Rebecca W.

Rebecca W.

Kenzai Body | Day 87
Kenzai Body
Day 87
Program progress:

I haven't been as strict with diet this week but have managed to eat at regular intervals so that's been a definite improvement since I started Kenzai. I still can't back on track with exercise though....


I've done exercise this week, nowhere near the amount I should be doing but it's better than nothing. I've a cold so just want to curl up in bed. Diet had been ok till I ate 3 chocolate almonds but at least I didn't eat the whole packet. With Christmas coming there seems to be even more sweet treats around...must not give into temptation!

still here

Hi, I'm still here but my training has lapsed over the last few weeks. Trying to figure out how to get motivated again. Diet hasn't been too bad.

Doing Okay

I've been doing ok with the diet-a couple of days I've not been prepared when I've been out so have guessed the amounts. I do struggle with eating at the correct intervals. I haven't trained for a week now. I'd been doing ok but then missed a couple and then last wk my motivation completely disappeared so I haven't trained. My son had sickness bug and I didn't feel well either. Root canal yesterday which is causing pain but I'll exercise today.

I had been doing quite a good job at sticking to the program, but yesterday I spent 16hrs driving to visit my uncle in hospital so I didn't get round to doing any exercise and all I ate was a box of grapes.

Lots of food

I'm really struggling with the amount of food I have to eat. I don't often eat breakfast and on my work days I don't usually have dinner either as I get home very late.

Diet day 1

First day of the kenzai diet has been weird so far-I've eaten more for lunch than I normally would and I had breakfast which I usually skip. Made my lunch and dinner for tomorrow so that I'm sort of organised.

day 5

Managed to do my exercises so far this week, haven't always left a quarter of my food but have been eating less.

I've had a look at next weeks diet...please can you tell me what I can have instead of milk/yoghurt?