. We are head to my daughter's home tonight for wine and pizza and watch the NCAA Final four ball games tonight. My wife went to Auburn so she is super excited. Then we are off to North Carolina for a few days of hiking, eating, etc. Might stretch the mandatory rest days from 3 to 5 or 6, excluding the benefits of hiking.

Below is a picture of our wine choice for this evening. Not sure if it goes well with stuffed crust supreme pizza, but it will tonight for sure! Nothing like celebrating a "win" with family, food and beverage.

I plan to continue on with everything I learned over the next 90 days. I have always done some type of fitness, mostly running in the winter and biking in the fair weather months. Now I know how to mix it up and include a healthy eating lifestyle. What a great feeling.

You all have been wonderful and I look forward to following you on Kenzai blogs. Enjoy your rest and the indulgences over the next few days. You all earned it.

Day 89

We are almost there! What a great experience and one I am sharing with my friends. I am telling them this was hard, requires dedication and discipline. It’s not a lose 20 pounds in 20 days diet plan that won’t work and will leave you frustrated. It’s a lifestyle change and you should take the challenge of you are not committed. This weeds out most everybody, but the don’t deny the results they see on me.

I am excited about tomorrow’s final workout. I have really enjoyed the format of this weeks workouts.

See you all on the other side later this weekend!


Hello, All. Looking forward to the final countdown to KB 1. The weather this week has been awesome so I was able to get in three bike rides for about 60 total miles, on top of my KB workouts. I tried several times to upload a little video from one of my rides, but it wouldn't work for some reason. Instead you get four generations of Smiths. (note the chubbiness on me from a few month's ago). The lessons have been spot on, especially today. Needed that boost to not feel like I had done enough. Confession is that I did have two (small) chocolate chip cookies this week. Made them for grandson and they were toooooo tempting. (They were good, too).

I am excited about this coming week. I glanced at the workouts and I like the format. I hope to see some last week tweaks to the body. I have had several people this week comment on my physic. That was encouraging. This morning I put on a pair of shorts and had to go back and put a belt on b/c they wouldn't stay up. How cool is that?

I look forward to reading everyone's final blogs in the next week. I hope you all can hang in there this week, finish strong and be proud of the work you will have completed.

Day 78

What am I going to do when the program is over? Well....My wife and I are going to celebrate first with a bottle of Rombauer Chardonnay! Then we are leaving Monday (April 8) on a four day trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Plans are to hike, eat, hike, drink (socially, of course), hike, sleep. Looking forward to finding how we are able to eat well, yet not over do it. Then when we get back, we have a plan to continue down a path of a healthy lifestyle.

Looking forward to the finish line. Hope everyone here is too. Have a great week.

Day 74

Hello, All! Thought I would post a lot about nothing....I have been on the stationary bike this week due to knee pain. Never thought I would say I miss the rope, but in a way I do. Liked the challenge and efficiency. I hope to augment routine with bike rides tomorrow and Saturday, as the weather is supposed to be really nice. I do want to jump at least one day this week (3 X 6min) just because Sunday looks like it bumps up to 7 minutes. May whistle a different tune about the rope next week.

A little over two weeks left. My wife and I are excited as we are planning a few days away to celebrate our respective successes and get outdoors some. It's been a long, wet winter here in Middle Tennessee.

Have a great weekend, everyone. We are almost there. Let's cross the finish line with great enthusiasm and joy!

(Photo: Grandson spending the night at Papa and Mimi's)




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