Becca D.

Becca D.

Kenzai Body | Day 51
Kenzai Body
Day 51
Program progress:
Sunday Funday!

It's amazing how the daily lessons align PERFECTLY with what is going through my head.
I had a revelation earlier this week about my breathing patterns. Not just while I'm working out.
I'm coming to the realization I'm a breath holder! No wonder I have anxiety. Trying to give myself gentle reminders to breathe throughout the day-- workouts included. ;)

I have a routine of listening to podcasts while I jump rope. I don't watch TV so podcasts are my indulgence and I get so excited to jump rope as a result. Tried to break up my workouts this week a few times and understand that I just need to do it all together or I won't get to the resistance bands/other exercises.

Eating well fuels me to get so much more done in the day- really enjoying being productive.
Definitely not sticking to the diet 100 percent, but I've tried my best and find myself really looking forward to celery.

CELERY PEOPLE. Now *that* is change.

A proper introduction!

1. A basic intro; where you live, what you do, what do you like to be called?
Hi y'all! I'm Becca and I live in Seattle, WA. Currently I work at a very busy sushi restaurant in Pike's Place Market, and there is never a dull moment.

2. What or who has brought you to Kenzai and inspired you to take this journey?
My sister and brother in-law have nearly completed their first Kenzai Body program and they look and feel great!
It was such an inspiration to see them happy, and my sister has never been on a diet in her life. If she can do it, I cna too! I have fluctuated a bit with weight and gone through phases of increased physical activity and watching what I eat. This has been the longest stretch of time that I've been inactive and consistently indulging in rich foods and alcohol.

3. What has tripped you up in the past from achieving your fitness goals?
I've had ongoing issues with a frozen shoulder and nerve pain in my arms as a result.
Anytime I pick up a sport or activity too quickly, my body is in so much pain and I lose momentum to stay active.

Really looking forward to slow and easy, and having a consistent workout schedule on the books.

4. Give us a window into your interests - what book, podcast, or movie do you think everyone should tune into?
I tend to binge on podcasts! One of my favorites is Invisibilia, hosted by two badass women-- themes loosely on human behavior. I'm reading my first Haruki Murakami novel right now, for a bookclub meeting later this month! After Dark.

5. While you are motivated, excited and have the novelty of this new journey in mind right now. What would you say to yourself to get you through a rough patch down the line?
You can do anything for 90 days.
Long term change happens over series of small choices that create the bigger picture you are going for: a health reset.

Fancy Wine!

I work at a restaurant and a guest gave me a glass of wine from Napa Valley that auctions for $2000 a bottle and I left 1/4 of it 🤣.

Was fun to share it with a coworker-- but man, didn't think an opportunity like that would come up this week!