Rebecca T.

Rebecca T.

In the house

I’m here and I’m determined for this Beach Body Blast!

Yesterday was back to school for my 3 kids, with guests from the UK staying (we’re in Switzerland). I’m not sure I ever caught up with myself.

So I’m a day behind already - just done Day 1 Workout as the sun sets on Day 2. But I did it - at the end of a tiring day! I’m 7 weeks in to my 16 week Marathon training program, so today’s cardio was my 6 mile run this morning.

I definitely have serious Chubb to ‘cut’ so I really hope I can do myself proud over the next 28 days.

Looking forward to training with you all!

back at it

I got hit by the virus sprinting through my family this week. A couple of days’ missed workouts and not much food input, but today I’m back and workout completed first thing in the pouring rain - it was quite nice actually!

homeward bound

After a highly emotional few days away I’m on my way home.
Workouts done and diet tight - except for missed meals due to the circumstances.
Having not eaten since breakfast today at 7am I finally got a meal at the airport ... do you think they put enough dressing on it?! I couldn’t taste the salad for salt and pepper but it was fuel and fuel I needed. Next time I’ll remember to say no dressing!


The timing of today’s lesson and question is eery for me. A couple of hours ago, before I read the lesson, I received some devastating news, and at that moment I experienced a shift from foggy mindset to sudden, brutal clarity and decisiveness.

Today a line has been drawn in the sand, and I will not waste a moment of this fragile life I have by eating rubbish or not looking after myself, mind and body. In a flash it can be stolen away from us, so we have to live our best lives and love ourselves, not just for ourselves but for those we love and hold dear.

It’s not to say this is going to be easy, of course it isn’t, but at least for as long as I live, I always have a choice, and choose wisely I must.

My brother, Paul, died suddenly yesterday, at the age of 46, leaving behind 3 children aged 9, 6 and 3. There are no words.

checking in

What do I consistently put off but know is important?
That’s easy to answer - making time for myself.
I intend to do many things for myself, but I prioritize all other jobs first, with the idea being that once they are done I can enjoy that Me time without any feelings of guilt. The reality is that the Me time never comes because I’ve run out of time! I need to work on moving myself further up the list of priorities ... Kenzai helps, with making time for exercise, but the Me time I’m talking about is making time for a face mask, or a long bath, or painting my nails ... the impact that doing these small jobs can have on my feelings of mental well-being are huge, and I need to achieve them more than I currently do.

Today was a big day - my 20 year school reunion. I hadn’t been back to my secondary school since leaving 20 years ago and saw a lot of friends for the first time since then. It has been the most amazing day full of sheer delight and energy at catching up.

I had my indulgence last night - sharing an Indian takeaway. Ok it was slightly more than a 200 calorie snack, but we can’t get a curry where we live in Switzerland so I took the opportunity on this weekend trip to England. It was yummy.
While I haven’t eaten my proper grams today being at the school reunion, I avoided all of the pastries, biscuits and puddings and I feel great for doing that.
I’m missing a couple of workouts due to traveling yesterday and being out from dawn until bedtime but I’ll make up one of them tomorrow before the cardio session.
It has been a good week and roll on the next one!

best advice

My mind has gone blank ... but something my
dad told me once a long time ago has always stuck with me, and that’s the 5 Ps:

Prior Planning avoids Piss Poor Performance.

I think this is actually totally 100% applicable to us all on Kenzai!

7 days in to KB3 and my ducks are all in a row and I’m ready for the challenges ahead.

Enjoy those Week 2 Diets!

Austria update

Skiing - good!
Workouts - got another one in today and felt those 15 mins of jumping rope on my ski weary legs :-)
Diet - room for improvement ...

snow and ice

I had a nasty fall on some black ice a few days ago but luckily no lasting damage I hope.

We’ve now left all of the snow at home in Switzerland and come to Austria for a week of skiing. It’s not going to be easy to follow the diet so well this week, BUT I will make sensible choices as far as possible.

Tomorrow is my first proper venture onto the slopes in about 15 years ... so let’s see!

I found the hotel gym and hit a workout today so I’ve started as I mean to go on here

Davinci 21s ...

Oh my oh my
I only managed 2 sets
I might need to use an easier band in future for these




I’ll never understand myself!

My girlfriends gave me a voucher for my birthday last year for a facial, so on Saturday I took myself off for my first ever facial (I’m 38!!).

It was just what I needed, as lying there knowing that I was doing something good for myself seemed to open the dam and let all of the good feelings flow out. In that hour I totally sorted out my priorities.

I came home and cleared out loads of cupboards that have been nagging at me (how funny that I did that yesterday ahead of today’s lesson!).

Workout done this morning having cleared the 4 or 5 inches of snow from last night. As I hadn’t done a workout all week I picked one from the week.

It’s 07:15 on Sunday and life is good.

Thanks for all of your support and for believing in me. I now believe in myself again.

reminder ...

... to blog!

Truth be told, I’m feeling a little uninspired and not in the groove yet. I don’t know why. I’m still here and still determined though.

going into week 2

Feeling strong. Workouts are all there and it’s been a clean week. I’m not going to let myself get carried away, I’ve got to remember to play the long game with this. Slow and steady wins this game!

happy place

I’ve done a few Kenzai programs over the past 4 years. Chisel has been the most exhausting!

But amongst all of the ‘noise’ I have finally managed to take home the most important lesson for me: when I am following a Kenzai diet and doing daily exercise, I am at my happiest and strongest - mentally not just physically.
I know, it’s not rocket science! But because I am quite good at falling off the wagon every now and again, I can see this now in black & white.

Next up I think Kenzai needs to branch out into psychology as this is the area where I need to focus some serious energy - investigating why, given what I know and what I’ve said above, do I still revert to hard-wired type and fall off the diet wagon time and again into a pit of bad junk diet choices.... there is still work to be done! But I am pleased with my progress physically, and mentally it’s still a journey but surely recognising my weaknesses and committing to address them is a good start!

People are talking about their next programs. My hubby has just started Run so I’ll follow him with interest, but for me the next aim is to start training for my marathon in October, while maintaining Kenzai life.

hanging and the wall

I’m hanging on with everything I have ... I’ve just read today’s lesson and I’m a week behind... this time last week I was SO strong, I was travelling and ticking all of the boxes and feeling GOOD - here’s a photo of my roof top hotel workout this time last week when I literally felt on top of the world with Kenzai.
And today I’m not in that place. I’ve just done the 3 cycles, it’s 6am and I’m sitting in a pool of sweat with the day to own - come on Rebecca!

End of Week 12





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